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What Is Your Favorite Track Off Of ‘Coathanga Strangla’ ? [Poll]

Published: April 7, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

With the release of Brotha Lynch Hung’s highly anticipated album, The Coathanga Strangla, fans are being blown away by another dynamic album from the Sacramento native. In the second album of the “Coathanga Strangla” trilogy, Brotha Lynch brings it harder than ever with 21 tracks featuring Tech N9ne, Irv Da Phenom, G-Macc and many more!

So we want to know, what track are you feeling the most right now? What do you think about the album altogether? Vote and let us know in the comment section below!

Be sure to follow Brotha Lynch Hung on his official Twitter page for all of the latest news and fan interaction with the Coathanga Strangla!


  • Striktlystrange

    I like the whole CD but spit it out has something more to it! But if it’s Lynch it’s good!

  • Sooner or later…

  • Hard to choose just 1. Album is full of great songs. But really loving “Spit it out” & “Sooner or Later” Mr Blap is awesome on the hook.

  • Ayojuggalo

    Oh course the typical Strange music fan world say Tech and lynch!!!!!??????

  • Statue

    Oh course the typical Strange music fan world say Tech and lynch!!!!!??????

  • kStyle

    best track is straight up the entire album. but if i really gotta choose, i’d have to say i’m feeln “spit it out”, “sooner or later” and “blinded by desire”. “look its a dead body” is also sicc. sounds gangsta as fucc and its got that funk to it as well like you drunk or something. the structure of the entire album is a genius. track 1 through 5 flows so well. its seriously like watching a movie through your ears


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