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‘It Happens’ [Song]

Published: April 13, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

If there’s one thing cold blooded killers don’t feel, it’s remorse. Lynch reminds us of the Coathanga Strangla’s real evil on “It Happens”. Featuring First Degree The DE and Tall Cann, “It Happens” plays out like the most perverse of children’s melodies thanks to production from Michael “Seven” Summers. The most twistedly beautiful thing about the hook is not only it’s simplicity, but the chill that runs down from hearing the maniacally distorted voice repeating, “it happens”. This certainly earns it’s place as one of Lynch’s most frightening tracks.

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  • B.

    someone please could give me the lyrics of First Degree the D.E.’s verse from It Happens? i cant stop listening that song,but i cant understand all of that.. thanks!

  • Black niggas is on us, Honkeys wanna be us,
    mi corazons con (my hearts with) Beaners, Japs, and Flippapinas.
    Your oblivious accords all you can afford,
    thats why The DE is your street Lord!
    Them get, stay hot and bothered, cuz they cant stand these buss,
    stay right there, keep your mind on us!
    Them ask how you sellin it, how yo side stay so relevant,
    cuz we in yo town to pillage for the hell of it!
    First D.E. slap most premiere of clap,
    too big to fail, thus we branish the hammer.
    You became my pleasure, based on your slander,
    gots veins das icy, reveled in my manner.
    Voice of the street outweigh lives we slaughter,
    many questions, answers turned to bantha fodder (gibberish)
    thats why Lynchs the Strangler, course to the texture,
    and Im FIrst Degree The DE, most darkest of lecturer!

    First Degree The DE

  • Luca

    First Degree actually graced us with his presence on the comment section…thanks Michael ive been looking for these lyrics!

    your fan,


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