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Krizz Kaliko ‘S.I.C.’ Contest

Published: April 18, 2011 in Krizz Kaliko by

On May 17th, Strange Music will release the latest EP, S.I.C., from our resident Genius, Krizz Kaliko. Here’s your opportunity to win an incredible prize pack from Kali Baby himself! Send us your best guess as to what S.I.C. stands for and you could win: · A ticket to the show and a VIP Meet & Greet at the All 6’s And 7’s tour stop in your city · Dinner with Krizz Kaliko on the day of the show · And you’ll get to stop by the merchandise booth and pick up one of every piece of Kaliko merch available in your size!

Contest ends on 5/3/2011.

  • SedericStrange

    Story Into Corruption?

  • Boe_zahorejko

    stranded in crisis

  • Greg


  • Elizebethbaldwin


  • Ryan Murphy

    Still. In. Command

  • Ryan Murphy

    singing in choir

  • Strange killa

    System in check

  • Greg

    sickology is carisma

  • Greg


  • Katileebug220

    Slipping into chaos

  • Tres Aurland

    ima go with SAM IS CRAZY hahaha

  • Jslingerland

    Sick intentions crew

  • Chadnoblick

    Strange Is Contagious

  • strangeplaya

    strange is coming

  • Ryan Murphy

    Sam. In. Contempt

  • Strange_livin

    Sam. Is. Collosal…. is their a limit to how many we post?? cuz im sure im not the only strange fan thats got pelnty of ideas brewin in their dome pieces! haha

  • Strange_livin

    fine im gonna keep um coming…. Strange. Is. Change

  • Calvin

    Strange in Christopher

  • Mikejunior333

    Sitting In Cash

  • Strange_livin

    Sam. Is. Capable

  • Strange_livin

    Sound. In. Check

  • Strange_livin

    Sam. Is. Catastrophic……………. im gonna win this shit

  • Ronniesrelaxed

    Second in command?

  • Strange_livin

    i dont want to say it, but if your goin through rough times im gonna guess… Sam. Is. Collapsing???

  • Strange_livin

    Solitary. In. County???

  • Strange_livin

    Sam. Is. Content

  • Strange_livin

    Sams. Important. Change

  • Chrisncool

    System In Control

    Study Independent Cash

    Strange Independent Crew

    Sam Is Christopher (Wallace)

    Seepage Is Constant

    Strange In Control

    Sickology In Class

    Strange In Class

    Session In Class

    Sorry, I’m Crazy

    Seepage Into Cascade

  • Strange_livin

    good idea i should have posted mine like this

  • Mattp785


  • Matt


  • Mattp


  • Mattp785

    satin is coming?

  • Strange_livin

    Strange. Is. Complete

    Songs. I’m. Contemplating

    Sam. Is. Creative

  • Mattp785

    slick intelligent caliko

  • Mattp785

    soon ill conquer

  • Mattp785


  • Derek Wright

    Strange identification card

  • Devdev2313

    Soon I’ll Conquer


  • Alagajaun

    Strange inprisonment class
    Strange in control
    Sick inminded christopher
    strange inquisited chris
    Samuel is chris
    Strange in caution
    Sickness is chris
    Strange is chris
    Secret I’m carrying

  • Strange in Crime
    Strange in Class
    System is Corrupt

  • Nrhausser

    Strange Industry Confidential

  • Priest1313

    second in command

  • System In Control

    Samuel Is Crazy

    Suspended In Chaos

  • Sometimes Im Crazy

  • Jrdragracer911

    Strange individual criminal

  • Sick.Insane.Crazy.

  • Second In Command

  • Stranded In Chaos

  • Zombiegreedo

    strange in class
    strange insane chaos

  • Zombiegreedo

    samuel is crazy

  • Lilrob415

    sickology in classification
    strange important classification
    or subject in classification? lol damn
    if im right this is my page http://www.facebook.com/Rob.Aka.DaTruthh

  • Samuel-In-Custody

  • Toddddddddddd

    stuck in cali
    singel id card
    strange id card
    sick id card

  • todddddddddddddddddddd

    stuck in confinement
    steady income cash

  • todddddddddddddddddddd

    stays in country

  • Austin4204202000

    Strange In Charge

  • Wikkidmusic

    second industry class?

  • Jwwillia1971

    Still In Chaos

  • Wikkidmusic

    second in class?

  • James Reynolds

    Sergeant in Charge

  • debra hayes

    sergeant in charge

  • Too bad you have to send it in an email

  • Jkinshella

    strangers in collaboration

  • Jkinshella

    strange is coming

  • KEEP POSTING YOUR ANSWERS, SO SOMEONE ELSE CAN GO AHEAD AND STEAL THEM. DURRRRRRRR Fucking shit, can’t you people read? Clearly says EMAIL the Answers.

  • Sick Intelligent Child

  • Sit In Coach
    Said In context

  • shit is crazy

  • Standard Industrial Classification

  • Strange Industrial Classification

  • Bohdi Crouch

    Samuel Is Crazy

  • Secret Internet Code

  • Subject Identification Code

  • Strange Identification Code

  • Strange In Company

  • Strange_livin

    Sharing. Is. Caring

  • Viporous13

    Strange insane clientel

  • Unknown something

    Strange Intellectual Class

  • Phoenixx

    Standard Industrial Classification

  • It’s awesome to see you all responding and sharing your guesses, some of them are really good. I do although encourage you all to send your answers to kalikocontest@strangemusicinc.com in order to be eligible, otherwise there is no way of knowing if you won or not.

  • Preston

    Still I Climb

  • Ronniesrelaxed

    second in charge

  • Priest1313

    Samuel Irwin Catrter or strange in comand

  • Jess

    schizophrenic in control


  • Criti408

    skeletons in closet, somthing is coming, school is cool, sex in cabs, socialy indescreet communications, sperm in condems, sticky icky cannibis

  • Seanathan Capps

    Samual’s Identity Crisis

  • Seanathan capps

    society in crisis
    Samuel’s intellegece conquers
    Samuel’s identity crisis
    strange ist captial
    strangers in control

  • Eaglesfan05

    Satan Is Christ

  • Amanda Grueter

    stranger in the choir

  • Schizophrenic In Control

  • Kat

    Strange Insane Crazy

  • Josh McKay

    stuck in chaos

  • Strange Identity Crisis

  • Shifty da boxer

    sick in class / Samuel in class / strange in class / Samuel is crazy / secret identification code maybe ! idk

  • Shifty da boxer

    sick in class / Samuel in class / strange in class / Samuel is crazy / secret identification code

  • sick in class / Samuel in class / strange in class / Samuel is crazy / secret identification code

  • Markshope82

    strange industrial clown

  • Dawn Landry

    Samuel/strange is caught
    Samuel/strange in concert
    Samuel/strange in custody
    Samuel/strange in confinement

  • Still I continue
    Strictly Intelligent Criminals
    Strange Is conquering
    Stay In Contact
    Stay In Connection
    Strange Is Crowned
    Strange Is Crazy

  • Still I continue
    Strictly Intelligent Criminals
    Strange Is conquering
    Stay In Contact
    Stay In Connection
    Strange Is Crowned
    Strange Is Crazy

  • Sean_beg

    Samuels Intelligent Creation, Sick Insaine Crew. Keep it Strange

  • Shunned I’m Condemned….this is what it means, and nothing else. So give me my shit!!

  • State In Chaos

  • Still In Circulation

  • State Identification Card

  • Glamour56girl

    Strange Industry Crew
    So I Can
    Sure I Can
    Strange Insane Clown
    Sex Is Crazy
    Sex Inside Clubs
    Sex In Contact
    Strange In Control
    So In Case
    Sex In Case
    Sick Industry Crowd
    So In Common
    Strange In Command
    Same Industry Clan
    Strange Independent Clan/Crowd/Crew
    Strange Independent Cool/Crazy

  • Julie Farmer


  • Carkus_carkus

    surviving in cali

  • Carkus_carkus

    socially in compatible

  • Carkus_carkus

    so im crazy/shot in combat

  • Carkus_carkus

    sic backwards is criminaly in sane

  • Carkus_carkus

    Science in Context/State Information Center/Simple Instance Creator/Standard Industrial Classification

  • Carkus_carkus


  • Mr BiGGs

    Smoking Incredible Chronic

  • Samuel’s Identity Crisis!

  • Skylar Livingston

    State of Independent Commonwealth?

  • Sbormann1218

    Stuck In Captivity

  • Second In Command
    Strange Identification Card
    Strange In Command

  • Suspended In Captivity

  • kris davis

    seriously insane contest

  • kris davis

    Strange insane contest

  • Ronniesrelaxed

    Sharing is caring?

  • mingee

    Served. In. County

  • mingee

    Still. In. Charge

  • michelle marie boulton

    maybe its Somewhere Inside Crying?

  • Samuels Insane Confessions
    Sinner In Command
    Super Intelligent Conrad
    Such Insane Content
    Strange Is Coming
    Socom Is Improved
    Strange Is Complete
    Stuck In Cognito
    Samuel Is Cool

  • Big L

    strange intelligent creature.

  • Stuck In Corruption

  • Sam is crazy

  • Strangely Insane Clown

  • The6footassassin

    Second in command.

  • Hobi_jones217


  • Hobi_jones217

    Spontaneous Inhuman Combustion

  • Hobi_jones217

    Sitting In Chaos.

  • Second in Chaos

  • justin brown

    Samuel William Christopher

  • Berle_st5

    Super Imaginative Chogokin

  • Berle_st5

    Standard Industrial Classification

  • Strange Intelligence Committee (or Community!)

  • Strange Immortal Convictions

  • TrophicTerror

    Strange is Contagious

  • Zhayes123

    Strange Indian Cunts

  • Zhayes123

    Sittin In Cunts

  • Guest

    Smelly Indoseian Cunts

  • Strange. Industry. Certified.

  • Thomas.gilvin@aol.com

    Samuel is Coming

  • Adriengoodshield

    seriously interesting contest

  • Daddy_adrien

    nigga strange been here bitch

  • Traveno

    Strange Is Coming

  • Practicenonbeing

    Still in Control

  • Firewolfwithin

    Sanity is Crucial

  • Practicenonbeing

    Still in command

  • Adriengoodshield

    fucc u bitch im native muthaphucca

  • guest

    Send In Clowns….lol wicked clowns

  • sick in class / Samuel in class / strange in class / Samuel is crazy / secret identification code

  • Chollrah24

    strange in command of suck it cunt

  • LuiV

    strenge is clasified

  • LuiV

    Sickness.IN. Class

  • DJ

    Sic in square brackets is an editing term used with quotations or excerpts. It means “that’s really how it appears in the original.”

  • Sickness. Is. Contagious.

  • Shane Menace

    Stuck In Confinement

  • S.ick I.n the C.ranium

  • RSDstrangelife67

    Sams Identity Crisis

  • RSDstrangelife67

    Strange Is Common

  • watch this i missed the damn contest by 2 days but i bet i know what it is its gotta be ” Second In Command” mark my words

  • Halkett09

    so insane character

  • ZuroOfFlyForeva

    strange inconsistant chaos


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