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Show Tech Some Love On His Birthday

Published: November 8, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

It is Tech’s birthday and we at the Strange Music Blogs thought it would be a good opportunity to let him know how much he is appreciated. We know you all want to tell him Happy Birthday personally, so we are asking for your stories about how you became a Tech N9ne fan, and a little explanation about what draws you to his music. As you all know, Tech loves his fans. On this special occasion, why don’t we take the time to let him know why we love him! Maybe you have some great memories of a Tech N9ne show, a time you met him, or had some good times with his music. Think back to the beginning and let him know the first track you heard him spit or help him remember some highlights of the first tour he did. We know you were there so leave your comment below! Make sure you tell us who you are and where you’re from. At ten o’clock tonight we will make sure to forward all of your stories to Tech as a gift from his fans.

  • Once again, happy birthday TEEEEEEECH!!!!!! ALUCARD EVERLASTING

  • Xm769


  • Charliej

    i was sold on tech when i seen him in nevada city ca, when u did tour with cool nutz and potluck. you a true beast on the mic tech ……………………………………………………. happy bday tech

  • I first became a fan like, back in 2000 or something, just tripped over Tech’s name on YouTube, had no internet back then, so I went to the library EVERY single day just to listen to his music (I must’ve been like 7 or 8 years old back then) so I couldn’t really go buy cd’s and stuff since we’re in Denmark and not too many retailers here got Strange Music cd’s, which is very sad, to me…. But shit, that’s how it all started, on YouTube, now Strange Music is my passion and a daily thing of life. I don’t know where the hell I’d be this day if it wasnt for Tech’s guidance through music.

    I’d probably be popping 19 pill’s on 1 night huh?

  • TECH! Happy mother fucking birthday. I hope your day is filled with absolute fun. Don’t get too messed up! I was first introduced to your music listening to Industry is Punks in my friends car The second I heard the song I was begging him to tell me the great artist. And holy shit man, all of your albums, all of your music, all of your words and thoughts rolled up. It’s simply mind blowing. I hope one day I can see you live and maybe meet you. Great work on Seepage by the way I really liked it.

    Again, Happy friggin birthday,

  • Maxeambrose

    14. demonz. showed all my friends you. THEY LOVE YOU !. listen to you all day.every day.

  • Bmg63

    Yo Tech, happy birthday!! im from phoenix, arizona, and i try to see ya every time you roll thru. first heard riotmaker a few years ago and have loved ur shit ever since! i dont get why your not #1 right now.. your shit is FIRE! if i ever get the chance i want to party or smoke a blunt witcha cause your the realest there is

  • Shout OutTodays that day where a special nigga gets that shoutout without adoubtBorn November 8th a man who would change the music industry was born like a spotted sea trouthis name is techa ninaRep the nine like neutroginaProbably already partyin like there no tomorrowDon’t forget you got 6s n 7s due to ease everyones sorrowHigh on adderrall I write this pieceHopin the king sees this n not my neiceIt all started back in ninety nine But shit that’s when you could already rhymeBack in school durin a football gameId listen to you putting me in the hall of fameAnd helping spread my family nameYou’ve been through so much shitAnd yet you still commitTo all of the fans you transmitEcstasy is an interestin drugTen n a half pills down wit a mugmy boy n I did exactly a year ago this in your nameto celebrate the one real artist who knew the gameyour music everywhere from videos to eventsyou even got an mma fighter who representsand now workin with some of the greatest people in mainstream you already know gods answering your American dreamyour work gives me a reason to stay aliveand puts all my goals in automatic driveso on this note lets take a shot to nina n power dive39 years ago on this very day an mc arrivedAnd lets all make the kc tea n take five

  • Shout Out

    Todays that day where a special nigga gets that shoutout without adoubt
    Born November 9th a man who would change the music industry was born like a spotted sea trout

    his name is techa nina
    Rep the nine like neutrogina

    Probably already partyin like there no tomorrow
    Don’t forget you got 6s n 7s due to ease everyones sorrow

    High on adderrall I write this piece
    Hopin the king sees this n not my neice

    It all started back in ninety nine
    But shit that’s when you could already rhyme

    Back in school durin a football game
    Id listen to you putting me in the hall of fame
    And helping spread my family name

    You’ve been through so much shit
    And yet you still commit
    To all of the fans you transmit

    Ecstasy is an interestin drug
    Ten n a half pills down wit a mug

    my boy n I did exactly a year ago this in your name
    to celebrate the one real artist who knew the game

    your music everywhere from videos to events
    you even got an mma fighter who represents

    and now workin with some of the greatest people in mainstream
    you already know gods answering your American dream

    your work gives me a reason to stay alive
    and puts all my goals in automatic drive
    so on this note lets take a shot to nina n power dive
    39 years ago on this very day an mc arrived
    And lets all make the kc tea n take five

  • In 1999 the quarterback on my football team was playing Now Its On in his car before the game, I have been hooked ever since!!!!! Happy Birthday Tech and every show I go to gets better everytime!!!!!!

  • In 1999 the quarterback on my football team was playing Now Its On in his car before the game, I have been hooked ever since!!!!! Happy Birthday Tech and every show I go to gets better everytime!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Happy birthday Aaron! Much love

  • Lyndseyhump

    I remember one time when I was about 15 years old, I was out a party on a gravel road somewhere in my home town Boonville,MO. and techs song Imma playa Imma playa came on and I danced on top of a picnic table for hours to some tech music. I’ve been lovin tech ever since then. There are so many songs that reflect the way I feel from the happy, sad, sexual, and physical so Happy Birthday Tech N9ne! I’m just one of MANY people that love what you do!

  • WHATUP TECH hope your birthday is hella fire like the food @ Ollie Gates. I’m from LA, living in Indiana right now. I originally became I fan back when I must have been about 11 or 12..back when you had that commercial on talkin bout “Download my new album ABSOLUTE POWER FOR FREE! TechNNNNN99999nnnnne!” and it was like when we first got internet @ the house n shit damn near one of the first websites I ever went was therealtechn9ne.com and d/l’d that mothefucker.

  • crystal

    Happy Birthday Tech!!i f**kin love you
    saw u at peabodys in cleveland cant wait till ur next tour

  • The first Tech track I ever heard was “twisted” It captured my imagination like crazy. My sister had the Anghellic, so everytime I hung out with her I had her put it on as we drove around and what not. I couldn’t get enough. Once I got enough money I went out and bought Anghellic Reparation and Absolute Power and listened to them non-stop. Happy Birthday Tech.

  • FelicityK

    Felicity Kehm, From Casper, Wyoming. 18 in 17 days.
    Happy MF Birthday Tech!
    Glad i share the same birth month, ha. 🙂
    Don’t remember how or when i became a fan, but the songs are about real and crazy shit so i love em.
    Also, met Tech here in Casper this last summer on the Strange Music Tour and just about jizzed in my pants. lol.
    Got a hug, and damn he smelled good.

  • Happy birthday Tech!! i was introduced to your music back when anghellic came out. my homie tragedy here in portland showed me a track and ever since then i have been hooked. you have such a unique style and i will always love it! you have found some of the best artists to be on your label! keep killin the music scene! again happy birthday Fam!Jesse “Devil Boy” Andreasen

  • Raybargas1988

    first song i ever heard was im a playa n it was over after that lol i copped every album ever put out n to this day i rep tech in fresno, cali!

  • Tyler Wenrich

    Happy Birthday Tech! Keep bringing us amazing music. I love every song you have made or been apart of, they are all great. I found your song Caribou Lou on my friend’s iPod and was blown away. Then I researched you and lovd everything. I think I connect to your music cause I have the same girl crazy problem as you man. I’ve been off and on with my girl cause of it. But I just listen to your music and everything is all good man. Love it keep it coming.

  • Michele B.

    Happy Birthday Tech!! I’m originally from KCK, but now live in Montana. Been a fan since 98 I believe was the 1st time i heard you… havent been abl to get enough since. A favorite memory of your music is when my brother & i would be chillin together we would hold contests to see who could get through your songs until one of us messed up! LOL That is still our favorite thing to do when we get together! Listen to you everyday! Was hoping I could see you in Billings but wasnt able to make…. Take care & have a fan-fuckin-tastic day!!


    i becme a fan in high school i was late on him tho i listened to the song slacker and been on ever since neve seen him live tho but TECH N9NE is the best rapper alive point blank. HAPPY BIRTHDAY boss

  • Paige Loves Tech :)

    This first Tech N9ne song I ever heard was Caribou Lou when I was in like 4th grade. I remember my brother showing me the song, he was in 6th grade at the time, and he liked it because in the song tech raps “Originiated in Kansas City, Missouri since 1995 baby”. My family moved to Kansas City, Kansas in 1995 when I was two years old so we both thought it was cool that Tech rapped this. I am now a Senior in High School and I can honestly say Tech, you are my favorite rapper now, and forever! I listen to Tech in my car all the time. I love all the meaning you put into your songs. You really make people stop and think about what is being said. O.G. is one of my favorites because I listen to the song and can understand it know what you are talking about with Gates BBQ (Because I have been there) and KU, which is where I have always wanted to go to college. Many people who listen to that song dont know what LK (Lawence, Kansas) means and they don’t care. I enjoy listening to you rap about Kansas City and Overland Park. Overland Park, Kansas is the place when I grew up and spent almost my whole childhood. Seepage EP is like my new obsession. I can listen to it over and over again as with all your other songs. Keep doing what you do, keeping it real. Happy Birthday Tech, and I hope I can meet you one day!

  • JokasChild

    I dont really remember exactly when it happened, but your music hit me like a train..Theres no turning away from what you spit, its real shit homie. Im thankful to have a rapper, an artist, and a person like you speaking your mind and what you feel in this game. Keep looking forward to newer and greater things homie. Youre doin it right Tech. Much love and Happy Birthday

  • Teeech n9neeee! You’ve changed my life for the better and I’m gonna stay strange forever! Still waiting for you to come to Norway, even though you were here this summer, but I couldn’t go.. :/
    Breathe was the first song I heard and I was hooked after the first verse ! Then I looked up some other songs then the next day I bought Everready and now I have all your albums!
    #1 rapper of all time, tech n9ne!

    Hope all is well and crossing my fingers you’ll come to Oslo again soon!

    Omid from Norway, Tech fan forever!

  • MAtt Rollballz

    Happy birtha day tech!!!!!first song i heard was stamina! and been hooked every since!!! supported you at both PAID DUES festivals and rock the bells and been going to shows since MLK TOUR.Coming from the 626 COVINA CALIFORNIA LA COUNTY..tech go ahead and do you see you next time around Da LA area

  • Jason24hr

    from the fans here in buffalo,NY like myself !!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH!!

  • Jason

    Happy birthday!

    I became a Tech fan the day I picked up my “Gang Related” soundtrack and go to this song “Questions” by some dude named “TechN9ne”. I had no clue who he was, or anything but I knew I loved this song, the style the flow the everything. For years I tried to find out more information about Tech and finally Anghellic came out and I’ve been following you ever since, enjoying all your music. Looking forward to more!

  • Tech N9ne!!!!!!! Happy birthday, dude!!! I started listening to your music back in high school and I’ve been a fan ever since. I went to my first show last May and it was a fuckin riot!! My friends and I started drinking Caribou Lou on occasion because of you. Cept the last time we did, I kinda fell into a fire pit. Wakin up like ‘What happened?’
    Come to Minnesota again, soon!!
    Have a strange day, Tech!!!

  • Yo Tech.Happy Birthday.I’m your fan from Croatia.First time I heard of you was browsing some hack forum and there was a topic of what music we like.I saw link of “Riot Maker” there.When I heard that shit i was so impressed.I became ur fan and since then you are my number one with Pac ofcourse.I listened to all of your songs since your beggining.Then I showed your music to my friends in town.And guess what?Their mobile phones are full of your songs.You became really known in my town and further.One thing I am verry sorry is that I am not able to go to your concerts.You’ve been to Europe already but not near Croatia.Well I can only say that I’ll start saving some cash to visit USA and ofcourse go to your concert.Or maybe you come to Europe again or even Croatia or near.Watching your live concerts on youtube give me chills,can only imagine if I see it live.Well that’s all for now,hope you read it.If you ever think about goin here in Croatia,you got place to stay haha:D.
    Much Respect!And keep it Strange

  • Anthony Boot

    I never been that big in music never been a fan of anybody n never bought a cd till like 6 months ago n it was vintage tech n absolute power…I first heard tech on madden but never looked him up n I regret that..then I heard leave me alone n I loved it all his music help me thru stuff n tech is so real n I love that he shares his pain n helps others thru theirs like he did me I met tech in petaluma best day if my life I wish I could kick it wit him lol…tech is jus so real n raw… now I have all his music n that’s all I play I love every song n I can’t wait for wat tech got next for us. Keep strange tech happy birthday u are the greatest ever…my name is Anthony Boot n im from vallejo california home of E-40 yee

  • KingCold_13

    i was introduced to you through a dude back in my math class in 06..i was talkin bout how awesome snoop was and he was like yo listen to a real dude like some tech n9ne..i didnt know what to think at first but i went him and was goin through my ps2 collection and seen the game 25 to life..and sure enoguh some of your tracks was on it so i rocked it for a few and heard my wife my bitch my girl and jellysickle and was blown away..i became a tech fan that evening..here it is 2010 almost 2011 and i still think your just as good as the day i heard you and its your realism and energy that keeps me bumpin your shit..i dont agree wit all your choices but i am glad to you stay real to yourself though and thats the key to being a great emcee. Happy Birthday Tech
    Columbus Ohio

  • Branden L

    Happy 39th BirthDay! The first time I heard you was when a couple of my friends found a song called Psycho Bitch. They only downloaded it because of the name but we all listened to it and I was blown away. I was only 13 at the time but I was addicted and the reason you still are my favorite artist and why I am still listening is because you talk about real things that I think about and you have incredible skill that is still unmatched. My favorite song is Hope for a higher Power because it discusses the original idea.

  • Wink686

    started listening 2 tech n9ne through 1 of my step cousins. back in 2000. calm before the storm was my first t9x. ever since then i’ve been a fan of his style, music, and unmatched talent. tech n9ne is the past, present, and future of music!! happy birthday tech!! 6688846993!!

  • Heather 442O

    Happy birthday tech! i remember i went to your show in phoenix and it was the best concert i have ever been to! i tried so hard to get backstage haha. i also just found out the cute guy in one of my classes likes tech n9ne, so now we have something in common to talk about:) <3 always, Heather

  • I became a Tech N9ne fan in December of 2006! My brother Kenny and I took some Tech N9ne with us on a trip to Seattle for a Cowboys @ Seahawks MNF game! We just kept bumpin’ that Tech N9ne the whole way up the West Coast! Our ears could not get enough! I became a diehard fan in August of 2007! I just got the news that my brother Kenny passed away after he fell asleep behind the wheel of his Blazer, went off the side of the highway, hit a tree and blew up! We were on our way to the crash site to mourn, and I put in my new copy of Misery Loves Kompany! By the time we got close “P.A.S.E.O.” came on and after hearing the words the hair on my arms stood straight up (just like it is as I type this) and me and my youngest brother Jimmy just looked at each other! It felt as if Kenny was talking to us through Tech’s lyrics! We were from a town call Paso too, so we could relate to “P.A.S.E.O.” Thank you Tech for helping me cope with the passing of my beloved brother and for your deep meaningful music that gets me by day to day! Happy Birthday to the greatest and realest mufuckin rapper in the world! TECH N9NE!

  • Red_man3369

    TECH N9NE….the first song by you i hurd was angehellic and evveryedy and absolute power……but the first 2 songs i herd was Enstine and IMA PLAYA…..once i hurd ima playa i new u had a sick flow and ur not the average nigga u got talent…and cant wait for the colllab with wanye. fuck them fucks who think wanye is bs u do what u want tech and no matter what if they a fan they shall like it…..

  • Brittany_a_curtis

    Happy Birthday Tech! I only really discovered your music about two years ago through my now ex boyfriend. I had heard Sickology 101 and Everready, but I had never been to one of your shows before. I went to your show as part of the Rock the Bells tour at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. You came on last and by the end of your set, about half or less of the people were there. You still came and rocked it hard. There is this energy you exude that made that concert one of the top concerts I have ever attended. I have since purchased all of your CDs and try to find any opportunity to attend your concerts. Keep rocking hard.

  • Happy Bday TECH! i started listing to you a few yr’s ago when a friend of mine told me about the song “Riot Maker” ever since that ive been hooooked. A fav memory involving your music had to be rollin wit da homies thizzin listing to T9x or smoking a fatone listing to GetBlowed. I havent been 2 one of your shows yet but i hope to soooon. Keep it Strange and keep making that music we all love!

  • Whats up Tech? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG HOMIE! I hope you have a good one. Im from North Carolina and I recently attended my first Tech n9ne show on October 25th of this year in Norfolk, VA. Me and my Mom had VIP. (my mom is a huge fan) and you were cool as hell with both of us. ill never forget that shit.

    The first song I ever heard was Slacker, i think, around 04, and I was hooked ever since.

  • Jlynnr20

    Happpppyy mothaaaa effffffinn birthday Tech!!! Been listening to you for some time now 😀 feel in love with your raw real talent that you portray in everything you do!! Ever since then, its been blissfulness, got every album i could get! From The Calm Before The Storm to The Gates Mixed Plate. I will be forever a tech fan!! Im from Buffalo Ny, not much shows or should i say parties around here, but fuucccck roadieee trippin’ to see you is never not an option! Every mile i travel is worth being in your presence. All of Strange Musics finest matter of fact! Hope your partying and bull shit with your family! Much love baby! muah xoxoxoxo
    Strrraaaaaannge Muuusic!

  • clinteast241

    My name is Clint,im 22 n im from Queens,NY.Man i must have been 16 n i was browsing the rap section at a fye some where when i came across Absolute Power, it looked bugged out, like no other rap record i have ever seen before,but i vaguely remembered reading a review of the album in xxl an they said good things about, the album also featured D12 on a song who i was a big fan of at the time, so i said fuck it n bought it n i usually never buy a album unless i know im gonna like it.Finally i got home, got high, popped in dat cd n by the time the first track,the industry is punks,ended i was HOOKED! That is still to this day 1 of da only albums to ever really blow my mind like that. Ive bought every record you put out since.I also put every one i chilled wit on to your shit, i only had 1 other friend that was already on your music. Your also one of the only artists dat seems to do nuttin but get iller wit everything you put out, your probably the only artists that im a bigger fan of today then when i first heard you 4 real.Its seems like everyone is catching on now, but im still listening cuz u dont switch your style up 4 nobody,you just stay doin you n its genius. ALUCARD EVERLASTING!!!

  • Lisa Marie

    Happpppyyyy Birrttthhhdaaaay Tech! I’m from Georgia and I originally started listening to you based on hearing “That Box” blasting from my girl’s car as her boyfriend was cleaning it out. I looked at them kind of funny as it played and then as it continued, I realized how catchy it really was. So I sit here and type this after seeing your Atlanta show two weeks ago in awe of how talented you truly are. As a lyricist, you kill every song. I’ve never been more proud to call myself a fan. I’ve got your music on constant replay throughout every instance when I listen to my iPod, and I definitely don’t foresee that changing any time soon. I hope you have an amazing birthday, you deserve it. And I hope to see you in Atlanta more often…you really showed us what it was like to participate in a real “party”! <3

  • Fuzzys420

    How I became a Tech N9ne fan….I remember some old stuff, but never bought an album. I was so in too 2pac, bone thugs, eminem……..I never gave Tech a chance. I was goin through a lot of pain in my life, which has seemed to be my destiny. I went to chill with my home boy, (my son) he is always on the search for the best underground rapper. Anyway, we were sharin our pain when he pulled out his lap top and says, you gotta listen to this shit. He played “higher power”, and I have been addicted since. Much love to Tech, Kutt, Krizz, and every one associated with Strange Music. Be Blest


  • Happy birthday tech. i hope its one 2 remember. i was first introduced to your music in like 2004 or 05 with my best friend playin imma in his hoopty lol even since that day ive been a fan. every tailgate party before a football game u could hear me and my friend bumpin ur shit through our city. and no one else really listened to tech out here so ppl would give us wieird ass looks like wtf r they listening to and yada yada. now ull hear the city bumpin tech lol. then i went to my first show in 07. the strange noize tour in dallas texas i actually got to meet u, kutt ,krizz,richter,dloc,dady x and pakalika. that had to b one of the coolest shows ive ever seen in my life hands down. actually the strange dayz tour in OKC was probably the best show from you guys ive seen this year and the independent grind tour on the 14th of october.and i went to the gathering in 09. i digress lol. even since that day in 07 i cant stop listening to u guys even if i wanted to lol. i have to much respect for all of. your the most down to earth artist ive ever met and im glad i got 2 cuz thats one of the things i wanted to do before i died was meet u guys and i did. im thankful for all the music u guys make. whether it b the dark or just kickin it like a donkey. i will always b a strange music fan. TECH KEEP DOIN U BRO. cuz i wouldnt want it ne other way man. much love from dallas tx. whoop whoop mmfwcl

  • I remember, when I heard Slacker, it was me and my best friend in the hood trying to buy weed. We were in this crackheads apartment and he puts it on while he goes and weighs out our weed. I remember looking at my homeboy and saying, “when i get home, im definately downloading some tech n9ne.”

    i am pretty sure the first CD I heard was Absolute power, but honestly i am not sure, my friends all showed me who Tech was, i was really resistant, cuz so many rappers out there are just blowin smoke up everyones asses rapping about some gay ass shit
    But TECH N9Ne sucked me in!! I love YOU!!!

    AND a year or two ago me and my home girls came to one of the Shows out at Saltair and we met your mom!!
    she was in a RED ass dress and was shouting out thats my baby!! thats my son!! i asked who her son was, she said Aaron Yates!! all i could say to her was THANK YOU!!! thank you for blessing the world with Aaron!!! I have now met big Krizz and your mom Tech!!
    now its time to meet you damnit!! its a dream of mine!!! i come to every single show! and hope everytime i will meet you!!

    Your the fucking shit tho and i hope ur bday is off the fuckin hook!!!!
    MUCH LOVE FROM BLeeZie in (salt Lake City)


  • Richard Smith

    First songs were Kansas City Kings, Clueless and SOUL SEARCHIN!!
    I met this dude from KCMO when I first moved to Texas, cool dude but sold crack (i’m not into that shit) but he was always talkin about Tech n9ne and from the minute he let me listen to those first couple tracks I was like “how the fuck have I not heard of this dude? why isnt he famous!!!? and where can I get more!!!!!??
    Happy birthday bro, keep up the good work and stay strange bro
    Hope all is well with the fam

  • Big Bizz

    Happy Birthday My Brother The First I Heared You Bless The Mic Was When Anghellic
    Droped An Been Hooked Ever Since I Havent Been Blessed Enuff To See You Live Yet You Need To Come To Charlotte North Carolina But Goddamnit If I Have To Ill Drive 5 Hrs To Atl Or 6 To Norfolk Va To See You Fuck What Everybody Say Tech You An Pac Or Two Of The Greatest To Ever Bless Mic REAL HIP HOP Much Love Homie Have A Great Bday Keep Ya Head Up AN Keep Doin What You Do Much Love

  • D Bill

    Happy Birthday Tech n9ne! I first became a tech fan back in 03. I was on myspace in the 7th grade and i was browsing peoples profiles, looking for new friends and what not, when i came to this one guys profile. We all remember how myspace let us use one son to represent on our profiles, ( then it grew to 3,4,5,6, etc.) well this guy had Tech N9nes song “Imma Tell” on his profile. The second i heard tech n9ne spit, it was like fucking magic. The words perfectly picked for the spots they are in. I knew he was a musical genius, alongside with Krizz Kaliko, who i also have mad love for (also got to meet him in Louisville, Ky) After that i hit the internet, looking for every and any tech n9ne song i could find, and i have grown to love everything about this MC’s flow. I hope to see you again next year Strange Music! Help me, help you keep tech n9ne alive! ( like he needs help LOL)

  • Bobbyeden81


  • Happy birthday tech. When i firs heard of you it was thru a friend. we were sitting at his house and he started playing riotmaker and acting stupid, throwing shit. i ended up listening to like 3 full albums that night and was amazed by the style, skill, and origionality of your music. Your actually an inspiration to my music now and i buy almost every one of your cds i can. ive been spreading your music and listening to so many great artists youve worked with since man. yet again happy birthday and i hope you can stay in the light man.

  • Madimasso611

    yo Happy mothafuckin birthday tech, I became a fan my junior year of high school, im in my second year of college now, well i kinda got kicked out the beginning of this semester for havin mad piff in my room but haha u get the point. Me n my friends started fuckin w rolls that year and one day my friend was like yo check this out n put on T9X, and thizzed face to it every since, then we started checkin out the rest of ur shit and I was fucking amazed, so fuckin pumped there is still a real, true to himself rapper, more than a rapper, out there today. I was addicted to lou (caribou lou) for about 2 n a half years, every night id have a 3 liter jug to my dome haha. Your flow was just insane to me no 1 fuckin rips it like you, fast as fuck n still making nizz rhymes that make sense, or slow you kill it everytime my man. Keep doin you man, dont let anyone influence you, you are a rap god in my book. Hope you ball out on your birthday man ive been spreading your tunes to real people since the first track i heard from u, i still bump all from your old shit to seepage everyday. The flow is so nizz n always will be the best. Be jealous, be warned, in my head, the sickest shit ive ever heard ( i can go on) Happy birthday n9nna and if you can make your way to NY after The realest hip hop show, havin just a tech n9ne concert that would be infuckincredible and i promise a crowd of me n at least minimum 15 of my boys. Enjoy today u deserve the best ill be sure to spark a few Ls for u tn.. – ALL HAIL TO THE N9NEEE
    -The Nizzauh aka Killa D-Mass

  • RoguePfenom

    Ive been a Tech N9ne fan the moment i heard one of his songs. The first song was “slacker” its basically what i was like when i heard it. I like his music cuz its strange and different from anyone elses. I am trying to become a professional rapper and i also am tryin to make my sound jst like hiz. Happy Birthday Tech.

  • Tech youve given my friends and myself countless amazing stories and memorys through the years… from music that’s the sound track to our lives to the tons of lives shows we’ve made priorities to be present for… you have touched countless people and will continue to change lives with your messages.

    One of my fav encounters with you was on the spring bling tour with trick daddy in topeka at the expo center when you hook my homies and I up with 5 tickets because we was broke scrubs… I even gave you a few pics I took from you gotj 04 performance… that was you giving back to your fans and we are forever gratefully for that… along with other fun stuff like sickology photo shot and red nose video…

    Hope you have amazing birthday and let’s make 2011 the year of tech!

    Josh “Needles” Felker
    Topeka, ks

  • Happy Birthday Tech! And a happy 21st birthday to my girlfriend Kelsey who shares this awesome day with you. Speaking of birthdays I REMEMBER!!! The first time I saw you live in concert in 2005. I was already an avid listener but too damn dumb to go to the shows. I think the first song of yours I heard was Now It’s On- jaw removed instantly. SO I quickly scanned Coconuts, Magnolia Thunderpussy and the good ole internet to cop your shit. I’ve been hooked ever since, bought every album, been to countless a show. Now, back to the concert thing:

    It was my 18th birthday, Dec 1 2005. I flew solo that night because then-gf was busy working the night shift at McDonalds. WHATEVA! I left school early and got my spot front of the line, had pre-show and all that. Word got around to the crowd FAST that it was my 18th birthday so blunts and beers were coming my way like no other (smoked in the elevator of the Ohio Union parking garage across the street from the Newport). I had the munchies so, not to lose my spot front of the line I went to the Chipotle next door. I just thought the line was longer than fuck because of the concert but no- you were sitting in the corner with people lined up out the door to show you some love!! THat’s a true artist thing to do ‘Yeah I’m eating but what the hell, lets make some folks happy’ I got my burrito and made my way through this ruckus and didn’t want to seem like a hound dog or nothing and I remember I just said Whats up Tech. I left it at that. Grabbed my ticket, signed it and then i told you it was my birthday. Shit, that was the coolest Happy Birthday I’ve ever received until I turned 21 and crawled from Hounddogs Pizza to my girls car at 4 in the morning with class in 5 hours. Still though, so many people showed me love that night at your show I was blessed as a mother(shutmymouth) to be there. That was also the first time I heard Critical Bill (SWEET!!!!!) and the rest was history. I bought their CD, Vintage Tech, had em signed and got em jacked on my way home riding the COTA bus. Punk ass motherfuckers didn’t even know what was really going on, they just saw autographed CDs and thought quick buck off a quick lick from a skinny white kid. Still, dopest night of my life. We love you and Happy Birthday Tech! You have shown the world that things do indeed get better with age, just like a fine bourbon.

  • Terence

    Happy Birthday Tech !!!!! KC Tea all around!!!!
    The first time I heard Tech was only about 3 years ago ….my homie burnt me a random disc of Tech N9ne hits and track one was Einstein…..I played that motherfucker like 30 times in a row before I even proceeded to the next track …I now own ever Tech album ….Saw you live up here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada just last year and by far was the best show Ive ever seen….I bump you songs everyday ….My ipod has more Tech N9ne then any other artist because you my friend are the BEST !!!!!

  • Jader Ferris

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BIG YATES!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Hey Tech, Im one of your biggest fans man. I hope you have one hell of a birthday, and have some fun. Cheer up man, I hope everything gets a lil better for ya, im sure it will soon. Anyways, Tech, I love you man, and dude… you are not just the best rapper, but in my opinion, THEE best artist period. I love all genres of music, but nothing comes close to your music man. Its real, and not to mention everything else such as, your style, your flow, your speed, not to mention, your supreme clarity. Your style is one of a kind dude. No one matches you or is on your level in anyway. That is a fact! Man, my whole ITunes library is only tech. every song you have ever made or been it. Also Krizz too. You guys are both ahead of your time in my opinion. On a skill level that i think will not be matched for probably a long long time. When i was around 16 is when i heard my first tech song and havent had any urge to listin to anything else haha. Friends say im obsessed haha but im not, i just love your music man, its the best!! HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH!! WE ALL LOVE YOU MAN!!! PS > great show you put on in spokane yo!! YOUR FAN – JJ Ferris (:

  • The first time I heard Tech, it was on FTIZ with the Kottonmouth Kings. I was like, the Kings are ok but this guy is AWESOME.. The rest is history.. Happy Birthday Tech. Thanks for the great music.

  • bbig438

    Tech your the shit man….. first time i heard your songs was on youtube, randomly searching fast rappers and someone doina cover of Midwest choppers and i thought it was awesome….favorite rapper to this day now got every almbum, heard every song…. now I’m just waiting for the tech and lil Wayne track! 😉

  • Dukecityspecialist

    Happy b day bruh! The first time I heard Tech was when I was about 16 or 17 back when I still lived at my moms crib on 57th st lol ,but down here in albuquerque. My brother called to shoot the shit and I heard some wierd ass motherfucker going off in the background. I asked him “wtf are you listening to”?? He said he had just bought the new gangrelated soundtrack and put the phone to the speaker. He said ‘Some dude tech named tech 9″. So a lil after that my homie and I were bumping the albulation from yukmouth and the song “the stallion ” came on and we asked who the fuck is this dude??? And it was tech lol. So we decided to go to hastings and look for an album from tech and we found the calm b4 the storm. Last copy. Ever since then the entire hood has been bumping tech. At least the westside has no bullshit. Everytime we go to the concert were atleast 10 to 15 deep. Westside Burque loves Tech.

  • H.B.D. “Tech” Keep it Strange!!! Alwayz From Ur Original [Sin-StAtE TechN9cian] @BooGiEMuNStaH (Greats! Share The Same B-Day Month)

  • Kayla Strobel

    Happy Birthday Tech ! Im from GA and I first heard you on Killer . It hasnt been that long but I must say that I have my husband to thank for this . He is the one who introduced me in the first place . I had never seen you perform untill I attended the 10th annual Gathering of the Juggalos . It was so crazy and our camera was broken during the second song . I was like daaaaamn ! But I must admit that seeing you live is something I will NEVER in my life forget ! You put on one of the best shows I have ever had the pleasure of seeing . I was lucky enough to get to see you again in Atlanta on Oct. 28 . You put it down again and I hope you come back for more !! Much love homie !

  • Sean A. G.

    Happy Birthday. First song was Einstein in the eighth grade. Then I started from where it began The Calm Before the Storm and made my way to The Seepage Ep. No one I knew really knew you. But now I got my whole crew screaming out TECHNICIAN AAHHOOOO AAHHOOOO! Our phrase is “If it ain’t strange it ain’t us.” Sadly we have yet to see you since we are in Mississippi and you have not come anywhere close enough for us to drive there. But one day we will all be at a show showing mad love. You’re shit is inspiration and meaningful. Helps me get through the day.

  • JaySinisterXX

    I first heard Tech when he was with the 57th St. RDV’s…I was hooked from the beginning and started going to shows at the Uptown and Spiritfest KC when there was less than 200 people there. His energy and lyrics are what caught my attention, there’s nobody in the game that can compare to TECH N9NE!!!

  • slutsss-

    first songs— caribou lou, i’m a playa.
    The first time i heard tech i was in second grade. i’ve been obsessed with rap my whole life. and tech is craaaazzzzy, best rapper i’ve ever heard. I’ve never met him, but i did attend his independent grind tour concert in duluth this year, and it was sooo sickk. I hope when i attend college in KCMO i’ll end up meeting him 🙂 happy bday t9!

  • Tech,
    I have loved your music from day one!! you rock my world! I even now have a tattoo on my chest in your honor. I love you music because it shows so much love, respect, honor, anger and so much more. I listen to you all the time. You came to indianapolis indiana where i live but the concert was canceled at the last minute crushing us fans. But you are amazing and one day i know i will get to meet you. keep up with the amazing work! We love you tech and happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you on your journey!

  • My names Justin and I’m from Louisville,Kentucky.

    I remember the first songs I heard were “The Beast,” “Shocked” and “Victory”.Trust me.I was definitely “Shocked” after I heard him.I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of Tech before.His flows,the speed and the rhyming capability of this man is insane and just sick.I love it.Since then I’ve been a Die Hard TECHNICIAN.I listen to him everyday when I’m gettin’ ready for school n’ shit.It helps me get through the day and it also helps me get hyped before I play basketball.Tech,you’re one hell of a person inside and out.God blessed you with this man.Keep it going man.We all as fans love you bro.Have a happy and safe birthday and take care.
    Much love.

  • im from Slovenia (middle Europe) so at first it was hard to get your music, but now, i have 8gb ipod, and 1.6gb is techs music.
    ive heard inustry is punks first and ive fall in love with your flow, spitting capabilities, and the way his brain works was like waaaa.
    so i wish you the best, and hope you newer grow old ( in both meanings )
    so keep on doing what you do best, because it is one of the reasons that is worth living 🙂
    eep opp ork ah ah

  • back when I was like 12, I used to go to my oldest brother’s crib from times to times. I live in Paris and me and my bros always were into french and american hip-hop. One day when me and my bros were together listening to music, my oldest brother goes like “listen to this crazy stuff, that’s what i listen to when i want to raise hell” and he bumped Einstein. I felt something strong, and decided to look into what Tech did. It was not long before I decided to name him my favorite rapper. Then everready came out, then MLK… Nobody knew Tech in France, and I was always making people listen to his stuff (and my propaganda worked a lot), I even wrote an article in my high school’s newspaper about MLK when it came out.
    I then decided to start listenin to the “Tech Family” and understood that Strange Music was the perfect music. Since then most of what I listen to is Strange made, and having seen Tech’s shows in Amsterdam and Paris (which were two of the greatest moments of my entire fucking life), now I’m almost twenty-one and I’m not afraid to say that Tech N9ne is the best artist ever, along with Krizz Kaliko and Kutty Cal who make for an absolutely perfect alchemy.

  • N9ne.O.Matik

    Damn it was back in 06 and i was chillin with my friend when i heard ‘Imma Playa’ come on his bro’s cd player and ever since then i’ve been hooked…MLK, Strictly Strange, Sickology, Strange Days and this last tour (I.G.T.) are the concerts i’ve been to. Much love Tech keep doing what you do! And Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Tech.
    Can’t wait for the next NW tour! I’ll be there.

  • Happy birthday Aaron! Fuck man I look up too you so much I’ve been a fan for like two years now ( I know that’s not too long compared too allot of your fans but I barely just turned 16) and your a major role model man I bump you’re shit all the time and theirs not so much as one song by you I don’t seem too fall in love wit haha. I remember the first track I heard from you was hope for a higher power and me and all my friends just had this look on our face like (O_O) “this guys spits some deep shit” haha, I wanted too see you for my B-day last month When you where out here in Cali but got sick of my ass and couldn’t go. You’re music’s so respectable cause you don’t hesitate to sing about about anything like religion, anger, depression, etc. You’re musics fucking astounding man and I seriously hope to be able too meet you someday haha. you’re new seepage ep is fuckin sick too man. I hope you get around to reading this. Have a sick ass birth day man. – steven huber

  • The first song I ever heard by Tech was Caribou Lou. It was shown to me by my best friend Psycho Killa Squirrel our senior year of high school. We met senior year, we were both behind on credits, and in threat of not being able to graduate but we got each other through school, and during that time, he showed me more and more music by Tech. Some that made me want to dance (which is not something I do well haha), and some that made me just sit and listen with my headphones on, amazed at how well I could relate. Tech Talks about real shit. He is a lyrical fuckin genius. I have been through a lot of shit and Tech’s music has always gotten me through it. Always makes me realize that I am not and was not the only one who felt such incredible pain or lowness at a time when I am surrounded by people or with certain things I should be happy about.

    The first and only show I have been to (so far) was in Tucson, AZ, June 3, 2010. I went out to Tempe, AZ with my sister to do a lab at Arizona State University for a class I was taking online, then from there my best friend Squirrel had his dad pick me up and take me to Tucson where Squirrel lives with his dad. The ticket to the show was my birthday present from Squirrel, and it was the greatest present I have ever received. There is nothing like a fuckin Tech show! CCS Crew opened and I remember I loved them from the first time I heard them on stage. Smily Green is still one of my favorites. Brotha Lynch, Kali Baby, and Kutt and Big Scoob….man they were fuckin awesome too! I came home and showed my sister (a party girl to the maxx) that song Salue and she still listens to it every time we’re driving to a party. lol But Tech’s performance….shit I don’t even know how to explain it. I was dancing, singing, rapping, screaming….there is no way you can go to a Tech show and stay still. I was sad it had to end.

    I listen to your music everyday. I even got my little brother into you. haha I love your music and I love your mind and heart Tech. I hope you have an amazing birthday!

    Much love from the SoKal Juggalette,



  • Damonkeyhga

    blown away n red nose were the tracks dat got me hooked, then this ring was my song for weeks, it was insane wen i reali started to listen to tech n strange music, it was the jus the type a music i was lookin for, inspired me to write ryhmes n freestyle n jus get more into hip hop. where i live everyone hypes lil wayne like hes god or sumthing, little do they know the king of hip hop resides in Kansas City, always bumpin Strange music in my ipod, tech n9ne got me laid, literally, haahahahahah i put on “girl crazy” n tha bitch went crazy, haahahhhaha thanks alot tech, HAPPY BIRTHDAY N MUCH LOVE FROM THE 808!

  • Punk_ash1989

    My first albums i heard from Tech was A.P. & Anghellic and it was that same time i started getting into underground music. KMK & ICP lead me to you!! i was like YES!! finally a rapper who isn’t like all the rest!! Then i went to the Everready show here in TUCSON, AZ but i got the party started a lil too early the night before lol so i was hanging my head on the top row (SORRY N SHIT!) but still bumpin that good shit!! Happy Birthday Aaron Yates!! We scorpio’s are the best!! Much love to you from the Tohono O’odham natives!!


  • Andrew Reardon

    i believe the first song i heard was einstein and ever since then i have been hooked on ur music man. the first show i finally went to was the k.o.d. tour and since then i have been to every single one (of course vip). I from arizona and when they came to tempe at the meet and greet i was talkin to him bout how i was an up and comin entreprenuer and wanted to get a hold of travis to get an informational interview just to learn from the business genius himself. and man tech you were straight up with me more then i expected, he said “just keep callin man it takes me like 10 times to reach him” and since then i have called at least twice a week leavin messages and everything. thanks for that tech for telling me to keep pushin for it like u keep pushin to become the hip hop president. ur almost there my dude ur fans are behind u all the way! strange music for life!

  • First time I ever heard of Tech was when he was tourin for Absolute Power I was ten years old and I remember that thier van or bus had broken down in front of the apartments that I was living at at that time in Yuma, AZ and had asked my dad if they could borrow our phone so in return we got a couple samplers of Absolute Power and the first song i heard off that sampler was The Industry is Punks so you can say that is how I got acquainted with Tech and his music and i still listen to it today like everyday because of the broad sense of styles and lyrics that Tech uses.

  • Eddie Palacio

    Well here goes… 1st and foremost HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tech N9ne!!!! God bless the world with a musical genius. Coming out of Yuma, Arizona my name is Eddie I’m 21 been listening to tech since i heard “Beast” on The madden video game! haha after that looked up his name went to my local music store and bought “Vintage Tech” 1st tech CD I ever owned. after that i became a fan. then i started buying every CD available: Absolute Power, Killer, K.O.D., Sickology 101, Anghellic. and gonna continue buying more albums. I’ve been getting pple hooked on tech since day 1. soon i hope he can come do a show here in this small town. well that’s my story and i wish tech the best on his born date.

  • Mike_j420

    Couldn’t imagine life with out TECH N9NE……Happy Bday Tech….keep on keepin on man…theres no one on this planet than can compare to you tech…on a whole nutha level….cant wait for 6’s and 7’s….or for the new shit with Lil Wayne…despite the haters…later tech have a happy birthday pimpin!!

  • EL-Jefe719

    Happy Birthday to one of the GREATEST ARTIST THAT WILL EVER LIVE ****TECH N9NE**** Do your thang homie and keep rippin’ it up. Happy birthday!!!!!!! WE WILL ALWAYZ LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derrick tharp

    I have been setting here for at least ten min not knowing what the fuck to say!! I love you and Strangemusic At my old job this cat i used to work wi and i would borrow each others rap and r&b cds. one of the cds i took was eveready the religion. Needless to say it kicks ass so eversince then the only cds iv bout where lables from strainge music! now i have all your shit! Iv seen videos of your tours and the only to chances iv had to see you plans got fucked up, In from lame ass Indiana. So when you came throough in Aug. i think you guys had to cancel because the venue fucked up or some shit.i was in line found out. and tried to make it to the grind tour but stupid shit came up! Anyway iv been here trying to convert my town into “strangers ” clubs in indy wont play you becauseyour toohard! This is me plays in my head everytimei think about ithaha! My bitch gets annoyed because i play you so much but she dont understand it not just music for me Im white as in most of your fan are and i cant speakfor them as to why they think your a god but i can for myself! i love how fucking real you are! i used to be an apostolic pentecostal hard core! so when i got in i gave up all my seccular rap up. but i relate so much on reliogous points and beliefes frm your song holy on killer to show me a god i feel all that shit ive even got some of those cds from my churchd daysha! but i hear songs lake last words and see fans on your tours.. and i feel as if they just dont feel your shit like me. im just settin her thinkn about some of the shit that really trikes emotions through your songs! iv teared up on last words and weird enuff messages to a black man i dont know what about you saying “your doper then a key” is so fucking badass. it just is! Anyway sorry for rammbling! happy birthday tech!! From Derrick tharp! and from your handfull yet growing fan base in crawfordsville! TECHN9NE!

  • Happy Birthday Tech! Your a household name with my family. Been listening to you for a long time and I have all your shit. I never get tired of Tech N9ne! You are all I listen to all day everyday. I spread your name when and wherever I can. Got all my friends hooked on your music. Shit, I even got my mom hooked. I came home one day and I heard *The Rain* from outside my house…walked in and my mom is bumpin that shit as she was cleaning the house lol.
    Your music is always there and fixes fucking everything. Words cant describe how amazing Tech N9ne is. Everything you have created you deserve 110% Have a great birthday Tech, ill be smokin a fat blunt tonight for ya!

    Tech N9ne MotherFuckers!!!!!

  • Peacelove Dope

    ohhh one of my girlfriends played a few of your songs a few years ago. and i never got into it then..but i remember getting my friends cd’s and i was so fuckin high on meth that NO MUSIC was worth listening to haha i was so sick of listening to the old shit. so i saw this CD that said Tech N9NE and i put it in..first song that played was come gangster..from there on the next couple months in the truck all y ou heard was tech!

  • Sebas_A

    Happy birthday Tech! My friend first introduced me to you with Sickology 101 (the song), telling me you sounded like Eminem. I was starting to lose interest in mainstream rap, and when I heard that track, heard the clarity and genius of the lyrics, and the SICK ASS FLOW, I was hooked! A few months later when I was updating my iPod, I added some stuff from K.O.D. and sat on that for a while. Now, I got a bunch of your stuff, from as way back as Everready, to The Gates Mixed Plate, and I just bought Seepage. No other rapper has such a way with words, and the clarity when you rap and the sheer flow as you spit it is just something you don’t see in hiphop today. I listen to the radio, and all I hear his Chris Brown soundalikes and Lil’ Wayne (I have nothing against him, his lyrics just aren’t appealing to me). So now I just listen to that Tech N9ne shit and I’m good! Also, don’t let that Seepage stay with you man. I know how you feel, where it’s fucking you up mentally and you just wanna get away from it, but it just comes outta you. I been there. Listen to your Brother KT man, you’ll find your way.

    Again, happy birthday, and God bless you man.

  • Happy birthday tech. hope you have an awesome day today. keep it wicked

  • Codysal104

    Happy Birthday Tech! Iv got a story for the master of rap. I first heard Tech when a friend told me about him and the showed me the song Riot Maker. I instantly loved it and explored Tech some more. Everything I came across was the shit and I couldnt get enough. I bought the K.O.D. album and it has saved my life. I have moments that make me feel like killing myself and to hear that album was more real than anything Iv heard before. It gave me a sense of someone else feels the same and I am a better person because of Tech. Thank you so much Tech for everything and I hope that you have a happy life.

  • juice

    happy birthday mate

  • SyNiKaL

    Happy Birthday Tech! The first time I heard you I was going through hip hop artists on myspace(when i actually used it) and I was coming up with a bunch of BS, I came across you and bumped your playlist for at least a few hours, and since then I’ve purchased every CD released on strange, hundreds of merchandise, ect. My first concert was a Tech concert and it was of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. That day is one I’ll never forget from the VIP to the performance. You are a different breed, have an awesome birthday!

  • Erik

    Greetings from Canada Ottawa. Firstly, happy birthday Tech. I was originally introduced to your music by a friend when Red Nose had just made it’s entry in the music world, back then, I didn’t think too much of it just then. A few weeks later the same friend made me listen to Midwest Choppers, and that was all I needed. Since then, I have listened to every single track you’re on that I was able to put my hands on, and there isn’t one I can say I disliked. Most of them are fucking magical, your ability to tell a story is beyond imagination, it is a talent worth all the wealth in the world. And that it what draws me to your music, how you just spit raw uncensored stories, real life shit, shit that people can relate to. Have a great birthday, and more importantly, a great every-day after your birthday, and hopefully you can get out the darkness that has been inhabiting you .

  • Russelldmike

    The first time i heard the king of darkness was at the wicked wonka tour in 2002 . I was like this guy is fucking incredible. i bought anghellic and absolute power that same day, i have been infecting my city and everyone i can reach ever since. i have turned more people into technicians than i can count. To this day over 8 years later i have compiled a 500 song strictly strange playlist, been to 7 shows and follow the N9ne daily. Strange music all day all night! Happy Bday Tech! from myself and every technician in the North West

  • Matt Meyer

    happy birthday tech!!! this is matt meyer from licoln, Nebraska. man, your music is just so great. ever sence i first heard your music i find it hard to listen to anything else lol. ive only been a fan for about 2 or 3 years but ive listened to all you albums and have like hundrends of your songs on my ipod. the first song i ever heard from you was the beast, but i didnt know who it was by till like 2 years after hahaha. the first song that i saw was by tech n9ne was eintstein tech n9ne. i had always loved rock music way more but when i heard that, i started to try to listen to more rap and hip hop but no one stoop out to me as well as you did. everynight i would listen to your albums on myspace music, and yes i dowloaded some of your songs lol. but now i preorder your albums as they come out and i went to the independent grind tour as well. not to mention all the money i spend on the online store lol. i now consider myself an official technicion hahah. well, have a great birthday tech!! im really looking forward to buying all 6’s and 7’s plus amafrican psyhco if it ever comes out lmao!!

  • Kmerriman

    Happy Birthday Techa N9na! My name is Kyle Merriman and I’m from Nashville, Tennessee. I’m actually up in Anchorage, Alaska right now going to school. The first Tech Song I ever heard was Like Yeah in my friend Paul’s car and it blew my mind. I grew up listening to Metal and Punk Hardcore, so I was easily turned on to the music. The way you can make everything in the song so musical is genius. What you do with your music is Genius. I just got Seepage a few days ago and I really enjoy it, but I am sorry that you’re going through so much pain right now. Hope everything is looking up for you. Keep it strange, my friend.

    Kyle Merriman

  • Four20jay

    Was riding in the car with my still current girlfriend when she put in a cd called Anghellic. I was fellin it and then the whole song changed up beat and all and u said i love lusefer i will kill all of u, and everything went right back to what it was. From that moment on my whole opinoin about music changed forever! Before if someone asked me what i liked to listen to i was like whatever, now im like TECH N9NE! Keep it strange big Homie. Sawooooo!

    Indianapolis IN

  • Tech first time I heard ur song was in an evverready cd came across it while searching for music. Loved it instantly lyrics, flow, and energy was just crazy differant from what most artist did. Started listening to ur older stuff n became hooked after that I seen a poster that u were going to be performing in my city n I brought my friend after that we have been tech fans n gone to all ur shows. Ur the best tech n thanks for being all about the fans happy bday.. -Tucson, Az

  • Happy birthday dude. I’d tell you how I became a tech fan and the first songs I heard you spit, but I can’t remember. And I’ve never gotten a chance to go to one of your concerts or to meet you. But I love your music because I’ve learned a lot from it, plus it just sounds awesome because you and your crew are pretty talented.

  • Joe aka Jay-Jay

    Happy birthday Tech do what you do n keep up ur the shit homie, mos def, by the way names joe i’m from kansas city, missouri i heard you way back when i was a lil tike im 21 years old n i listen to ur music on a daily basis, your doin great keep up with the good work much love and support sorry i cant do it personally bn broke n goin to school outta town from kc its hard so happy birthday Tech keep doin wat you do.
    sincerely your fellow stranger,
    Joe Vega aka Jay-Jay

  • Jay-Jay

    Strange Music All day Everyday much support keep up the good work n keep spittin them flowz, krizz kaliko, kutty cal, cognito, n brotha lynch.

  • Joeyjrjedi1

    i stay in hiawatha, kansas btw.

  • My first tech n9ne concert was actually this summer @ the house of blues downtown and it was the SHIT tech! My first song i heard was Strange Music Box and Riot maker. I prefer dark songs like that on anghellic or K.O.D but i’m not saying you should limit yourself to that because The Gates Mixed Plate was awesome. I’ve only been a tech fan for a few months but i’ll be a die hard fan and will be one til the end tech! Happy Birthday big guy

  • daniel wengel

    My name is Danny from Glendale Arizona. First songs I heard from tech n9ne were the beast, riot maker and my world! I am 17 now but when I was 13 my best friend showed me tech n9ne shortly before he overdosed on drugs. I am so thankful for you Aaron!! Your music is one of a kind that makes me feel something incredible that nothing else could. I met you twice at the marquee and it was awesome to meet you! Don’t ever stop makin music man. And I know a lot of people are saying don’t do that song with Wayne but don’t listen to them! Your whole style is about rapping with other artist and styles and that makes you, you. Love you man, keep it real.

  • KJ Murr

    Recently there’s been a lot of talk from Tech about how people love to hear the darkness from him. I realize this is something difficult to focus on, to keep yourself in a negative state of mind for the sake of creating. But if people are drawn to it, it’s because it’s cathartic. It certainly has been for me. I love the party music just as much, but when you’re hurting, popping in a Tech N9ne album and skipping to those deep, personal songs is like having a shoulder to lean on. So, Tech, on your birthday, since they’re wanting us to show some love, I will say thank you for being transparent. For opening up and letting it all out – the good, the bad and the ugly. What you do is important on so many levels and once you let people in like that, your pain becomes our pain. We hate to hear your torment but use it to push on and find strength when we’re alone. I only hope that you can find the same comfort among your friends, family, and crew. There’s no way we’ll ever have a personal connection with you, we’ll always be fans before friends, but a lot of us care about you as though we knew you personally thanks to the honest music you create and the stories you share. Happy birthday, Tech. We love you!

  • Happy Birthday to one of the most brilliant artists and lyricists and sexiest men alive!!! I first heard Tech in 03 from one of my battle buddies in Fort Leonard Wood MO. I kinda lost touch after that, until in 06, I got back on Tech and ever since I have never left!!! Tech is one of the realest artists out there! I wish I could hold a conversation with him without being all nervous and what not lol. Anyway I am a Tech N9ne fan for LIFE!!

  • twampsacc

    Back in Fall 2001.Not knowing anything about Tech or his music.except what I heard from Yuk’s Bumbell & 187 on a hook from lynch n c-bo’s blocc movement.I passed on Anghellic a couple of times.Didn’t want to waste my hard earned money if Anghellic was no good.But after i heard Tech verse on Yuk’s Regime killers 2001 .I was like This muthafucker right here can bust hard.No matter what I’m gettin that anghellic next week! When I bought the Black tape i was still skeptical like, who is this Tech N9ne. When you see the album pics & first thing you hear is “WELCOME TO HELL. UMMHUUHHH WE HAVE SUCH SIGHTS TO SHOW YOU” and that kick’s right into tormented. I was like what kind of devil worshippin shit did I just buy. I was tellin my cousin. It sounds good but I cant ride with no devil music.Until I heard “This Ring”.after that. I told my cousin I’m not with that devil shit,but im down with this muthafucker Tech from now on. Fuck all other music. This Ring was on another level it was real & i never heard somebody bust like that. after a few times of bumpin Anghellic I understood the hell, purgatory, & heaven. I was like Tech aint no devil worshipper. ever since then, It’s been Tech 24/7.Happy Birthday. Alucard Is HARDCORE.If you keep bustin like that everybody is going to be scared to work with you.They know it’s a suicide.

  • I got into Tech’s music accidentally (or was it?) in the year 2000. I walked to my local music store and bought 2 CDs : C-Bo and Brotha lynch “Blocc Movement” and Sole’s album. When I got home I noticed both albums had an artist by the name of Tech N9ne. I can’t remember which album I heard him on first, but I remember thinking this was the slickest, grimiest, and strangest dogg I’ve ever heard. So then anghelic came out next year, and it was on ever since.
           I think I get into him so much not that he’s so different, but the fact that my thoughts seem the same as him and it reflects me so much. But we are not the same , there can never be another Tech N9ne. Hope u get to read this Tech. Happy Birthday. Much Love

    Unkle $am

  • Bre_bivins07

    Im from pittsburgh, pa and I remember the first couple songs i heard were freaky, imma tell, leave me alone, paint a dark picture and som others that i cant remember right now. But i know that i could connect with every song. They all reminded me of some part of my life. as i kept listening to more songs like show me a god, caribou lou, bout to bubble, hunterish, red nose, my world, dysfunctional and some others I started to feel like I finally found someone who, like me, has darkness with beautiful light that tries to shine through. I’ve cried listening to songs and laughed and wanted to beat ass lol. Then I saw a concert. And with the amazing talent that came with him it was the best experience of my life, watching the one person who,without knowing it, understands me. Tech, I love u because ur like a distant friend that I can go to to get away from my bullshit. U say just the right thing everytime ur playing on my ipod or phone. U bring me and my friends together just by making music. So I say happy birthday to u. May u have many more and great success throughout ur life.

  • Wassup Tech!! … Happy Birthday!!! … I know it’s gonna be off the Richter!!!

    I’m from the Bay Area (East Oakland, CA). The first time I heard Tech was on the King Tech & Sway album. Tech, Em, KRS-One, Chino XL, RZA, and a host of other MC’s. The track was bangin’. Tech said some ol’ crazy stuff on there. Something like “psycho alpha-schizo” … LOL … Then I heard him on the Gang Related soundtrack ( Questions – Track 11), and that blew my mind. I hadn’t heard anything like it before. It was amazing. He was rhyming backwards, double-time spit, and then slowed it down all in the same verse!!! So I had to do some research. That’s when I found the “Calm Before The Storm” (Another mind-blowing album), but it wasn’t until I was went on my first deployment to Iraq that I’ll say that I officially became a fan of Tech N9ne. The Album “Anghellic” had came out, and I gotta tell you, It really help me get through a lot of the things that were going on at the time. You were speaking from the heart. You talked about the good, the bad, the partying, the pain, the stress, anger, and I felt it. I was going through a similar situation (The song Real Killer), and I was “Damn, he just summed up everything I was feeling, everything I was thinking” That’s real music, and I’ve been on-board ever since … Celcius, Absolute Power all the way to K.O.D. Every album has been more and more energetic, more thought-provoking, distinctive, more unique and unmatched than the last, and with the roster of Strange Music, I No Longer Fear That Real Music Will Die

    The Strange Music Family is a like a Bigg Ass Pot Of Gumbo, and I’m sitting at the table with a Bigg Ass Bowl wanting more!!! … LOL … Much Love & Respect … Happy Birthday Tech!!! … Strange Music 4Life!!!

  • Ryan

    Happy Birthday Tech!!! Your the greatest rapper ever and will continue for many of years. The way that i started listening to your songs is by my brother who was always listening to it so i gave it a try. It was flippin awesome. the first song was probably one good time but they are all my favorite now. I live in Bluford, Illinois. Tech Happy Birthday and you are a fu**** beast man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuzzys420

    laurie castro Glendive, MT

  • Twiztidjesse

    Happy Birthday! Lots of good memories. Coolest times were at Silverados in Manhattan, KS. Come back soon and show some K-State love.

  • The Dead King

    Happy Birthday Tech!!!

  • Happy Bithday Tech! i remember 15 years ago when i was 10 years old, i heard my first tech track and never looked back. i was one of the most popular kids in school cuz i had introduced a whole new era of insanity without industry and ill never forget all the great times ive had that have included songs that fit the occasion. keep doin what you do best, tech. one.

  • Topher123

    tech n9ne your the best changed my life happy birthday

  • Tech opened for Kottonmouth. Started feeling his skills immediately. Next Kottonmouth show I went to Tech was opening again, However this time I went to see Tech and Kottonmouth was an added bonus. Over time he has becam my favorite rapper and EVEN FILLED EMINEM’s Spot, who up until recently I considered the greatest rapper. Now Em comes right under Tech. Here’s why you are the best rapper. 1) Lyrics, Everything is well thought out, and true. Your rhymes arent one syllable at the end of every sentence. You challenge yourself to include as many rhymes as possible in a line while making sure to not sacrifice the intent of the line just to have a catchy sound (well maybe a couple times but you call yourself out on it so it’s all good). 2) Flow- Over time you have grown to develop many styles of flow. And there are many styles sometimes used even within one song. I was listening to Killer on the way to the studio today and was blown away by some of the stuff you do. thats why ur shit is, 3) Original. From the beats you select, to the topics you rhyme about, to the way you deliver your rhymes. 4) Appeal. You have a diversity that can reach out too many. I can be crusisn with my girl listening to poo wah wah, kc tea..etc, and then when i drop her off switch to some of your harder shit like on misery. Or last month when i went on a roadtrip with my mom to visit my lil sis, I can flip something on like The rain or cant shake it. anyways dude i can go on and on, production value, business moves, by surrounding yourself with the right dudes like krizz to add to some of your tracks, to stage presence, to the genious of making songs about drinks and then selling them at ur shows, to making songs that appeal to an audience within your target to gearing songs that maybe arent relevant to your life but you know appeal to others. Long story short you are the best rapper I’ve thus come across. And I’m glad that I have become a fan. people say that you can only be as good as the example that has been set for you, and as a rapper myself Im glad that I have such a great example set for me. I look forward to opening for you soon. I know its coming soon. and when it does I’ll say “hey, did you ever get my message?” Happy Birthday Tech. Keep doin your thing and stay positive. Although your pain may bring us positive, its because we can feel your pain too. But we also feel your joy. So if you wanna make a record with nothing but happy party tracks because your music is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Fuck it, Id still buy that shit. Happy BiRTHday Tech! -ILL Ambition

  • Nate W.

    Happy Birthday Tech N9ne!!! Be sure to have many KC-Teas, and Caribou Lous for all your hard drinkin’ fans. I’ve been a huge fan for 10+ years now, and can’t imagine myself ever not listening to your music. I recall the first time I heard of Tech N9ne. I was given an original release copy of Anghellic (no Devil Boy song yet), as collateral for an eighth of some herb. I loved it immediately, espically “Planet Rock” and “Twisted”. I was already a fan of ICP, and KMK; and always enjoyed the fast spittin’ style of Bone-thugs-n-Harmony, so it was natural that I would like the style and content of Tech N9ne. The more I listened to Tech N9ne the more I found myself not listening to anything else, and when “Absolute Power” was released, I played my first copy till it melted in my CD player. Ever since I’ve aquired almost every song you’ve released, and been featured on. I’ve only been to 2 shows, one in Minneapolis, and I got VIP tickets to the Independant Grind Tour show in Duluth MN. Now that I’m older and have a career where actually I make money, I’ll be going to many more, and hopefully VIP for those too. See you soon, hope your Birthday is wonderful, and enjoyable, during a tough time in your life.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY TECH!!!!!!! damn u rlly are tha greatest artist EVER in my opinion, n i still remember tha very 1st track I heard by u, “Come Gangsta”. i 1st heard it at my brothers apt n ever since then ive been hooked on ur art! i even remember tha very 1st album i bought by you, “Anghellic”. since then ive collected all ur albums 4rm “Celcius” all tha way up to “Seepage”, literally, and i cant wait for tha release of “All 6’s and 7’s”, all tha technicians kno its gon be tha shit. u never fail 2 deliver Tech whether it’s on CD or on stage, and we kno ur gona continue doin you!!!! its like u said “Tech aint goin mainstream, mainstreams goin Tech” and when it happens, its gon be dope. TECH N9NE ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!! and much love to Strange Music, “Where bullshit aint nothin’.” Happy birthday again Tech!
    San Antonio, TX

  • Happy Birthday Tech, i been listenin to your shit since my boy popped the everready demo in the head unit. I’m sad to say i havent been blessed to see Tech perform live in concert, but i got all the cd’s from celcius to seepage and can wait to get 6’s and 7’s. You cant call Tech’s words music, it’s stories and poetry but to a beat. Also cant wait to hear u and weezy strait murder a beat together. Happy to see all your sucesses and know that it is possible for someone to make music if thats what they want to do. Much love from a huge Tecca N9na fan.

    Jared Humphries from Nashville,Tn

  • Scotts2big

    Funny story lol I was getting high for the first time back in middle school (21 now), the first time I heard Tech and I was Absoulte Power’s Trapped In a psychos body That song and so many more since then, have gripped my mind when tech comes blastin thru my speakers. I love tech Music he was the first to make me realize how everyone always thinks its peaches and cream but it very rarly is. of course I knew this but tech just let me know Im not the only one that thinks about the sick shit that grips our lives and we are always in control of our own lives, even though it gets hard to keep grindin because of all the bull life like to throw at us. So in short I like tech because thru his music he seems like my kinda people. Happy birthday Tech hope it is a great one. Oh and If you read this tell Ike the Dish man says Sup. Reppin KCMO

  • Scotts2big

    Funny story lol I was getting high for the first time back in middle school (21 now), the first time I heard Tech and I was Absoulte Power’s Trapped In a psychos body That song and so many more since then, have gripped my mind when tech comes blastin thru my speakers. I love tech Music he was the first to make me realize how everyone always thinks its peaches and cream but it very rarly is. of course I knew this but tech just let me know Im not the only one that thinks about the sick shit that grips our lives and we are always in control of our own lives, even though it gets hard to keep grindin because of all the bull life like to throw at us. So in short I like tech because thru his music he seems like my kinda people. Happy birthday Tech hope it is a great one. Oh and If you read this tell Ike the Dish man says Sup. Reppin KCMO

  • Julien star

    what drew me to his music is how everything he says fits and works and a lot of the pain he goes through you can feel through his songs he is amazing happy birthday tech the most ill rapper ever you are forever in the history of hip hop i cant listen to one of your songs and not like it happy birthday tech n9ne!

  • Angel..a/Angela


  • Amarizzzyeee

    First song I ever heard was a bootlegged version of Midwest Choppers. It was only Tech’s verse. After that, I heard My World and Riot Maker. I was in Sacramento and I saw MLK and just decided to buy it. Since then, I’ve loved everything he’s put out. I’ve been front row at every show I’ve been to. To me, Tech N9ne is more than his amazing music. Being a fan of Strange Music is like belonging to something. I feel like tech has created a way for anyone who has ever felt like an outcast to feel like they belong and have someone to look up to.

  • Joseph_lent

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aaron Yates mutha fuckin tech n9ne… i got hooked to your music during calm before the storm …. that whole album was sick with it….. and i live all the way in fuckin el cajon san diego.. and u got hella more popular as i grew up.. im 17 now and i first hearrd bout u when i was fuckin… 12 …13 lol i was doin music and i didnt know much about rapping and underground and all that shit and diverse ways of rapping… u never cease to amaze me … all your fuckin strange crew homies nevr fuckin cease to amaze me krizz kaliko, kutt calhoun, big scoob, brotha lynch hung!! tha sickest mutha fucker….. i have evry song u evr made or was in collabo wit yada mean… u have such a unique flow and ur mind homie is jus so fuckin crazy how it works… and wat u fuckin spit is real shit.. some shit that most rappers wuld be afraid to say yada mean.. your my greatest influence and will always be my fav rapper cant wait to hear that song wit lil wayne too thats gonna be a trip… happy birthday get fucked up for all your fans but mainly me

  • Anything_inc

    This guy Jake, now my man, introduced me to your music, Tech. First it was T9X about 5 years ago or more. I’ve always been a rocker type chick, but when I then heard The Rain, that’s when I turned to you for most of my music. I’ve been a follower for the last four years, and I’m lovin’ every minute of it. Your music has helped me through good times and bad! We are always waiting for the new shit to come out. Thank you and have an AWESOME birthday. Hit up a chicka for me! -Cara

  • djo

    Happy bday to the King, the Klown, & the G! I’ll never forget the first joint I ever heard from Tecca Nina, drunk as fuck bumpin’ Einstein and I was amped. Copped Anghellic the next day and we all know that was the shit, so I had to get the back catalog & from there it went. Copped every album since and they are all fire, with Everready & Absolute Power being the #1 & #2 greatest albums ever made, in my mind. It wasn’t long after I first heard Tech that he took over Pac on my list of greatest artists of all time, and I don’t just mean rappers y’all! Now I rep this whole Strange shit that he built & will 4 life, the man has a song for whatever I’m feelin’ like, ever. Trapped In A Psycho’s Body is my all time favorite joint & I finally got to see Tech live at the K.O.D. tour and look forward to the next chance I get. ALL HAIL TO THE N9NE!

  • I’m from northeast PA where rap is dwarfed by country music. I never got on board with the country music but didn’t have much else to turn to. In ninth grade my friend and I were searching for some new and different music that no one else had heard before. We came across Einstein and Player…. We have been in love with Tech ever since. I’m now a freshman in college (Drexel University, Philadelphia PA) and my friend and I have converted plenty of rap listeners to the lyrical Ecstasy that is Tech N9ne! We buy every CD and listen to Tech nonstop. No other rapper can possibly compare for so many reasons. I hope your birthday is great Tech, thank you for breaking me out that country hell hole, and please come back to Philly soon so I can finally see you live!

  • Psychotic

    Happy Birthday Tech!!! I remember hearing you for the first time like it was yesterday. The track was Breathe off Anghelic,and I couldn’t stop bobbin’ my head, for that serotonin release. Eventually saw you live at GOTJ 05 I think it was, and a hell of a show it was. Been really enjoyin’ your shows at peabody’s, the smaller crowd seems to add to the atmosphere. Keep doin’ whatcha doin’ brotha’ whether your livin a high or low point!

  • Jasmine

    Happy mothafuckin’ birthday tech! First song I heard was Imma tell when i was about 9 years old. I didn’t think too greatly of it then. 5 years after that was when i first started to fall in love with the whole juggalo scene and icp and underground music as whole. So after descovering “ima tell” again I pretty much listened to it like 40 times on repeat and started looking up as many tech songs as I could because it seemed like all of them sounded sick as fuck. To me this guy was something different, unique, and his flowing abilities amazed me. I remember just sitting in my room trying to rap along perfectly to songs like be warned or this ring and felt all acomplished after. haha. After that I pretty much came to facts that tech was my favorite rapper. EVER. And i was getting into everything that strange music was putting out. At that time I went to my first show which was at the avalon for the Sickology tour. I swear to fucking god from when tech set foot on that stage till the end of the show I had the biggest excited smile. Like a kid on christmas who had gotten exactly what he wanted. Tech, your music makes me giddier than fuck and you’ll always remain the greatest rapper in my book. =]

  • jwyld


  • Jeffrey Panhorst

    Ever since I heard your “Questions” track on the Gang Related sound track 13 years ago, I’ve been following your music and attending your shows. No doubt that you are the best.

  • Hezzoran1

    Happy Birthday brotha!! My first song i heard was The Beast off of everready it is still to this day one of my all time favorites by you. Heard it in gilbert az where i reside at still. I heard it form my friend just like it should be done, word of mouth baby! i rep strange music everyday! got my beltbuckle on with everything i wear and i always let people know who you are and how you are the bet rapper alive by FAR!! You just keep doing you Tech dont listen to the haters man The Gates Mixed Plate was a great album and you dont need to do depressing shit if you dont wanna! Love your music no matter what. My first tat is gonna be the strange music label big on my back, shoulder to shoulder! One Love Tech

  • Robert

    My first memory of listening to Tech was I believe back in 2003, I was going threw a buddys music file on his old ass computer ha and I found the song “lets get fucked up” He didnt know how the song got on there but when i heard it I was like we need to look him up so the next song that I heard was of course “Einstein” and I was hooked, I loved his style and the fast pace flows cause that is the type of rap that always drew my attention. But that’s the story and ive been reppin strange ever since and will till the day I die. His music has helped me threw all kinds of things in my life so with that said Happy Birthday Tech!! We will always repect and love your music. Yup yup TECH N9NE!!
    Robert Seattle,Wa

  • So my first show and first time listening are way off. now imma admit i didnt really know of tech n9ne till my cousin turned me onto it. ive been listening to tech for 2 years now n i remember the first time was the summer two years ago in my cousins friends expedition n you know we was bumpin Areola! N when i heard tech was coming here you best believe i jumped on and got ground floor tickets for my cousin, me, and my cousins best friend, my first tech n9ne concert was amazing especially since it was my first concert ever. i just turned 18 so i guess its no biggie but the experience i had was amazing, like nothing i could imagine. Also gave me the chance to take a guy i like who is a very big fan and a local rapper here, now me n him is goin strong n i owe it all to that concert. you a mutha fuckin beast!!!!!love you tech n9na hope you have an amazin birthday full of lots of areolas n puh wa wa. you deserve it boy you a beast XOXO Sara 🙂 Im From Kennewick, WA

  • I Got into Tech kinda late it was my freshman year 08. I remember my guy jon n sean were huge fans. The first song they out me on to was big bad wolf. I couldnt get over how dope the flow was. Then they showed me one good time. I was hooked. I felt particularly close to that song cuz i pretty much was feelin the same way. I love Techs music because we think alike. No one has better wordplay than Tech. Im also a rapper and ive been highly influenced by Tech and Strange Music and i hope to work with yall in the future. Also Tech made me realize that me being in a wheelchair and appearing different didnt mean that i cant still be a rapper. For that i am very proud to be a Techn9cian and will be for the rest of my life.

  • Cmilillo

    Started listening when KoD first came out and it helped me through some tough shit. I worked my way back through your previous albums and couldn’t get enough of it. ALL OF YOUR MUSIC IS AMAZING. I feel you on a level I never thought could be reached through music. Happy B-day you lyrical genius and keep keepin it real!

  • Hey wat up Tech Just wanted to wish the greatest rapper alive a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. The First Time I heard your music was in middle school 2005 My friend who isnt really a fan of rap told me the only MC he listens to is Tech N9ne I was Like Tech N9ne Who is that He said a hella sick rapper so i was like shit i gotta check him out when i get home first 2 songs i ever heard by you Midwest Choppers & Come Gangsta You Been My Favorite Rapper Ever since my nigga not just cuz your music/ flow is sick but because its all real not just some fake shit that some rappers put out that they dont even know where the hell it came from or what it meant and because I can hella relate to your music man I’ve Been Down since 2005 And aint nothing Gonna change that Imma Be A Technician/Juggalo Till I’m Dead In The Ground TECH N9NE!!!!!!

  • Tyler

    Happy birthday TECH Hope you go big tonight you deserve it! Much love from MN been rockin you since 05′ and we got a long road ahead of us.

  • Tully Stockton

    Dear Tech N9ne,

    First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I love you man and I HOPE ALOT YOU READ THIS SHIT no homo..

    Ill try putting this into little words..

    I love you man you inspire the fuck out of me to do art
    “art is the smartest thing in this scared life” n its true!!
    It all started when i was listenin to Absolute Power in like 6th grade
    walking around my house saying “im a playa mother fucker and i bet i never changeeeee”
    my ma would say “dont listen to that music it will effect your brain and capability of it”
    yet i still sat in Eagan,MN (where scenario is from) infecting all my friends brains..

    No one knew shit then and i did..i had over 600 tech songs on my computer by the time of everready..
    i bought every fuckin cd to date i could find cause i dont care i support my fuckin artist…
    especially my favorite one n i still was broke..
    because i knew that you had the capability of destorying other rappers..i looked deeper hence
    why i supported you and came to 9 concerts!
    i heard songs like “be warned” “lets get fucked up””dogs for life””now its on” road to L.A.””mitch bade”
    After hearing in 2004 “killin it” i told my friend chris and many others around me “this dude is the mastermind
    rapper so we need to kkeep listening”
    whatever you said had me trippin – i watched the video of you practicing it..
    “quick to hit a bitch, i did it for the frick of it, nigga just sick of it
    get rid of it ,commit the bitter shit, in it i get wicked, ill lick your chick and eat ya ligaments”

    Then I heard Everready which is like my my favorite cd (besides K.O.D. )
    (shit every cd is my favorite) but suddenly everyone i know claims they listen
    to tech so i would question them..most of the time finding out they listen to like one song..
    (caribou lou, bout to bubble, imma tell)
    they still didnt know really.. so i said fuck them cause them same ppl used to diss me for listening to tech!
    My world made me ralize you can rhyme words using the same letter which is hard to do..
    this was about the time i realized most of your songs are done on beats like art of noise, beat box bros, 1980’s shit..propss btw
    to create something so amazing off some good strange old music like that!

    then it was KILLER and that shit had me showin my teachers and even they addmitted that they liked it!
    next thing i know, me and my homies all rolling around playin “like yeah” loud as possible in the car!
    i was trippin off “dark picture”… made me realize you can paint a picture like no other
    “Hope for a Higher Power” got me feelin the same as you..
    realized that was Jim Jones Talking also..
    I could go on about every song

    Then MLK the cd that amazed me when i heard “midwest choppers”!
    I remember hearing it at the concert right before it came out and the crowd just
    was wild after your first performance in MN and it still is wild to date with that song..just on last tour you did it
    & THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS RING 2 concerts ago!! i didnt see that for like 5 concerts before that..
    I first heard the song at my house in the morning and i got the chills freaking out
    runnin around my crib gooing crazyyyy

    then i heard Sickology 101 and this was when many people were introduced to your shit!!
    i had ppl runnin up to mee like you heard that tech..im like man i should bitch slap you
    “have you HEARD tech”? i was getting pissed but then i realized that the King Clown and G got to where he
    wanted to be so i was suppperrr happy for you
    i think this was the time of you going platinum..
    but i was happy cause that was my mission too was to make other ppl feel what your saying
    like i feel you..Empethetically bro!!
    “Sorry N Shit” Def eased the pain hearing a great track with the rouge dogs..
    same with the intro and midwest choppers 2!! love the twista add on..

    Then K.O.D. and it was on you let that shit out like no other man!!!
    everywhere i went ppl banging that cd dude.. i went to
    St. Cloud i remember for halloween and everyone was playing
    that shit like down the whole dorms
    we jump in the car and that shit is playing with the 3 12’s
    man that cd was so hard.. even back at school all the mexis that used to diss me for rockin
    tech n9ne shirts were finnally comin up to me like.. “man you were right tech n9ne is the hardest”
    and that cd made me happy as a fan just because you had to release your self so
    hard for everyone to realize that you have full potential of anything stage shows to rippin the mic you name it
    you my favorite rapper real talk..Tech N9ne
    now when you dropped seepage it had ppl coming to me..
    cause they know mee..
    and they want my opinion on every cd or song or whatever it may be
    because i was the one 7 years earlyer only talking about tech
    and what tech was going to do next..
    now they are wanting to know the same shitt..
    how the fuck do you do it?
    just keep it going so intense and REALL?
    its just utterly amazing that it stays the same and thats why its alucard everlasting huh?
    this is ironic cause as im finishing up im getting handed my seepage hard copy right now!! good design!
    Also im very happy for the annouce of doing a song with wayne!!!cant wait to hear it because this is
    a very discussed topic amoung ppl..wayne or tech blah blah blahhh
    also im happy to hear your going on tour with Snoop that makes me happy to see you move up every fuckin day practically!

    I just wanted to let you know i was the kid that loved and labeled you master
    and i know this just becasue when you drop a cd
    my facebook wall, phone, whatever.. blows upp
    its litterally amazing man your definately dog backwards.
    but before i go tech.. i have some questions i wish i could ask you personally…

    examining tracks futher realizing
    how the fuck can you keep coming up with this shit?
    are you really from far out?
    in hell bound you say “you humans are so fucking predictable”
    why you say it like that?
    why on one of your posts do you say “he can hear me i have to go….”?
    who can hear you?
    what makes you think so clearly and perfect when it comes to lyrics?
    is it just the blood or are you on some shit like paranormal activity
    trading your soul to a demon(demon inside of me reference song) to get fame, master lyrics, and fortune?
    why do you say backwords in TRIPPIN COMIN “Some call me paranoid but i guess i WAS just aware of my surroundings”
    why WAS?
    is somthing going to happen to you and you know its coming and is this why you did the song?
    or did you mean to say i am aware of my surroundings..?
    What it is? what it was? what it shall be? “DEATH”
    death will be what?
    you got me trippin broo..
    Love the “world gone crazy” and “money” songs off strictly strange cd 08
    they are truely information and effective about certain topics of thought!
    one last thing i LOVE THE end of K.O.D. how you put your story into one verse its amazing man..
    I hope you get to reading this..
    I know you got alot of shit to do and places to be..
    It took me like an hour :/
    Much love Aaron i will always support your music!!

    -Tully Stockton–Etown MINNESNOWTAAA

  • Kc Fails

    yo happy birthday nigga hope its filled with joy and kc tea

  • Ebaranyksmith

    This is ELI-173, from milwaukee WI, Wishing Tech N9ne a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    I 1st heard you in 2002, the track; Industry is Punks! I was ten years old, shouted the hook till i was 14 then i submerged in your his music. You’ve encouraged me to get better at music and i thank GOD that theres an artist that doesn’t give up. Keep up the hardcore skitzo shit Tech and know the world loves u!!!

  • justyn

    the first time i heard one of you songs i was hangen with a friend and he told me to check out your music so later that nite i looked up your songs and by the end of that nite i was hooked and already had lyrics stuck in my head. the first song i ever heard was “red node” then “like yeah” they immdietly were two of my favorite songs. then as i looked more i couldnt stop. i havent heard a song i dont like so far. and that was several years ago. shit man i fucked my first girl to your music. haha. your music has always been there for me through rough times. shit that other music wouldnt help. my favorite saying u sed that i still remember is “without pulse theres no life” i wont ever forget that. i want to see u in concert. u came here to tulsa oklahoma but i couldnt ever afford it. so i hope i get another chance.

    happy birthday tech.
    p.s. my fucken ipod broke earlier today so im pretty much fucked. haha.

  • Yo Tech! happy birthday man!!!!!
    Whats draws me to be techn9tion is just how real the music is, not to mention how hardcore and bangin’ it is. Every song has a level of depth and i connect so well with each song. its just hard to find a musician that puts as much time and effort not only into there only music but STRANGE MUSIC; wont find quality like that anywhere else. I listen to metal / electronic music 95% of the time. You have reached every status of legendary in my book. Your not the ordinary rap or music, your TECH N9NE!!!! you breathe epic and spit out genius. You never gave a fuck what anyone thought and your an inspiration to me in the sense that if you stay true to yourself shit happens. Listening to your music holds me through times in my life where i wanna rip everyones head off because no one makes sense and drives. Every time i listen to your music i find something new and relevant to whats going on in my life.
    You cover all spectrum’s of life and for that Tech i salute you with the utter most respect. Have an amazing day!!!

  • Elisa Edelstein

    Damn Tech, FIRST OFF! HAPPPPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAYY MAYNN! 39.. and youre still going HARDER than any other rapper out there. Thats why you are my hero..
    I have had the pleasure of going to seven Tech shows since 2006, when I first started banging your music. My friend Tully showed me Tech n9ne, ever since I have become one hundred percent infected man. My biggest fear about going to college was not finding some Technicians. I found my fear when the first month of school every single person I met heard this ‘Hi, I’m elisa.. where are you from? oh im from Minnesota.. You know Tech N9ne? .. N? well youre missing out” but I have started to infect others and show them the path of Tech and Strange Music. I even brought 2 friends to your show in Orlando. (im originally reppin the Midwest, Minnesnowta) I wish I could express the change you have made in my life. The first REAL time I ever sat down and listened to a Tech song was at my homies crib, we were all getting shitty and the song Wheaties was playing on repeat.. FOR THREE HOURS. and my ass sat on a couch and listened to that song for three whole hours. time after time after time. Since then., I have gotten every album you’ve produced. HEaring what you have to say about this world man, you make me think you are really out of this world. Maybe not even human, can’t say the thought never crossed my mind. I can’t believe the shit you can say and how you put your emotions into words the way you do. your ability to spit as fast and as ACCURATE as you do, the way you rhyme, your many flow styles, and your stage performance BLOW my mind Tech. You have seriously changed my life. Every thing about your music.. IT’s like this huge fucking Jigsaw puzzle, me or nobody else will ever fully put EVERY piece together, but with eevry song I decode with every lyrics I flip backwards, and with every album I purchase I find another crazy ass motherfucking puzzle piece to the insane Kansas City Kings mind. You really are my hero Tech. You can ask anyone, I am THAT bitch who bangs Tech harder than anyone they know. Bump it when I get ready in the morning, on the way to class on the way back, in my car, in the shower. ANYTIME i can be bumpin tech, you best believe I am. Anytime I can TALK about Tech and his music, Best believe I am. So here is to you man, on your 39th birthday. SALUE to you and to all of strange, because you truly are Everlasting… There is so much I wish I could say to you and wish I could ask you, my mind is racing just typing this. I hope either way you have the best birthday ever, you always have your Fans love Tech, Always. WE are the most dedicated fans you’ll find anywhere. Because we know that your talk, is real talk and we love it. KEep doin you and we will ALWAYS listen. I would love to hear back from you, I know you are busy as hell on the road and about a billion other people wanna hear back from Tech, but it would mean MORE than the world to me.
    YOU ARE MORE THAN WORDS DESCRIBE… thank you for everything you have given me and every other Tech fan around the world. Keep it up, and I hope ONLY for the best for you. FUCK THE HATERS TECH IS A MOTHER FUCKIN KING!!!!

    Elisa Edelstein

  • Djattitude312000

    Happy B-Day! Keep spitting that FIRE!

  • Tim

    you put on a good show in austin last year on the 4th
    i got vip to that bitch an got to meet you, i thought that was the shit cause it was actually the day of my birthday!
    anyways i know the crowd wasnt a popping as it should have, but i hope you come back to austin again soon, cause i will definitely be there bro!
    keep up the good word tech,


  • well it all started a long time ago, the first tech song i heard was “the grench” i instantly loved his music. after hearing a few more songs i knew he was awesome. i listened to him alot when i found out he was playing in my hometown, tiny Black River Falls,WI at an independentt music festival called Effit Fest. i instantly got my family’s concession stand into the festival. So i was working the festival with my mom, dad, and girlfreind when 3 guys in skeleton hoodies that covered thier faces came up to the window and ordered ALOT of food. i was kind of skeptikal about the whole thing and i questioned them. they all unzipped thier hoodies at the same time and it was Tech, Krizz, and Kutty. i was so shocked. i couldnt believe it. i gave them whatever they wanted. tech gave us a $50 tip and was really cool. they all hung out and ate all of thier food while bullshiting with us. after tech played an amazing show he came back to my concession stand and asked where my girlfriend was and hooked us up with 2 little blue party favors with apples pressed into them and told us to have a good time, AND WE DID!! some months later we saw tech n9ne, hed pe, and KMK on the strange noize tour. we were backstage with Jared from hed p.e. and saw Tech backstage and asked him if he remembered the cheeseburgers and the first thing he said back was ‘aww shit did you roll?” i fuckin love him for that. tech is the most down to earth musician i have ever met and has influenced me in every aspect musically. i will never forget that shit man. thanks for the greatest memory ever!!

  • cathy

    Happy Birthday Tech N9ne!! The first cd that I ever heard of yours was Eveready back in late 2006. Long story short, I heard Eveready and was blown away. (I couldn’t believe that I had never heard your music before.) Your rhymes are so lyrically and powerful you shut everybody in the industry down by far. Your style is so unique and you flip up the way you rap. Your music also has content and meaning; not just words that rhyme together. You do so much for your fans with your music, touring, meet and greets, etc. You have touched many people with your music. (I know your music really helped me get through some real hard shit in my life.) Much support and respect for ya.

  • I met you the same time Dustin Torkelson did and I was amazed at how you didn’t have a big ego like most rappers. This was right after Everready came out and I couldn’t believe how nice you were. You are so good to your fans and we love you for that. Ya’ll are so much fun to kick it wit! I also had the pleasure to meet Brotha Lynch Hung, Kutt and Prozak. All of the Strange Music guys are so talented. Keep up the GREAT work I will continue to support you and all of your music! I look forward to hearing the new shit with Weezy. Personally, I’m not a big fan of his. I think you’re the greatest rapper alive lol but he’s not so bad… Especially because he wants to work with you. So good luck with everything in the future and thanks for bein soo bad ass!

  • Wmaddock

    Happy Birthday Tech!! I wish you another amazing year and hope you can find some time to celebrate you!! I can’t wait to see you next month in Colorado!!! *Wendy and Jeremy

  • CJ

    Happy B-day Tech!


  • Kingkato Pdub

    !!!!!! ALL HAIL TO THE 9 !!!!!!

  • Memorex187

    I have been a tech fan since Anghellic the first song I heard was “Einstein” and I was hooked from then. Tech influences me musically and makes me want to be rapper. The first time I met tech was the StrangeDayz tour when him and scoob and krizz went to irish times across from the palladium to eat and whatnot, i had a few beers with em, it was just a fuckin bomb experience to have, tech, do you and have a happy fuckin birthday.

  • First of all, I would just like to wish Tech a very Happy Happy Birthday! I feel that I was met to be a Tech N9ne fan because for 1, him and my mother have the same birthday! 2…my little brothers name is Aaron. To me, that makes me feel even closer to him on a whole new level.
    I first heard Kutt Calhoun before I heard Tech, which was back in 2005. A week later was the first Tech album I heard, which was Anghellic, from then on I was hooked! His lyrical content and the different emotions he explained caught my attention. How he related almost everything to his own life from his hometown KC, to true feelings, to people, and the different situations he’s been through. I first met Tech N9ne in 2007 for the first Strange Noize Tour in Tempe, Arizona. Since then I have been to 10 shows and have met Tech N9ne 8 times. I have traveled to Paid Dues for both the years he’s performed there. During all the times I met Tech, I have always felt the love and energy he gave off; which in return allowed me to love him even more. I still continue to love Tech as a fan and will always be a fan and supporter of the wonderful music he continues to put out.
    Id just like to let Tech know that he has continued to inspire me and let me know that I cam achieve my best and be the best if I put my heart and mind into it. Id also like to thank Tech for all the wonderful and amazing things he has done within the music industry while staying true to himself. There isn’t ANY other artist that I know who has been through the worst but yet come out at the top and make the best out of every tough situation. Love you and I know at age 39 your still going to be rocking the mic! Can’t wait to see what fire your son and daughter come through with, if they do decide to do music.

  • NAPPY BDAY FOO!!! scorpios all day!!

  • Carm!3

    Well, I’ve been listeing to Tech for a while 🙂 Everyone I know likes him, most of my friends and family. First song was Celsius lol Tech had me wearing my sunglasses at night!! lol Tech’s music is so thoughtful and the lyrics are amazing. You can literally feel the emotion with every word he spits. He’s just a musical genius and in my opinion a musical GOD. I can’t go a day without listening to Tech lol. Tech’s music has also helped me through times I was in pain because It felt like through his lyrics he understood what I was feelin’. Also his music has helped me get hella parties poppin’ lol! I’ve introduced Tech’s music to so many people and they’ve been hooked ever since :). Tech’s music is just simply amazing. He is my favorite rapper and always will be!! I haven’t had the honor to meet him yet but I’ll be patient. Happy Birthday Tech!!-Carmilla Rhone chillin’ in Kansas city. 🙂

  • Happy belated B-Day!

  • Mcnamee882

    i remember back when i heard big bad wolf and lets get blowed and then anghellic and absloute power and so on….that was the first time i heard you from then ive been hooked, i bought every cd and came to every montana show and i was able to meet you on the fire and ice tour with paul wall in billings. your the shit stay independent…u didnt have to go mainstream cuz now theyre comin to you…cant wait to hear what you and weezy make and cant wait for the tour to come back around. happy birthday

  • One of the first times I heard Tech was a few years back, probably 6 years. I remember I was instantly hooked. Songs like Enstein Tech N9ne, and T9x, Anghellic and Absolute Power stuff. I instantly knew there was something special about this dude, he has a undenying amazing talent. But back than I didnt really put myself into the music, just really liked it. But throughout the years i spent more and more time to myself stuck in my ipod thats when I started to notice the variety of music i was listening to was reapidly decreasing. For the past few years now its like I have strictly been listening to Tech, strange artists and very few others. Its so hard for me to even listen to anything else…people ask me, “Why is Tech N9ne all you listen to?”. Its just that now I feel every emotion and feeling of the music, its sometimes overwhelming, or ill get super pumped about it, feeling hyphy lol. Im gonna be honest Techs music is the only music that’ll make me feel a certain way, and give me goosebumps the whole time…its unbelievable. Anyway, I really hope you have a more than wonderful Birthday Tech, you are truely cherished. <3 Definantly everlasting.

  • Jen 6688846993!!

    Happy Birthday Tech!

    First off, I’m not the “average” Tech fan…I first heard of Tech when I was 29, working a part time job in Iowa in fast food with a much younger crowd. They of course were “shocked” that this “old white lady” likes RAP??? Well in that case, they said..you GOTTA hear THIS….So they let me borrow Absolute Power…and I was instantly hooked. I went out the next day and bought my own, and all previous albums that I could get my hands on! Then….shortly after….Tech came to Des Moines….you better believe..I was there….I couldn’t wait for Tech to come back again! The next concert, I had tickets…I was ready to go…and had to go into the hospital….I BEGGED the doctor to let me leave…if only just for one night, to see this show….I was devastated….couldn’t go to that show….So the next one…it was Meet N Greet time…Davenport for that show! That was the most amazing experience!!! Meeting Tech was a dream…got my picture taken with him…and had the BEST idea…took that picture and made it the picture on my debit card…NO ONE ELSE has THAT!…now I carry Tech with me always…been going to every show and buying every cd ever since…Even drove 3 hours to Independence, MO to the release of Mixed Plate to stand in line after foot surgery just to have Tech sign my debit card. Most recently made the road trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to see the Independent Grind Tour since Tech wasn’t coming to Des Moines. Now being 33, and when I’m at the shows, I probably look like “somebody’s mother” but I’m anything but….I’ve got the car decked out subs and the snake and bat wings on the windows. I’m a hardcore fan for LIFE! Tech…keep doing what you are doing…WE LOVE YOU!

  • TK

    One of the best days in history besides my birthday of course haha!
    Happy Birthday Tech!
    Keep it Strange!


  • Happy birthday Tech!! man, lets see the first time i heard Tech was from my Uncle, when i was about 12 years old..that track ‘Bout ta Bubble” was the BOMB!!!! from there i became a FAN! man waht drew me to his muzik was the way he can “spit ’em lyrics”..!!! i went to da show he had in Tempe, Az wit E-40 and sum other peoples..man….when i saw him come up that stage… i cried!!!! man im a BIG FAN just like these other people here..so much love and respect….
    Kandice Sells, Az
    “T.o Reservation”

  • Happy Birthday Tech N9ne 🙂
    i wonder if you remember me. from the Sydney concert in 2009.
    The greatest concert i’ve ever seen.
    But i got into Tech near the end of 2008.
    I was at my cousins and he loves his music. I saw the cd “Tech N9ne – Killer”
    I’m like “ohh , never heard of him. so i put it on.”
    and i fell in love with his music.
    I got all of his music, old and new.
    The thing i like about Tech’s music. It’s just his got the best style, best flow, and defintly the best lyrics.
    When i found out about the concert, i was psyched. It was the night of the concert , my cousin picks me up and he tells me we are meeting him and Krizz. Shit i got so happy.
    Tech’s beats, Tech’s lyrics, Tech’s flow. He deserves to be where he is. And defintly MORE.
    Tech and Krizz did the greatest concert ever ! THANKS FOR THE GREAT MEMORIES !
    I pump Strange everryday 🙂
    I hope you have a good b’day tech.
    Party on Tech 🙂

    from Anthony.

  • Happy Birthday Tech baby!!!!!!!!!
    Tech I have only had the privilege to be your fan for a couple years now. I remember years ago my little sisters kept tryin to get me to listen to you since i’m a big underground rap fan….but my stubborn azz would refuse to listen to anything outside of the west coast borders. I was a die hard WEST SIIIIDE fanatic. My sis Anita would randomly run up to me and be playin one of your songs on her phone talkin bout “listen to this, he’s the shyt”. I wudn’t having it. The one day we was in the car riding and she did it again. She played “Get Off” by you and Krizz Kaliko….I was also a very dedicated slow jam R&B lover. I swear….that song hit me like a ton of bricks and i’ve been fucced up ever since LOL!! I went TECH KRAZIE!! the more I heard, the more I loved it! At the Fresno, CA meet & greet I came up to you and gave you a big hug and kiss on the cheek and told you “thank you for making me feel like a teenager again”. It wuzn’t because of the hype of meeting a legend….it was because when I was a teen there were so many good azz rap albums out there….my fav….E-40 and the Click – Down and Dirty…..I used to be so excited when we got the new shyt that nobody had and we be bumping every song! since the early 90’s I have been so turned off my music that I would just bump all my old shyt……then there was Tech N9ne…..your music…the way you be bustin….damn, takes me back in the day when I was actually excited about music. That’s why you make me feel like a teenager again….i’m so damn excited about what im gonna hear next. And about all them haters out there….hatin on you for being you….let em hate, their the only ones missing out. Your true fans….hold up ima say it again….YOUR TRUE FANS….let me just say it this way….if you was to make a country album, YOUR TRUE FANS….will be learnin how to square dance up in this biotch!!! haha!! Since I fell in love with you and the Strange Music crew, i’ve been a true and dedicated fan ever since. Shyt….I work up in the welfare office and be bumpin the shyt outta sum Tech N9ne rollin up in there to work hahaha!!
    I love you Tech and my family loves you. I wish you nothing but the best for your birthday and this day forward…..you deserve it!!!!

  • Monoxboogie6002

    Well i became a Tecca Nina fan Back in 2005 I was at a juggalo bbq in Murray Ut and they were handin out big boxes of samplers of “Hostile Takeover” i Mustve had about 30 of them bitches i took them home i opened one up and put it in my stereo and listened to the whole thing shortly after i went and bought Absolute Power and Anghellic from then on i was a tech fan but the reason i buy his music is he speaks from the heart he speaks real and thats the type of music i want to hear every rapper has a gimmick but it takes a real muthafucka to be real. Happy birthday tech ADY

  • Zach Webb4203

    best tech n9ne memory i have is c n u and leejo do Now its on live before u got the rights back for ur older music u said ud proly get sued but fuck it and did it anyway

  • Autumn

    cool cake! HAPPY B-DAY TECH hope your wishes come true!

  • The first time I ever heard Tech was in 2006. It was Riotmaker that my friend was playing on the phone for me to see what I thought. I loved it but it didn’t catch my attention as much Imma Tell did. That’s what really got me listening to him. The way he spits on that song is fucking incredible! After that I couldn’t stop downloading his music. The first time I ever met Tech was in May of 2010. I went VIP with one of my friends to the Strange Days Tour. So we walked into the venue at Epic in Minneapolis and I start searching for him, than I spot him leaning up against the wall and I tell my friend lets get the fuck over there before other people spot him out! lol. So I introduce myself to him and shit and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Told me I’m a beauty and kissed me on the cheek of course. He was just so willing to sign anything I had. I will never forget that moment. I had been to 3 other of his shows before the Strange Days Tour and I have to say that it couldn’t compare to the other 3. The way he connected with me and everyone in the crowd was purely amazing and I fell more in love with him and his music and actually went out and bought all his cd’s cause I had only been downloading before that. The only thing I wish would have been different was the venue. I hate how small Epic is. The stage at the Myth was perfect for a Tech N9ne show. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Tech and I will always and forever be a fan and support you through whatever you decide to do. This is Rachel from Minnesota. Can’t wait to hear the shit with Wayne and All 6’s and 7’s!

  • Tuckerwatson123

    It all started with Caribou Lou. That song warmed my heart man. And once I started to search for more music I disoscovered Everready, MLK, Anghellic. It all exploded from there, as I researched and downloaded, read bio’s, and learned more about the KC rapper. His music came at a low time in my life, and really helped me out. He is truly one of the only artists left in the world whos music actually means something to a lot of people. Keep grindin Tech, mad love, and happy bday.

  • Gilman9x

    Tech man, you have done so much for my life. I don’t spread your music to help you make money, I share it with my friends who struggle with the same problems I do. It seems as if everytime I have a problem in my life you release a new cd or EP or whatever it could be that soothes those emotions and makes me have a brighter outlook in life. You are my idol, I look up to you as you have gone through the problems with your mother which I struggle with seeing her ill everyday and would love nothing more for “our god” to jus heal her. She gives you her all and still she gets no Liberation. There have been many many times you have saved me from suicide just by listening to the realness, love, passion, and truthfullness you put into your music. Without you I literally wouldn’t be here today. I consider it the highest honor I could have to be The Captain of the Cincinnati Street Team for Strange just so I can get the music out to people who need the emotions and problems in their life solved by music that no one else could create but you.

    My first Tech song was Here Comes Tecca Ninna when I I heard the “Silicone and Muffins” line I was instantly hooked for some unknown reason. right after hearing that song T9X came on(My next Tattoo) I am getting and that song was it, I dropped all the shitty mainstream and the majority of the metal that I listened to and Strange Music filled my brain with ease, comfort, and happiness that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

    My first tech show was on October 20th in Cleveland and just being in your presence, sober at that, made me a whole new person inside.

    I just want to let you know I’d die for you man, and there is nothing in this world that could show you how greatful I am for the works you’ve done in my life, and keeping me alive, literally. Keep it Strange bro, know what I’m sizzlin’ cuz a world without Tech would be a world I never want to imagine. Thank you man so much!

    Happy Birthday the most talented individual in the world 🙂 668846993

    With love brother,
    David Gilman (Cincinnati’s Strange Music Street Team Captain)

  • Panafjers

    I became a fan thanks to yahoo cause i was searching for just rap music videos cause i was bored. Then i came across slacker and i think i was instantly hooked and then i got anghellic and absolute power and those were banging. Then i got the rest of the albums and i even know burning all his CD’s (sorry, i was poor) so i could play them on my discman. And once on this camp it was forbidden to have cellphones and music at night but i kept baning Everready cause it was insane. I was really ablazed by the fact how somebody could rap this good. And now because i follow him and facebook i’m really keeping up and noticing how many people love Tech N9ne just like me. Cause i’m from Belgium and not many people know him here and rap isn’t that popular here either. So i started preachin Tech N9ne everywere i went, you know. Because people ask you “what kinda music do you listen to” and then i always let them hear couple of Tech N9ne tracks and the crazy thing is there is ALWAYS atleast one song that they like. People who listen to rock, techno, metal, drumm and base there is always one song they connect with and that’s the great part about him.

    So now i got some people with me who really love Tech N9ne so next time he’s coming to europe i’ll be there. I missed him this summer cause i didn’t follow him on facebook and the only show i could go to was switserland but we couldn’t get a rental car cause we didn’t had our driver linces long enough.

    So Nina get back to europe, mayne!!

  • rotten treats

    i know im late sorry n shit!!! but wanted 2 say happy b-day mudda fackel!!! n thankx from tha bottom of my heart 4 keepn it strange all these yrs despite all tha rain from being on tha road!!! MCL!!!!!!!!!

  • I love you because no matter what mood I’m in you have a song that just goes with it. And no matter what song I listen to they all put me in the mood. I love you because you don’t giva a fuck. You don’t do music to get fans you get fans because you love music. I love you because you crazy sexy cool. I love you because really do write what you feel. You don’t need a reality show to give your fans a piece of you. They just have to pick up your most recent album and they will know. I love you because the only thing it seems like you need to do is make music and the things you want spring from that. I love you Tecca N9na

  • Rajko Bogosavljevic

    First song,Midwest Choppers, i’ve first heard this song when i was in 5th grade,my friend was a big fan in that time he still is and he showed me tech’s songs,then i started listening to him consistently in the 8th grade,when i listen to tech,it can’t be explained,such a wonderful feeling ,sadly i had to download his songs,cuz here in Serbia u can’t buy his albums or even t-shirts,he is my greatest inspiration,because of him,i’m trying to do music too, hopefully
    i will go to his concert 1 day, every day i keep asking my self how tech isn’t as famous as Eminem or 50 Cent, i mean he is as good as them, if not better,but anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY man, all best wishes for the future,keep up being the best rapper alive,and stay strange man,again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  • frank rizzo

    I think it was Oct. 30, 2003 the devil’s night show for the WICKED WONKA TOUR, first time i saw tech… Need i fucking say more?!

  • First heard of Tech through the homeboy Adam from KC. He let me borrow Anghellic not too long after its release. I was hooked on the complex flows and Tech became one of my favorite musicians of all time. His music is real spit about real shit and it’s helped me survive the bullshit that life can throw at you. Certain songs stand out: Keep on Keepin on is one of my favorites. Far Away helped me through the death of my mother. I had that song on repeat for quite some time. God bless Tech because he is the real deal in a world of fake hipster wannabes. If ya readin’ this, much love, blessings, and thanks from the bottom of my heart, bro.

  • pure00

    i honestly didnt get into Tech til later in his career, when Killer was released, the songs that instantly took me were Psycho Bitch 2, Hope for a Higher Power, Paint a Dark Picture, Can’t Shake it, Get the Fuck Outta Here, fuck it that whole double album had me, i remember just thinkin how the fuck i didnt hear bout this before, or why he wasnt all over the radio, or just more known and famous in general, and with each release after just built more and more on being epic, his speed, style, the insturmentals are incredible and just as artisticly creative, his subjects, and the over all architechture of his music has just been soul stealing, all the emotion tech and all his collaboraties express in the music, from anger, sorrow, to insanity, to love and happiness, and partying, all tell alot bout the artist who is Tech N9ne, and its because of this amazing articulate talent of his that technicians are able to relate to and connect with, and thats where the unprecedented loyalty and devotion of the technicians comes from! keep it up Tech! thousands have ur back til death, Tech will never go mainstream, mainstream will go tech!

  • lana

    Techa ninnah!!! happi birthday. wishing yu nuthin but tha best. thank yu for all yu do to satisfy ur fans wit ur music, mentality, lyrics, nd ur STRANGE ways. much luv nd big ups to yu. stay STRANGE nd sip on dat carribou lou, kc tea, etc….very much deserved


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