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Tech N9ne Sings ‘Free Bird’ [Video]

Published: December 30, 2010 in Tech N9ne by

In this video, Tech N9ne sings Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” song for patrons at a local bar in Kansas City, MO, Beer Kitchen. The bar held a karaoke night and it must have been such a surpise to watch the King Of Darkness eager to take the mic and sing one of the most notable rock and roll classics from the 70s. As a testmament to his diverse musical interests, Tech not only sings–he shines, as he mixes humor in with his short, but sweet, performance. It appears that even after playing 200+ shows a year around the world, Tech N9ne can’t get enough stage time as shown in this video. Watch the video below and rate his performance!

What do you think? Did Tech pick the right song to sing? What song would you have liked to see Tech perform?

  • Mari

    We already knew this was his song, no surprise there.
    I’d like to have seen CRYSTAL SHIP by THE DOORS

  • Drunk Guy

    i dont know, but i like it….

  • u made my weekend, that was great my dude

  • hahaha, that’s dope. I wanna sing karaoke with Tech!

  • Ambie

    i think this is deff awewsome 🙂 i didnt belive it when i first seen it pop up on my fb page… i mean Tech, singing “free bird”?!?!?! really?!?! but when i started watchin the vid it brought a smile to my face becuase this song was one of my dad’s favorite songs and jan 7th will be 17 years since his murder. so it brightened my day to see my fav artist singing a classic. so i’d like to say thanks to Tech you most deff jus made my day wit this video! keep kixin it <3

  • Samuellandmann

    Tech is Truly a great Preformer. N9NA!: come out to Seattle, and we’ll sing The Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

  • #LOL Tech is A Fool…



  • Trojan17

    man o man. hahaha

  • RUFF

    Why isn’t this on youtube? Playback on here is terrible for me for some reason. Tech is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Owow, that sounds great. Studio version please haha!

  • Pizzle1985

    wow that was funny, did way better than i could ever do.

  • Blah

    Well Tech definitely had a few drinks in him, but it’s karaoke. Pretty decent for karaoke. Just hope we don’t have to hear it on tour.

  • That is fucking awesome

  • Tha_Redman

    Str8 Dope Tech lol

  • G1d3on 91

    Krizz doubles are missing! Next time they have to part the mic :P. I love when tech sings! Still listening losin´my mind.

  • Dope shit.. Karaoke with Tech N9ne lol…I love that shit!

  • this is one of my favorite all time old school songs, its amusing to watch Tech rock out to it!

  • Fruit_town559

    this video made my emotional TECH u sud remake this song u did a BEATIFUL JOB!!!!!!! i love u tech m/rock on!

  • DJ B.E.Z.

    Good work Tech!

  • Marshalldalton82

    What the fuck

  • This video was awesome thats really all i can say

  • that is a great song that would be hella awesome to see tech sing that

  • Chrisbc

    Follow me from Uncle Cracker 😀

  • Bunkr0ckqueen

    Hahha! LOVE this!

  • Priceless .. !!!11

    Rating: Extreme Ballin !

  • yea yea thts whats up tech n9ne adan def should remake it

  • I cant stop watching this. My favorite rapper singing my favorite song. Doesnt get much better than than, especially since he KILLED IT!

  • Nasty P

    Tech mentions this song in several interviews and in his song Everybody Move from the album Killer. One of my favorites as he mentions Auckland City (New Zealand) referring back to when he was here in 2003. I’m guessing he hit some Pu Wah Wah while he was here. Can’t wait for All 6s & 7s to drop. We probably wont see it over here for some time. Till then I’m bumpin’ Bad Season. TECH 20MINUS11 is The K.o.D

  • lol, ive watched this a million times and i just hear tech say he was gonna make a fool of himself, oh hell naw, he jus keeps all us who love him smiling, keeping it real…”jus a man”

  • Tech is getting it!

  • Awesome! Remember when he did the Bohemian Rhapsody? lol

  • Damien Quinn of Dark Half

    I’m sick of faggot ass bigots droppin’ “N” Bombs on one of the greatest rappers alive!!! Why the fuck is your racist, hick, probably inbred bitch-ass, doin’ watching this video anyway then!!! Go watch some Billy Ray Cyrus or some bullshit like that you fucking piece of shit racist-ass take in your butt from your inbreded Grandpa, Hillbilly HOMO!!!

  • Johnathon

    bobby joe dont be a bigot really people like you give country boys like me a bad name dumb redneck get a life believe it or not at one time we all was black or real tanned lol. read a history book you will learn alot. seriously there are smart good people here in the south but ignorant one ruin it.btw tech n9ne did a good job hes a dope rapper and did a dope cover

  • WhyHate?

    I’m white and it’s embarrassing to see comments with the “N” word in them. If you have negative things to say then don’t comment, it’s rude. Tech N9ne just wants to have fun and show everyone that he loves music. He may be the most human personality as far a celebrities go, he makes music just for the joy of it.

  • LOL @ “steeling.” Ass.

  • LOL @ “steeling.” Ass.


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