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POLL: Best Lynch And Tech N9ne Collabo?

Published: January 30, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Even before his signing to Strange Music, Tech N9ne had never made a secret of his admiration for Brotha Lynch Hung. The two MC’s have worked together numerous times over the years, resulting in some of the best collaborations in the Strange Music catalog. Brotha Lynch’s dark and rapid delivery is a perfect match to Tech N9ne’s own often dark, stop and go flow. Taking a look back at the history between the two, we would like to know what you consider to be the best Lynch and Tech N9ne collaboration.

“My World” – From Tech N9ne’s Everready: The Religion, this twisted look at reality also features long time collaborator Dalima. Each MC takes a moment to bring listeners into their own personal world full of fear, angst, and aggression. With Lynch and Tech delivering solid verses, it is easy to see why this song is such a fan favorite.

“Strange Music Box” – With Brotha Lynch Hung finally signed to Strange Music, this anthem exploded as a single off Tech N9ne’s K.O.D. album. The sinister track features horns and an eerie melody that could have been lifted straight from an old time music box. Krizz Kaliko joins Tech N9ne and Lynch on this monster collaboration that stands as a testament to the talent on Strange Music.

“Don’t Worry Mama It’s Just Bleeding” – From Brotha Lynch’s debut album, Dinner And A Movie, this sick look inside the mind of a killer features one of the catchiest hooks in recent memory. Krizz Kaliko once again lends his talents on this track, and Tech N9ne steals the show with a tongue twisting verse to close out the murderous cut.

“What’s Yo Psycho?” – In a move that drove fans into a frenzy, Tech N9ne, Lynch, and Sundae briefly took on the Nnutthowze name for the sake of this single. The synth heavy production allowed for Tech and Lynch to come out with a strong showing on a track fit for the most insane of rap groups. “Sick shit is our business”.

Vote below for the best Lynch and Tech N9ne collaboration.


  • well the best is that 187 shit from way back so fuck this poll lol

  • Victor Sandoval

    This poll focused on Strange Music releases.

  • All of ’em, but I heard My World first, so I chose that one lol

  • 187 on a mutha fuckin hook!

  • RECK456

    Where is “187 On A Hook”?!

    For me #1. is a Tie between “187 On A Hook” & “My World”

  • ricsp2az

    this has to be the greatest calabo in rap history. ive been a rap fan since i was five yrs old. i grew up on too short and ice cube .too short being my favorit.but when i heard lynch for the first time , i felt a lil threatend on too shorts behalf. but i was like he has to do a alot more to win me over. but g dam .his shit got better and better everytime.i fell in love with his music.i can honestly say he is one of the few rappers who grew. what i mean is he got better and better everytime .it made me happy.all that shit on radio killed it for me.lynch brought rap back to when he hooked up with was over.i personaly think he is the best mc.if people disagree, its cool.i understand.all you hear is that stuff on radio.dont get me wrong i love money. thats one thing that i wont hate is money.which is what them fake mc’s are trying to collect with that bullshit their putting out. sorry to say this but it has to be knowned.lynch got every one of you.wyane,jay,and its hard to say this but em just as well.and i love marshall mathers.but the king has been crowned. yah cube and short will always be legends.but lynch hung will be the greatest.sorry but that is the truth,the whole truth and nothin but the truth

  • MCMC

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