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Fans Make Homemade Music Video For T9X [Video]

Published: November 2, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

YouTube certainly allows Tech N9ne fans to express themselves in interesting ways. Here’s a homemade music video for Tech’s song “T9X” off of the 2002 album Absolute Power. While we don’t condone underage drug use, we do love the creative use of Tic-Tacs. The make-up and wardrobe departments for this video should also be commended.

Check it out here or watch the full video below.

  • bagel

    ……………? wtf

  • Michele


  • Death_sk8er101

    wtf am i the only one watching this? ill take that baseball bat n impale it up the kid with the red on take a machetti to the kid n the white shirt tic tacs n mtn dew u kids r fuckn lame with to much time on ur hands, you guys are just fuckin retarded

  • cheifa

    dont disgrace tech like this

  • jamoke

    i just wasted time out of my life for this bullshit.. i cant even believe this was posted anywhere. richybitchyposerfucks dont even know the damn words. fuckin 12 year olds…

  • Mgray329

    Helps if they actually mouthed one word from the damn song

  • Gay

  • FAIL

  • The Dogg

    Holly shit, you got to be kidding me. Ummm, ya, It pretty much sucks…ass. I hope these kids have a better plan in the future, or there goin to be fucked!!!

  • J_flynn19382

    that had nothing to do with the song n who dances like that they look like a couple special ed kids. that has got to be the dimbest thng iv ecer seen i feel dumb after watching it tey cant be real fans oh yea i like how it said subcribe at the end yae il subscribe just to tell those motherfukers to never make another tech video ever again or i will put my foot n there ass

  • StrangeNnutt

    AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I bout shat myself! This has got to be the funniest shit ive ever seen…hands down…what were they thinkin makin this????

  • yo gay as fuck absolutely horrible tech if you need any full hd 1080p videos holla at my dude risky dvisiondigital1

  • LOL WTF?!?!

  • Uhhh…Good attempt? lol….

  • Ta7192

    hahahahahahahahaahahaha one word…. gay 


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