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Blind Fury Talks Tech N9ne On POWER 105.1FM [Video]

Published: April 25, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

The freestyle monster known as Blind Fury recently stopped in with The Breakfast Club on New York’s POWER 105.1 FM. The BET Freestyle Friday champ sat down for a revealing interview along with a brief freestyle for listeners. Among the topics of discussion was Fury’s record label ambition. When asked where he would like to go, Fury only had one answer: Strange Music. He cited Tech’s constant touring and lucrative ventures as motivating factors. Fury also confirmed that he and Tech had recently recorded together. The young MC has already broken down the walls of the industry, and all without his sight. There is no telling how far Blind Fury could go, and with his connection to Strange Music, fans can look forward to hearing more from the skilled artist. Fans of Blind Fury can check out his freestyle battles here.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

What do you think of Blind Fury? Would you ever like to see him on Strange Music? Leave your thoughts below!

  • Guest

    Tech N9ne is just the best out there. Listen to Ego Trippin, Riot Maker, My Wife My Bitch My Girl, The Beast, Asshole, and either of the Midwest Choppers and try to tell me otherwise.

  • Iskatedc

    i think he should

  • Jack Beatz

    He’s got a point Tech does put in a lot of work and I think Fury would be a great asset to the camp. Someone else I think would fit perfect in Strange Music is this guy I heard awhile back Shane Menace that dude fire when it comes to makin music and he’s versatile as hell, I just wish he would put out more songs I was with a friend of mine awhile back and he was playing and rappin to songs he hasen’t released yet and it was unbelievable he kind of has the same attitude work ethic and similar style as Tech just throwin it out there because I think Strange Music would be the perfect place for this dude.

  • Crackercrash

    i think that blind fury is the shit i have seen him recently and in the past when i think it was showtime had an mc battle contest that was hosted by krs-one if im not mistaken were hit murdered everybody and was in the final four and got screwed in the end he should have won that shit i love techs music with my heart and soul strange music in general. i personally would love to work with them. but i hope they sign blind fury that would be the shit i think they would get much love people have been sleeping on blind fury for mini years give that boy a contract before you waste the opportunity to sign him and then fill like an ediot for it

  • Crackercrash

    the question was about how tech should or shouldnt sign blind fury so answer the question

  • Bran 7

    Its up to Tech N9ne and Travis i say that its a great move to sign Blind Fury because he has mainstriam exposer and hes cool. Bran 7


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