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Big Scoob’s Killa Flow [Poll]

Published: April 27, 2011 in Big Scoob by

“All I Know Is Hood” is just that, HOOD! Big Scoob writes the Urban Dictionary definition of street life with a sickeningly fluid spit that never once steps out of perfect meter and rhythm.

*I do wish to apologize to Big Scoob and fans for ANY discrepancies I made in the transcribing of the lyrics. I believe that to be a testament to the rapidity with which Scoob flows and hope my poor understanding of rap lyrics can be forgiven by my undying love for it.*


Make sure to preorder Damn Fool set to drop May 3rd!

~ Stefan Pyles, Strange Music Blog Contributor

  • Stefan Pyles

    IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN SEE PAST MY SHITTY TRANSCRIPTION???? Lol. My bad, peeps. I just saw the real lyrics online. FUCK!


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