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POLL: Most Anticipated New Collab On ‘All 6s And 7s’ ?

Published: March 16, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

The countdown to All 6s And 7s is underway. With three months until its release, news is still breaking of major new collaborations slated to be on the album. With names like Lil Wayne and T-Pain highlighting the guest features, the diverse group of artists working with Tech N9ne are sure to make for some powerful music. Taking a look at the officially confirmed guest features, we would like to know which new collaboration you are anticipating the most.

Vote below for your most anticipated collaboration on All 6s And 7s.


  • Whoa, where is the choice for Hopsin?

  • Soldier_of_betrayal

    where is the choice for Hopsin and Em?

  • Kyle


  • Trey

    Mine is Hopsin who isn’t even on here

  • Bcplaza1

    Of course lil wayne has the most votes,
    dumb fuckin top 40 listeners..

  • Bill

    tech, busta, n twista on one track would probably legit make my head explode trying to comprehend whats being said lol

  • illusion


  • Ayon Benrardo

    yelawolf and busta
    but it wouldnt be and album without EMINEM

  • Cole

    Why isnt Hopsin on here?

  • Cole

    yeah, cuz Tech has sooooooo many top 40 listening fans…

  • Marshawn_cherry

    fuck that nigga hell na bro

  • You’d be surprised at how many people I know “listen” to Tech N9ne, but are your typical Lil Wayne, Wacka Flocka, Soulja Boy, etc. type fans, and only know a few of Tech’s songs. Anybody who clicked ‘like’ on FB probably had this pop up on their news feed.

  • It’ll be a bad ass album without Eminem. Old Eminem > New Eminem

  • It’s been said, but um, Hopsin??

  • stan187

    lil wayne are u fucking kidding me sheeple? ok i can see busta rhymes being in the high votes, i voted for deftones, because that shit would be amazing, so different from anything else. hopsin definitely dope, what about Madrox from twiztid, that dude is one of the most underrated MC’s in the game.

  • Chrisncool

    People calm down, read the article before going crazy about Hopsin & Eminem not being on the votes. They are my votes too, but the article reads: “…the officially confirmed guest features…”… Hopsin & Eminem might be on the album, but we don’t know for sure. Hopefully they will be though!

  • Andrew

    Mac Lethal

  • Andrew

    But I’d say Busta or JL

  • Majidjaxn

    D: wtf happened to fuck the industry? T-WAYNE?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Majidjaxn


    p.s. H-O-P-S-I-N

  • Thefam000

    dude, hopsin is my choice

  • I’m pretty sure Hop is confirmed.

  • Where’s Em?

    From this list though, I can say I can’t wait to hear that one with Twista and Busta.

    …Can’t say that I know who Hopsin is. Seems I need to do some homework.

  • Remixman775

    Weezy F. Baby


  • Chrisncool

    The “industry” is not the famous rappers, it’s the business people behind them! Now shut the fuck up and enjoy good music.

  • Chrisncool

    Naw not yet. Trust me I’ve been checking everytime Tech mentioned him. Tech said that they will work soon, but he never confirmed him on All 6s And 7s.

  • Chrisncool

    Tech N9ne has made 11 albums without Eminem, so GTFOH. I REAAALLLLYYYY hope Em is on it though, cuz that would be raw as fuck. But don’t u dare say “it wouldn’t be an album without him” cuz Tech is all good all by himself. But when he has other great rappers beside him, they all end up stepping their game up like crazy. I wanna see it happen!

  • Chrisncool

    I voted for Busta Rhymes. Can’t wait to see that. Still waiting for Tech N9ne to confirm Eminem lol Em would definitely be my vote.

  • Aarbear666

    To all you dumb ass nigs that talk shit about tech with lil Wayne that would be the best for tech he would finally get on charts and get radio play and make the money he deserves. He’s said it a million times he’s not in it for fun he’s in it for money

  • Matt_the_man


  • Matt_the_man

    hopsin confirmed via facebook

  • Majidjaxn

    hi, uhm.. yeah. Tech N9ne isnt looking for radio play “dumb ass nig”

  • Majidjaxn

    if you really listened to him a million times to find your “info” you probably could’ve figured out that he doesn’t care for the radio.

  • Majidjaxn

    gargle my dick bitch, you must not know SHIT. whats your favorite album?

  • Ace Tho

    Your fuckin stupid!!!! HE wants to be on the radio but, he is not gonna pay all that damn money to get on the radio. You are the one that needs to get his facts straight.

  • Ace tho

    SHUT UP stupid cracker!

  • Majidjaxn

    you sound silly as fuck. HE’S THE ***NUMBER ONE INDEPENDENT RAPPER IN THE WORLD**** why the FUCK would he need to be on the radio. so before you come at me on some dumb shit, actually listen to a song or two. juuust sayin. I’ve been a tech n9ne fan longer than ive been anything so uh, yeah. I think MAYBEE I might know a little

  • Majidjaxn

    silly ass thats why i aint no mothafuckin cracker.

  • Majidjaxn

    and you must definitely not know shit about shit. you dont really have to pay shit to get your shit on the radio. call that nigga and tell him you’re from whatever local radio station and that you want to play his shit. his answer SHOULD be no. except now this niggas on some questionable shit lately so he might do it.

    LOL he’s gonna drop Strange and join bricksquad

  • Majidjaxn

    and you must definitely not know shit about shit. you dont really have to pay shit to get your shit on the radio. call that nigga and tell him you’re from whatever local radio station and that you want to play his shit. his answer SHOULD be no. except now this niggas on some questionable shit lately so he might do it.

    LOL he’s gonna drop Strange and join bricksquad

  • Crandall

    B.o.B all the fucking way! tech and bobby rays voices are so unique that there song will be legit as fuck! the 2 best mixtapes of the year were “bad season” & “no genre” which are both Tech N9ne & B.o.B! I’m excited to see yelawolf too he spits raw shit. I really really want nicki minaj and snoop dogg on that “pornographic” track too, all 3 of dem would tear the industry a new pussy hahahah! EMINEM TOO!!! by thee way strange music……. YOU NEED TO SIGN IRV DA PHENOM// HOPSIN// CRAIG SMITH RIGHT NOW@!@!@!@!

  • Skcazniga4

    i say its a 3way tie for busta wayne n yela. busta gone act a damn fool regardless. yela gat that freshman buzz. n weezy do weezy but when u put him with real artist he step his game up. so its gone be interestin to say the least

  • Chrisncool

    My 2 favorite albums are Killer & Everready. But I’ve heard all of his albums. And if I’m wrong, then Tech N9ne is wrong too cuz he said EXACTLY what i said about the industry. He said that in MULTIPLE interviews. U keep saying u a huge Tech N9ne fan but I doubt it cuz i obviously follow and listen to way more of his interviews than u if u never heard that. Tech N9ne also expressed his feelings if wanting to break into radio & TV, but that he ain’t paying DJs thousands of dollars to play him. He said “if u like it u play it”. He has big pride. But he DOES want to be on radio & TV. He even said the album name of the track with Wayne is “Fuck Food” but the RADIO VERSION is just “Food”. How about YOU learn your facts before coming on here and telling people who DO know their facts to do their homework. And u ain’t a real fan if u don’t want your “favorite artist” to advance into making more money and having more fans. Hypocrite.

  • Majidjaxn

    that was just too fuckin long. I’m not a hypocrite, I just got mad. and what are you trying to tell me? that he’s a sell out now? YOU’RE THE HYPOCRITE NOW


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