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Tech N9ne Records ‘TechN9cian’s Pledge’ In The Studio [Video]

Published: March 28, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

In one of his more exhausting studio sessions, Tech N9ne along with Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Irv Da Phenom, and Stevie Stone recorded the official “TechN9cian’s Pledge“. Seemingly recreating the sound of an entire army, the five MCs took turns around the room and intensely marched in unison while reciting the entire pledge. Could this be the official intro for All 6’s And 7’s?

Click here to watch the video or scroll down below.

Have you taken the pledge yet? Leave your thoughts below!

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  • Yall shouldve worn combat boots, wouldve made a more offical sound

  • I’m tired just watchin that shit!

  • that would make an awsome intro. im gonna try to preorder this soon

  • Darren

    This is soo sav! I hella pledged after the first post bout the Tech-nician Anthem and hella stoked cause I just ordered the album!!!

  • Jeremygriffith1981

    I wonder if they’re gonna bust it out live for the tour?….survey says…

  • Tart Travis

    i dont think they could have done it once in combat boots

  • Max

    Kaliii Babbaaayyy

  • Lolarclaude

    Before doing our pledge I hope all of yall including tech….are technicians are they?

  • Gottaluvit!!

  • Mr_miedzinski

    why ya’ll getting winded so damn quick lol

  • LilMissNinjette

    stoners(: ha

  • They are getting up there in age lol. About to make my vid. Follow @BillzTTND and @TTND, The Strange music of the new generation


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