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F.A.N.S. (Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul) [Song]

Published: March 24, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Paying the ultimate tribute to those who have supported him, Tech N9ne’s “F.A.N.S. (Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul)” is a heartfelt and soulbearing nod to real Tech fans everywhere. Detailing his fortunate rise to fame, Tech flows over a soft piano and speedy drums with entrancing melodies. The emotionally charged hook, sung by Tech, drives his point home:

You are my heart, you are my soul
I thank you for all you’ve done for me
You are my heart, you are my flow
My fans made it for everyone to see

From the opening taken directly from a live Tech N9ne concert to the closing words from Tech himself, “F.A.N.S. (Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul)” is a grateful display deep from within Tech N9ne’s heart.

“F.A.N.S. (Forever Accepting N9ne’s Soul)” is now available for download with the pre-order of All 6’s And 7’s.

  • This is quite possibly the best tech song so far(haven’t heard the rest of the album yet so i cant say for sure)

  • Da64u

    And to think you couldn’t even give it away for free.. Pathetic…

  • yvette
  • You’re right. Free mixtapes aren’t enough. How dare he include an MP3 of an unreleased song, a t-shirt, a sticker, and autograph with an album order.

  • Ace Tho

    your a fucking piece of shit

  • awh <3

  • I heard part of this on YouTube and I must say, this is tight. As soon as I get the coin, I’ll be pre-ordering this and Damn Fool.

  • I heard part of this on YouTube and I must say, this is tight. As soon as I get the coin, I’ll be pre-ordering this and Damn Fool.

  • Trojan17

    tech n9ne. another banger. tech n9ne 4ever.

  • Damn, Tech is still proving that he’s the #1 rapper in the game! Can’t wait for All 6’s & 7’s!

  • Meghanbarronx

    Much love tech

  • Gangstaoflove

    wheres the video i wanna hear it

  • Txhcvor420

    thxs TECH just for the words Tech N9ne i hope to be in strange one day hahaa! =)(F.A.N.S.!!!!!!!!

  • Lheisterkamp744

    tech n9ne, u are one of the most talented, heart felft artist ever known. much love to u techa ninna..

  • Southernpimp816

    hey lov ur shit got every cd i stay in warrensburg mo letts gett it, blow smoke on a hater

  • Anonymous

    Tech rapping about his life the way we know it. Banging!

  • Jehradlamb

    how do i get this song!? i pre-ordered the album, how do i download the song?

  • Rebeccakeeling09



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