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Tech N9ne Featured On Steven Cooper’s ‘Broken Chains’ [Song]

Published: November 18, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

On this exceptional collaboration, Tech teams up with fellow Kansas City musician Steven Cooper. The two rappers fly over the beat and deliver rapid fire verses. “Broken Chains” boasts the change in each rapper’s life and deals with overcoming the adversity they each faced. In typical Tech N9ne fashion, he steals the show with his sped up rhymes. There is a lot about this particular song that feels like ‘vintage’ Tech N9ne. Fans old and new are sure to feel this.

Click here to listen or scroll down below.

  • mclean0513

    i thought broken chains was already a song by lyricist, featuring tech n9ne

  • Dealio_

    yeah, did the dude jus change his name or summin? remember this from time ago. techs verse kills it.

  • Damonkeyhga

    Godam! im lovin dat techs comin out wit so much new music, keepin my ipod fresh, STRANGE!!!!!

  • Chris

    Yo techs vocals are off of a different song by a guy named lyricist. Im bein dead serious. No hatin no insults just a fact for yall

  • Yeah this dude stole a verse

  • TCE

    Steven Cooper used to go by the name ‘Lyrycyst’. Guessing he’s decided to go by his real name now. Don’t know the reasons behind it though.

  • Bobby

    Obviously it’s vintage, it’s an old ass Tech verse. . Fail on the Blogger. . .

  • Chad Blaha

    Steven ‘Lyrycyst’ Cooper.
    same dude, same song.

  • Dan

    Yo Steve Cooper and Lyricist are the same guy. Notice how Tech says “Lyricist” in the beginning? But Then he says “Steve Cooper broke the chains”? Lyricist=Steve Cooper. He, or someone else, remixed the some and changed HIS lyrics. But kept Tech’s the same. In my opinion, the original is better.

  • Hatchetryda26

    steven cooper is lyrycyst real name

  • Chad Blaha

    same verse from Tech I meant.

  • Hatchetryda26

    this is a remix to the original track they did

  • Devilboy_rd

    This version is super wack compared to the original. The beat is just aweful.

  • That song is sick as hell. Tech also killed it on that new Yukmouth song Go Nutz. Heres a youtube link for yaw who aint heard it yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw9Ugl6ii_8

  • Like the original better but this is decent.

  • Iamstevencooper

    This IS a remake of the original, and YES I do go by my real name now. There were a lot of rumors going around about me and tech and stories about when we worked together, so I thought it was appropriate to re-release a version of this song with a new meaning behind it and show that it’s all love between us.

    -Steven Cooper

  • Tech murdered it.


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