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Tech N9ne Reveals More Plans For ‘All 6s And 7s’ [Interview]

Published: December 15, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

All 6s And 7s is shaping up to be a monster record for Tech N9ne. New audio from a recent interview has hit the web, and it offers more insight on the upcoming record. The interview, conducted during an Australian broadcast, gives Tech the forum to discuss his aspirations for the sound of the new album. Tech describes the sound of All 6s And 7s as weird and nothing like anything else people have heard before. He hopes the album will be a mash up of his Everready and Killer albums. When asked about guest features, Tech drops some MAJOR names including: Snoop Dogg, Nas, Cee-Lo, and The Deftones. It is looking like Tech N9ne will deliver on his promise of this being his biggest record yet.

Click here or listen below.

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit guest list!

  • most

    I like Absolute Power and Anghellic to but, Tech is right. Everready was his greatest album. It’s the only album that I’ve ever heard, that has NO Skiptracks. In my opinion it’s a PERFECT album… and if All 6’s and 7’s is going to be a mix of Everready and Killer just better..I can’t believe it. I’m curious about it..if he make it real he is once again, in my opionion, the greatest rapartist on this fuckin planet!
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Breezy b

    Its a mixture of my two favorite albums 😀 hell yeah!! I cannot wait!! Fuck patience i want it now lol

  • Lykwidspyce

    Looks like another album that “true” TEch N9ne fans won’t like. Probably going to sound too mainstream for them. I hate people baggin on Tech for what he’s doing. If we never evolve the rap game, it dies.

  • Kris spring

    hey anyone know if and when tec is coming to missoula mt in 2011 .i cant find it and thank you for ur help

  • me

    This is kind of off topic, but if he’s doing Everready, than is he going to feature his daughters again like he did on “The Rain”?
    I can’t wait for all 6s and 7s, I don’t care if Lil Wayne is on it. I hate Wayne, but I understand why Tech is collaborating with him. Tech N9NE isn’t selling out, but if it has Lil Wayne, than people who love the fake rapper Lil Wayne will check it out. Hopefully Tech will do a song with KiD CuDi, Krizz Kaliko, Necro, Insane Clown Posse, and T.I. I would pay $5,ooo to go to see that song alone live. Yes, I know that collaboration will probably never happen, but if it ever does, it will be sick.

  • ArmyOfN9ne

    I think that is false and that a real Technician would like it no matter what it sounds like.
    I personally think it might possibly be the shit on steroids.. But what Tech album hasn’t been good? I will agree with “most” about EverReady being Tech’s best album so far, but I think all his albums are great.

  • Chrisncool

    i agree with everyone on your “dream collabo” except ICP. I’m sorry but honestly, they fucking suck! Their rhymes are wack and so is their flow! OK so they’re raw and horrorcore, i don’t give a fuck. Brotha Lynch Hung would teach them a lesson in a quick second.

  • Chrisncool

    My dream collabo has to be EMINEM + TECH N9NE + SLAUGHTERHOUSE (and maybe you can throw in there some FABOLOUS, T.I., CHAMILLIONAIRE, HOPSIN, LUPE FIASCO, J. COLE, KENDRICK LAMAR, KANYE WEST, LUDACRIS, XV and BLACK THOUGHT)….. that would be the ultimate cypher!

  • i agrree with the part about technicians saying the dont like techs music. im a real technician. i love all his music


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