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When's The Next Cut, Kutt? [Poll]

Published: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized by

It seems its been so long since the glory days of Raw and Un-Kutt and at this point, though it hasn’t quite hit the forums, you can sense the angst and restlessness of Calhoun fans like an obese elephant in a broom closet full of fat fucks. How long should we have to wait until another Kutt Calhoun project?


~ Stefan Pyles, Strange Music Riot Inciter

  • Only voted 3 months because that’s the closest date to the Red-headed step child EP! 😛

  • Autumn Rimer

    I really like Kutt’s voice and he has a nice flow. I am not from the same type of life he is from, I am just a white girl from a hick town, but he makes music people can relate to. My favorite Kutt song that I think pretty much anyone can relate to is Smiling Faces, because everyone has dealt with assholes at work, school, or just everyday life that smile in your face and fuck you over the second you turn your back. Kutt is the SHIT!

  • I say now……COME ON WIT IT KUTT!!!!

  • thelmaandlouise

    LP’s FOR LYF!


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