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‘Blinded By Desire’ [Song]

Published: April 9, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

Throwing back Lynch into the realm of gangsta rap, “Blinded By Desire” sounds like a West Coast anthem with a touch from Dr. Dre. The piano heavy production from Michael “Seven” Summers is aided by soft strings layered beneath the surface. Lynch forgoes the conventional hook and instead opts to rap relentlessly for over three minutes. The extreme violence takes a bit of a backseat as Lynch concentrates more on representing his hood and his homies. “Blinded By Desire” allows Lynch to show off his lyrical ability and not be constrained by the theme of Coathanga Strangla.

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  • kStyle

    this tracc is sicc as fucc. but so is the entire album. this tracc got that old school feel to it which i like. great touch to the album. i found out later that three of my closest friends became my friends just to be closer to my girl.


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