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POLL: Favorite Kutt Calhoun Intro Track?

Published: March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized by

Setting off the vibe and theme for an entire album, intro tracks serve as the opening to an artist’s vision. Sometimes they are part of a skit, while other times they end up being the strongest track on the album. No one understands the importance of that first track more than Kutt Calhoun. With three albums on Strange Music, he has crafted a theme for each one, and delivered banging intro tracks. From B.L.E.V.E. to Raw And Un-Kutt, Kutt produced some of the best openings to an album ever. We would like to know which Kutt Calhoun intro track is your favorite.

Vote below for your favorite Kutt Calhoun intro track.


  • Everyone voting so far is silly. B.L.E.V.E intro is one of the sickest tracks EVER. I first heard it back early release in a friend car he had just gotten his stereo system installed and we bumped that shit smoking the whole album in the parking lot just amazed. That track to this day anytime I hear it I def get hyped.


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