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CONTROVERSY: Tech N9ne Defends ‘For The Mo’ On NBC News [Video]

Published: April 22, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Controversy seems to follow Tech N9ne around everywhere. This time, it is The Popper’s “For The Mo” music video featuring Tech N9ne that is being criticized for its use of a public school. “For The Mo” was shot inside Lincoln College Prepatory Academy, and district parents are not happy about it. Many believe the Kansas City Missouri School District should not have allowed a video with graphic images and drug references to be shot inside the school. NBC Action News has covered the story, and Tech N9ne along with The Popper appeared during the segment to defend their music video. After being removed from YouTube, the music video is now back up for everyone to enjoy.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

Do you think the parents are right or is it a big deal over nothing? Leave your thoughts below!

  • its a big deal over nothing. more of people being haters on the best music ever.

  • Masterp395

    i think the parents are making it seem like its a big deal when really its nothing, just the greatest artist of all time making a song in a school… if i were them id be VERY happy if Tech was at my school!!!

  • Maaaaaan they just mad us (BLACK) niggas is makin’ it ! Keep doin’ you Tech that video was DOPE !!!!!

  • todddddddddddddddddddd

    keep going no problems here great video.everybody needs to quit bein a mitch made.do what u do tech.

  • CWalker

    funny thing is i didn’t know it was at an actual school UNTIL THE NEWS MADE A DEAL ABOUT IT.

  • MarvelousOne.com


  • Habitual Smoker

    This is such bullshit my parents don’t care if i smoke or drink. And ill tell you why. Cause they do it too and still are able to hold responsible and respectable jobs. DECRIMINALIZE IT!!!

  • Trouble

    WOW, it honestly saddens me greatly when i see the growing population of ideots in our country, get a life and stop hating on positivity ~ Big ups to Tech, GREAT JOB!


  • They need to shut the fuck up…actin like most of those parents dont drink or smoke….I also notice they seem to be ignoring the kids opinions in here too other than one kid in the report that said Tech ISNT telling us what to do…hes just rappin….fuck the parents on this one…great vid too by the way! Quit bitchin at musicians and shit and start paying attention to your fucking kids! You call urself parents….ur a fucking joke!

  • They need to shut the fuck up…actin like most of those parents dont drink or smoke….I also notice they seem to be ignoring the kids opinions in here too other than one kid in the report that said Tech ISNT telling us what to do…hes just rappin….fuck the parents on this one…great vid too by the way! Quit bitchin at musicians and shit and start paying attention to your fucking kids! You call urself parents….ur a fucking joke!

  • northside

    umm, i didn’t even know it was shot at a local high school till i saw the news story. for all i know it could have been filmed in a hollywood studio. i didn’t see them trying to defile the school in any way. it appears to be a relatively clean video compared to others.

  • WillSmith

    Are you aware that “decriminalize” and “legalize” are not synonymous? Decriminalization is a gradual process and a product of social acclimation, and not necessarily of any legislation.

  • urlnotfound

    As a parent of two children who graduated from Lincoln and another two that currently attend, I am appalled that this was allowed. Tech N9ne should be ashamed and the school district representatives who approved this should be fired.

  • Kyle_renfrow14

    You’re an idiot, and your rational makes no sense. Why should Tech be ashamed? Tech isn’t trying to get kids to start smoking pot and drinking. What makes this whole deal even worse is the fact that the school is in KCMO, right around where Tech grew up, and he goes and makes a music video and everyone starts jumping on his case. No one is going to lose respect for Tech N9ne accept for a few prude ass parents who probably didn’t even know who he was before this even. Suck a fat one, get over it, and smoked a bowl.

  • Hypello_81


  • 3tch3r

    waaa waaa waaaa shut up live ur life instead of complaining

  • why are parents acting like drinking and smoking is so bad..you know they did the same shit back in the day.. whatever.

  • Sanchezeve88

    How many mainstream artist have videos in school and being ‘Sexy” or church type shit this is bullshit anyway its all good promoting the song its a gravy.

  • people get so offended when it comes to pot. it’s really kind of sad. i LOVE the new releases. they’re upbeat, meaningful, and at the same time real.

  • StayLifted101

    Tech has nothing but our support, there is a reason he is the number one independent artist.

  • smitty702

    More than anything the story only touches on the subject and doesn’t allow any in depth conversation about the topic. Another example of the main stream media and the “sound byte” news culture that we live in today.

  • Seeing as a school is a government establishment and it was outside of school hours, I am fairly certain the parents have no case. Now, the security guard COULD be a problem, but like the news said, they’re dealing with him individually. He is probably going to get fired.

  • I dislike parent’s who care so much about their status in society. I can almost guarantee that the parents were only mad because of the simple fact that their child’s superior school was the background to rappers who smoke drink & fuck! & I bet your kids do all that for the simple fact that your overprotective assholes. Maybe talk to your kids instead of worrying about putting them in top schools just so you can get a sticker that say’s “My Child Is An Honor Roll At Student Lincoln College Prepatory.” Good for you!


    whats they big fuking problem i would be honored to have Tech at my school these kids are old enough to make they;re own decisions tech aint standing over them tellin them bitch u gone drink smoke weed and look at these women . People pull ur heads out ur ass and come bak to fukin reality its not a big deal at all thats all i gotta say keep it STRANGE because thats how we love it

  • i really just hope the security guard doesn’t lose his job cause these fucks were scrambling to put a “story” on the air. fuck the media

  • Promethearx Kold

    Anyone “appalled” or “outraged” or whatever the fuck you are because of a god damn music video needs to take a hard look at the REAL fucking problems concerning KCMO schools. These ineffectual fucks have the gall to get pissed off because Tech N9ne made a video in a prep school when the fact that there is even a school left in KCMO to shoot a video in is FUCKING MIND-BLOWING! So get off the high horse there, you black-beauty-riding fucking Fascist dicks and start BALANCING THE GOD DAMN BUDGET BEFORE you get incensed about hip-hop. These kids wouldn’t need liquor and marijuana if they were getting a solid education, so don’t hate the player, hate your bullshit, asinine, partisan, arbitrary ass game. JESUS, DO WE STILL NOT HAVE A LIGHT RAIL? WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MARTY? And I heard the same night on the same channel that the possibility exists that KCMO will begin shutting down more schools! And the high priority closings include schools that teach special needs kids. How are you pissed off at Tech N9ne? Is there no mayor anymore? Where is the governor? Let me guess… Wisconsin, right? Please, teach the kids, people. Whatever the hell is happening to this country is a direct result of whatever the hell isn’t happening in our public schools. I’m not saying Tech N9ne deserves an honorary Nobel Prize, but the dude isn’t ring leading a truancy rebellion. HE WAS MAKING A MUSIC VIDEO! I’m sorry for the outburst and the profanity, but there are three wars going on in the Middle East, an oil crisis, a failing federal government, 50 failing states and a myriad of other RELEVANT, SIGNIFICANT SHIT that we can focus on, don’t you think? Just a thought. O, and by the way, I thought the girl with the sucker in her mouth looked very STUDIOUS, now go back to the capitol and start putting some numbers together, for fuck’s sake.

  • Promethearx Kold


    Strange Music, bitch, you can tell by the DIPLOMA!

  • I think I feel really bad for that uniformed security guard. Did anybody else catch that the school system said, “they will deal with that employee.”?

    Blue Skies and Railroad Ties,

  • Viktorvolkolf

    its freedom of speech! plus the news reporter even said u could rent it for a fee. so just deal with the guard and that stuff, and make a freakn great video. those people should be honnored to have u do a video there not whine and complain.

  • Reeferman


  • Munky 702

    its cause Tech isnt justin bieber or some body famous like that where parents are all thumbs up. and technically i should just kill myself for even putting them the same sentence, but its all the same ya know what i mean?

  • Jon Rambo Asleson

    They just need a story. That’s rediculous. I have a harder time not scoring coke and weed because I’m NOT IN HIGH SCHOOL ANYMORE. High school is a breeding ground for bad habits. Having the school in a video is nothing but the Kansas City King showing love to his home town. And also, Tech N9ne is a very niche following. He’s an independent artist, people follow him because they LIKE WHAT HE HAS TO SAY, if they LIKE him talking about weed and drinking, they probably do it anyways, or atleast don’t have a problem with it.

  • Jon Rambo Asleson

    Tech is an artist that draws in a specific crowd. His music has parental advisories and it’s the parent’s job to look after their kids (or atleast that’s the way it used to be). If you listened to Tech, he’s talking about marriage problems, drinking, drugs, struggles with being faithful to women….if you have nothing to relate to..you won’t listen to his music. It’s the kids that drink, do drugs, have problems with relationships and sex that LISTEN to Tech N9ne, like MYSELF. And it’s the parent’s fault for not keeping that shit out of their life, because they’d never be interested in that party life then anyways. And my gosh, it’s a music video for an independent artist that won’t even be played on major networks (or atleast I assume).

  • Ian

    took the words I was thinking outta my mouth/those parents are such morons they deserve to be embarrassed in front of all of their peers.


  • kottonmouth_king1982

    get off his nuts. what ever happened to “land of the free”? “freedom of speech”? oh yeah, thats right. just lil catchy catch phrases to put in there to make it look like we’re doing something better than other countries. people are going to drink, do drugs, kill, rape, etc, without a fucking rap artist tellin ’em so. all that story was, was a misdirection. to make the american people say, “oh, look at them and what they are doing to our schools”….instead of actually looking at the real problems in america. its nothing more than that, a diversion. america, get out of the fucking box..veiw shit from an outside perspective. fuck!!

  • Kottonmouth_king1982

    also, let me say this. being a parent n all. IF, i didnt want my kids around that, i wouldnt let them. i do believe that its the parents job to monitor what goes on with their child, if you’re not, why the fuck do you have kids? and beings how i didnt like authority in my life, they will just rebel. my 10 year old son listens to: insane clown posse, tech nine, nirvana, nine inch nails, tool, etc…and he’s not going out smoking pot (lil dude had better share if he is)…AND….for all you people that look down on pot..heres something for you FUCK THE FUCK OFF BITCHES!!!!! its not a gate-way drug, they (our ever so great american government) just want a fucking scapegoat. its not a DRUG. its an HERB. you dont throw together 20 different chemicals and produce marijauna. you simply plant a seed (as you would a watermelon or what not) and the motherfucker grows. so, where do you get off saying its a drug? and let me ask you this..i’ve asked many, and still have not received an answer. how many fuckin stoners have you heard of gettin so high they got behind the wheel and killed someone? how many do you know of that raped, murdered, etc? hmmm? answer that you fuckin jack offs that look down your nose at pot. if it wasnt for weed, i woulda probably already killed a motherfucker by now. ah fuck, they dont care, so suck my fuckin sweaty balls.

  • Andredrejammasterdre

    Does the news not have anything better to do den to come up wit sum worthless stories? Videos are shot at schools all the time this is not a big deal. They worried about this when you got people who are robbing, stealing, and killing, and maybe causing harm to our environment somehow and they have this at top news? Exactly what does this video have anything to do with society and how it affects it? I’m almost irritated that the media would do something like this. I can only imagine how Tech N9ne feels about this whole situation.

  • Derek Wright

    Too many parents have sticks in their asses while doing the shit behind closed doors!

  • Da_krayzieone

    Dat iz very ridiculous, There iz alot MO goin on in da world and stupid parents who are overprotected over their children, who probably do drink and smoke weed! Not really even being responsible parents really need to talk shit on dis video? Fuck Them! dis video isnt even dat dirty! and kidz today do bad thingz on there own without a rebellous leader the media and retarded parents jus need scapegoats so they feel they are not wrong jus also like marilyn mans on also like insane clown posse also like eminem and everyone else they have blamed as a scapegoat, fucking parents talk to ya kidz! by da way promethearx kold I agree dat da chick wit da sucker is sumtine like u said except she looked fine and sexi! Iz wut I think! so did alot of em black showtayz, but dat grl wit da sucker iz da coldest woman in dat video I want sum of her!

  • there is like nothing to see of the school… only people who go to that school will recognise it and maybe they even wont… just the media hatin on the Hip Hop culture as always…


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