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FAN PIC – Your ‘Like’ Counts! [Fan Photo]

Published: March 9, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

back when the crowd was under 500 people…..way to blow up tech, one of
the g.o.a.t….peace….put this on your facebook fan page man….

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  • Shelton Forbes

    Tech N9ne Fans Check Out classic tech ”I can get grim )


    this was in Medford, OR….like 4 years ago man, this venue was crazy, i got checked at the door cuz i smelt like bud, they almost wouldn’t let me in but i told security, “Can i see Tech now!?”, and them sons of aholes let me in cuz i was about to go einstein on them, then people where gettin kicked out all night, for smoking in the middle of the damn crowd….hell yeah, King Cool Nutz was there to…one of the best in Oregon…then after the show which couldn’t have been more then 500 people, i stuck around till everybody left to see if i could meet tech n shit and completely forgot i had a throwaway camera in pocket, i said what up to Krizz and asked for a photo with him and tech….DWAMN!!!! tech even turned back around 5 minutes later and said “peace kirk” (my real name), right before he hoped back in his tour van, notta bus, a van, there was no bus how old school is that, tech was on that underground grind man, his people packed up there whole set in like 15 minutes after the show bro….TECH N9NE, big for a reason now cuz at this show, he was a man on the grind dog…..peace.


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