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Refined Hype Names Tech N9ne ‘Best Rapper Alive’

Published: November 2, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

Sent to us by a fan, this blog entry is an in-depth look at the well-rounded career of Tech N9ne. The writer compares Tech N9ne to Nas and Ludacris among others. Even going so far as to examine Tech’s marketability, the piece questions just how great Lil Wayne will look when he steps up to the plate with the Kansas City King. Read the entry here and be sure to leave your thoughts on the matter!

  • No doubt about this

  • Unparalleled master of rhyme, scientific blend of technique and numerology: nine is the number of completion. Nine months of pregnancy, nine lives, 360 degrees (a complete rotation, 3+6+0=9). The completeness is not ‘finished’ but ‘mastered’. The technique is complete heat.

    All hail the 9. TECH N9NE.

    YA HEARD?!

  • Lil Wayne Really Said Tech N9ne Is The Best Rapper Alive? About Time He Stopped Bein So Damn Cocky.

  • All hail the high exalted, punks!

  • Favorite quote: “Fast-forward to the forty-three second mark and listen to Tech make the beat his bitch.”

  • Damonkeyhga

    Started listenin to tech n9ne last year, once i heard red nose, i was sold, i listen to at least one tech song everyday, its just addicting, hes gotta be one of the hardest working emcees in the game, always touring, always making new music, n he hasnt made a shitty album yet, all of his albums have great songs, i think hes the best because he`s so consistent, n i dont see that changing anytime soon.

  • Hco Babi12

    This article tells it all .. Tech is a MONSTER! He spits it better then any other rapper out there.

  • Finally somebody realized it. Only took two decades.


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