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POLL: Favorite Tech N9ne EP?

Published: February 19, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Following the release of K.O.D., Tech was left with unfinished business. 2010 saw the release of two different Tech N9ne EPs, both stemming from the darkness Tech expressed on the K.O.D. album. The Lost Scripts Of K.O.D. came first, with five tracks including the hits “Like I Died (Remix)” and “Last Sad Song”. Seepage was the result of even more darkness entering Tech’s life recently. The EP boasted six brand new tracks including the heavy hitters “Seepage” and “Alucard”. Looking back at these EPs, we would like to know which one you consider your personal favorite.

Vote below for your favorite Tech N9ne EP.


  • Panaf

    That’s a real hard one but i chose The lost scripts of K.O.D. because it feels more a full EP than Seepage. On seepage the songs (Bite me) are a bit short. Also The lost scripts of K.O.D. feel a bit darker, deeper in the abyss because the song i like most on Seepage is Seepage and that has more a The lost scripts of K.O.D. feeling to it for me.

    But i like them both and especially the cover of the EP’s. It really gives off that dark vibe.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with and understand Panaf. But the verses on Alucard and Seepage are just too killer, so Seepage is imho a tiny bit better. Even though The Lost Scripts of K.O.D. feels much more complete. But that’s life. Both EPs are fantastic.

  • Big Mike

    I say put em both together add some skits then bam! You have a full length lp… just sayin… its a tough one because tech comes hard on everything so its almost like aksing what pizza place you like… Its all pizza and its bomb as hell all around… just sayin haha

  • Techn9nezville

    Hard decision really there both the bomb MUCH LOVE TECH N9Ne !!

  • Kslink2000


  • Tech N9ne is GENIUS!! I absolutely love the music, ALL of it. Keep bringing it!!


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