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Tech Discusses Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, And More On Independent Grind Tour [Video]

Published: December 2, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

During the Fort Worth, TX stop of the Independent Grind Tour, Kross Ent. conducted a short interview with Tech N9ne. One of the hot topics discussed in the interview is Tech’s collaboration with Lil Wayne, and his visit with the rapper in prison. Tech also touches on who he would like work with for his upcoming album, All 6’s And 7’s. He remembers his first glimpse at Nicki Minaj during the KOD tour, and how he feels on working with her.

Check out the interview by clicking here or scroll down below.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not exactly a fan of Nicki. Gonna watch the movie now, it’s great to see Tech discussing these things on tour.

  • Coreytatum22

    more fucking young money tech? ūüėõ imma try and stay positive. but anyway collab with drake and tyga while your at it, because they pretty much ARE young money. anyway good luck wit 6’s and 7’s and the independent grind tour



  • hahaha that’s what’s up. “i cussed them muhhfuckas out,” lolll. damn straight.

  • t-pain is just a bad version of kali and he can’t really hold his own (since auto tune is finally dying)but other than that sounds like a bomb list!

  • Jorjor_421

    man y lil wayne aint shit im not closed minded i heard his shit and it sucks

  • Coltsunbeaten

    I think this will be amazing for tech.

  • I got nothing against industry and underground collab tracks. What I got a problem with is the nigga writing a song called FUCK THE INDUSTRY hooking up with them. Tech is the shit, but I lost a lot of respect for him contradicting himself like that. Not that I don’t understand… everybody’s gotta get their money and Tech just wanted some more $$$. I’m not fucking with his new album however. Sorry cuz, you lost me at Rikers.

  • Kaotictoons

    people need to stop crying for him not to do the collabo just except it its gonaa happen who knows it mite b the shit u dont no intell u hear it an if u a tru fan an know techs catalog u no he dont hop on wack shit its always dope or he makes it legit shits annoying all these cry babys lol an why say he sellin out i seen nuthin frm him by sellin out just getn more recognition that he deserves hes independent owns his own label does songs with anybody underground to mainstream his whole career hes all been real strange music 4 life!!

  • M.D.

    If you actually listen to the lyrics of FTI, he doesn’t diss any industry rappers in the whole song.. it’s all disses to A&Rs and label management. Don’t confuse the artists themselves with the system they have been given to work with.

  • Chrisncool

    Tech N9ne said before and he’s been saying it this whole time, the “industry” is not the famous rappers, it’s the A&Rs and those who make decisions on what gets spins and what not. He never contradicted himself, and even if he did, remember he was on heavy drugs back then, maybe his mind cleared up after being sober. Don’t judge what you don’t understand.

  • tech this is zenno the guy you met in houston on the KOD tour before the show im not dissing lil wayne or anybody on his lable but its fine to do tracks with these people but dont fall into what there part of remember the industry are munipulators and all the new rappers you see on tv are pretty much slaves to the industry and anyone who pretty much sells there soul to these people and trys to break away from it ends up being killed like tupac and M.Jackson and try to make it look like an accidental overdose or say someone unknown shot them and they never found the killer or blame a doctor or whatever, and eminem is trying to break away from it and look what they did to him, they killed his best friend and i’m sure soon they will be after him too. So please read my message because i’m speaking real shit to you Aaron. I feel the power of your music and i don’t wanna see it be destroyed by the mainstream media. So gook luck doing those tracks with wayne and remember to keep it tech n9ne and be yourself no matter what anybody says. alright im gunna shut up now lol later hope you read this -Zenn

  • Kuku_jo

    Love ya..and gotta say my marine husband is such a true fan….wish you could come to Okinawa Japan it would make his dreams come true! To take me to my first concert….please think about it….you know he is a sergeant in the marines and we had to miss our first wedding anniversary for him being in Virginia while I have stayed in Okinawa alone … should think bout it

  • Ashley Martinson

    If you got with Eminem, that would be amazingg. Your spreadin your music and reppin!!! Lovee it!

  • Imlovinggaarasbloodlust

    He has already done some shit with Eminem…………..

  • Kelsey Lynn

    I don’t mind if he does songs with them. Just i don’t know if it will sound right. I don’t much care for Nikki or Lil Wayne. I love Nikki as a person but I don’t like her songs. Same with Lil Wayne, I don’t like his music so I’m interested to see how this sounds.

  • Strange_livin

     its called evolving, if u had such an inspirational message wouldnt u want every possible opportunity to make sure EVERYONE heard it?

  • wickedbitch

    and how long ago was it when tech wrote & recoreded songs dissin the industry. & only bcuz the industry was dissin him. he’s been tryna collab wit mainstream artists but nobody would. and now ppl r. who cares how long it took them to realize he’s the fuckin best. the important thing is… now they know. & what i find really fucked¬†up is… u would think the fans of the mainstream rappers that r¬†collabing w/ tech, would be against it. ¬†but no, they like the idea & say go for it. its tech n9ne’s fans that dont want them too. and r hatin on the mainstream rappers. u would think tech’s fans would be more open minded about it. but no. wtf is up wit that. how r so closed minded, but r a fan of tech n9ne. it just doesnt make sense to me. oh, & everybody contradicts their selves from time to time. if him contradicting his self makes u lose respect for him, ur¬†a lil late, bcuz he contradicted his self when in “slacker” he says ” i MP3, everything that i hear on the streets, never buy it, dont deny it….” & then later after he gets bigger he puts on the end of “message to the black man” talkin bout quit buyin boot leg shit, support ur artist, & big scoob says he comin for the mu fucker that bootleggin. im not hatin, it didnt make me lose respect for him, who fuckin cares. artists r fuckin ppl to. and as ppl we are entitled to change r mind if we want to.

  • wickedbitch

    very well said

  • wickedbitch

    lil wayne is a smart fuckin man, fa real. he plays it for the money. ppl nowadayslistening to teh radio & watchin the videos on mtv, bet & vh1 r stupid mu fuckers that wanna hear dumb ass shit. yeah as a rapper u wanna be able to do the kinda music u like, talk about the shit that interest u & all that good shit. but that dont always make u money. lil wayne records these dumb ass songs, to put on the radio bcuz for some reason thats what ppl wanna hear. & then he has other mixtapes & shit thats only available online to download, which is his hard shit. look it up. wayne has been in the game for a long ass time, for a reason &¬†he knows what he’s doin.

  • wickedbitch

    the shit he did wit eminem was not either of them getting together on their own wit their own labels. it was back when he was wit sway & king tech & em was wit dre, i b/l it was their producers that set it up. not them, them selves.

  • wickedbitch

    omg!!! dude, u r so right. i never thought about it that way. everyone that tries to break away, does end up dead. thats fuckin crazy. & i can tell u r a true fan. im crazy about tech n9ne & strage music. some of my friends say im obsessed. lol.  but idc. its the best damn music ive ever heard.

  • wickedbitch

    have u ever even heard tpain rap w/o the auto tune? he’s actually a beast. why u gotta compare the 2. i think tpain & kali would sound good together.


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