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F.T.I. : An Open Letter To The Fans [Editorial]

Published: April 5, 2011 in Tech N9ne by
Dear Tech N9ne fans of the world,

Contemplating over how to speak out on this matter, I have decided to insert myself directly into a blog entry for the first time since I first joined the team. Like most of you, I consider myself a loyal Tech N9ne fan. I have been listening to the red haired menace since I was a sophomore in high school, which was sometime after the release of Absolute Power. During this period, Tech’s career was gaining some real momentum following the struggles he had faced in releasing Anghellic. Tech had conceived an idea that, at the time, was pretty revolutionary. Facing rejection from radio and television, Tech came up with the F.T.I. movement. What exactly was F.T.I.? The abbreviation stood for Fuck The Industry, but it meant so much more than that.
The idea behind F.T.I. was to spit in the face of record label executives everywhere. Taking the biggest financial risk of his career, Tech N9ne offered his full length album Absolute Power for free download. No catch, no hidden agenda, just a free download. Twenty tracks for free download. The idea sounded insane. How could you just give away an album that you spent so much money making? Tech knew what he was doing. In conjunction with F.T.I., he offered the album for free and boldly declared that he would still move units. Even if radio didn’t believe in his music, Tech knew he had a quality product to offer. So, with a promotional push that included commercials on MTV and an internet campaign, F.T.I. was up and moving. “Fuck The Industry” Tech would declare during his live performances. Such a movement was capable of backfiring on many artists, but not Tech. In a stunning result, not only did Absolute Power do strong numbers, but sales actually jumped after people were offered the free download. Yes, you read that right, people downloaded the album for free AND purchased a copy. I know that must be unheard of to most people considering the download age we live in. The red-haired pain in the ass has just defied the entire record industry and proven that good music will sell no matter what.

This brings me to F.T.I. and what it means. I can’t help but notice so many of you attacking blog posts and even Tech’s personal tweets for his choices on collaborations lately. There are a lot of “sellout” and “hypocrite” comments being thrown around. I sit back and read these, and wonder where the backlash is coming from. I once wrote an editorial on here titled “Our Dirty Secret” regarding how the fans felt about Tech’s sudden exposure. At the time I believed that it was an issue of your favorite rapper becoming overexposed. This though, is a different monster altogether. Tech is now being accused of taking back his stance on F.T.I., and practically being crucified for working with people like Lil Wayne. So, as many of you throw these comments out and bash Tech for not sticking to F.T.I., let me take a moment to explain just how wrong you are. What is F.T.I.? Fuck The Industry. Note how nowhere in there it says “Fuck Mainstream”. It couldn’t possibly say that because then it would read something like F.M.F.T.I., and that’s just not catchy or easy to put on a t-shirt. Jokes aside, I think for all of your F.T.I. beliefs, it’s bewildering to see that some of you don’t even realize what it means. Tech has never been anti-mainstream. Not once. Tech has wanted big success since the beginning of his career. I had the distinct pleasure to interview Tech in 2006, just hours before the release of Everready. In those two hours that we spoke, I was given a candid look at a humble and down to earth man who only wanted one thing: the world to hear Tech N9ne. “Infection..infecting the world”, he said to me.

Those who point their finger at Tech like to conveniently forget that when F.T.I. began, Tech N9ne and Strange were struggling and battling with radio, television, and major label executives. None of these people in power wanted to give Tech N9ne the time of day. That is where Fuck The Industry was born. A big “Fuck You” to the suits who sit in their offices all day and think they know what people want to hear. All of those old rich white men who think they know what urban culture is and isn’t. These are the people Tech was after. The radio station program directors, the execs at MTV, and the heads of major labels. All of these people control what will become popular and what doesn’t. One thing they didn’t count on was Tech N9ne’s drive. They say the cream rises to the top. Well, without the radio and TV, Tech N9ne has reached the top. It took over a decade with Strange Music, but Tech is officially at the height of his career. With F.T.I., Tech stuck one big middle finger out at the industry. With his success in 2011, Tech raises another middle finger towards them. As Tech collabs with Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, and other big names, remember that he did it all on his own. No major label, no TV, and no radio play. Tech stuck to his beliefs and never once contradicted himself. So then, why all the negativity? I’m really not sure. It seems like a lot of you just don’t like mainstream artists. Which, in all honesty, is fair enough. That doesn’t although excuse all of the hate being thrown Tech’s way. The term “sellout” is not even applicable in this case. Selling out records and concerts maybe, but not selling out his artistic integrity. When Tech N9ne does a song with Lil Wayne and T-Pain, and calls it “Fuck Food”, can we really accuse him of selling out? How many radio stations do you think will even play a song called “Fuck Food”? Instead of recording a marketable club banger for radio, Tech opted for real music that he believes in. Remember, Fuck The Industry is not the same thing as Fuck Mainstream. Mainstream is just another word for popular. Can Tech really help it if his music is good enough to be that popular?

In addressing the issue, I hope I have opened your eyes a bit. To the Tech fans who continue to support him and believe in him, the best is yet to come. Just like the rest of you, I get to sit back and enjoy the ride. Tech N9ne’s biggest album is about to hit, and I couldn’t be anymore excited. F.T.I. is more alive now than ever. To those who I haven’t able to convince otherwise, get off your high horse. Get off your hiiigh horse, yea.


Victor Sandoval

Strange Music Blogs Contributor

Follow Victor Sandoval on Twitter @VicMSandoval

  • Vedomedo

    totally agree with you! thank god someone finally put it on paper though 🙂

  • Word. As long as tickets and t-shirts don’t start going for 50 dollars I’m happy.

  • Killaclown423

    Gathering of the juggalos 2010…. “tech n9ne wont go mainstream, Mainstream will go Tech N9ne”… and he has done it. Much love to Tech and all the others, yall keep it real, and keep bumpin that good shit. this is straight outta Tennessee….

  • Guest

    Fuck Lil Wayne. And Tech collaborating with him is gay.

  • Guest

    Not to mention the gay ass album cover that he had to explain over twitter and even have an interview with the graphic designer to combat the negative backlash over it. dude doesnt know what he’s doing anymore

  • Agreed 100%!

  • Anonymous

    Great article, Victor. It proves how narrow-minded many people are in this day and age, even if they are Tech and Strange fans.

    I see comments similar to the ones you described, too. On last.fm for instance I often try to defend Tech when some music greenhorns or those who don’t fully grasp the concept of the Strange way of making and distributing music spout sentences they didn’t even think about first. As Tech keeps gaining popularity, you could even turn ‘fighting’ in shoutboxes or Twitter into a 24/7 job, haha. But I don’t want a medal for that or praise or whatever. No. But maybe that’s one of the many characteristic features of real Techn9cians. I sure do consider me one of them.

    When Tech put Absolute Power -I just had to put this track on right now, it’s still SUCH A BANGER.. unbelievable- up for free download, he proved that he has vision, an educated view of the music community and that he believes in the true fans, as mentioned in the article.

    The F.T.I. concept also very present in my mind, and I’m trying to educate everyone who has an interest in music and is willing to listen and take a closer look how the world works. I’m sure you all heard Lupe’s new album Lasers and the fights he had with his record label about it. The album has some great tracks on it including Break The Chain, All Black Everything (dope!) and Words I Never Said (my favorite) but Lupe says he hates it. He likes many of the tracks, don’t misunderstand, but he knows the story behind it and how the album came into existence. It was basically just the label telling him what to do so he has mixed feelings about it and no doubt said F.T.I. loud a couple of times in the past months/year. I don’t know how Mr. Fiasco thinks about Aaron but he’s an educated fella so if Tech would like to work on another F.T.I.-inspired track, I would L.O.V.E. to see a collabo. One day maybe, might be worth thinking about.

    So yeah, F.T.I. till I die.

    I ain’t switchin to mainstream only what is happenin’ is / You watchin’ the mainstream go me!

  • Mattgargus

    The dude below me is a Mitch Bade faggot, and so is everyone else that reads this article and is still too mind-numbingly fucking stupid to understand what’s going on here. You don’t want Tech to succeed then stop listening to him, and don’t even claim to be fans. You’re morons. Tech has been saying since way before Lil’ Wayne reached out to him that he’s a fan of Lil’ Wayne. You didn’t call him gay then, but as soon as it turns into something you might have to hear it’s a big fucking deal. And you know what’s gonna happen? You’re going to be sitting at your computer sounding like “waaah, waaah, waaaah, crybaby” while Tech continues to make millions and pour his heart into great music and NOT GIVE A FUCK THAT YOU EXIST. Bitch.

    To the real fans that know that Tech will continue to make good music regardless who he works with, well…”Technician I am, whole-heartedly, in life and in death.”

  • Ladyn9nna

    Strange Music all day everyday. Fuck all the haters. TECH GO AHEAD AND DO YOU.

  • Mattgargus

    Oh, and “not giving a fuck that you exist” won’t be because he doesn’t care about his fans…it’ll be because you aren’t real fans.

  • Ladyn9nna

    Ya’ll a bunch of bitches. He oviously knows what hes doing or he wouldnt of come this far.

  • Promethearx

    Damn fine, Victor. It’s about time it gets said. Fair-weather fans. Something about loyalty and fan-love; fades quickly. K.U., the Chiefs, Tech N9ne, etc.

    Tech N9ne/Strange Music/F.T.I. are not adolescent philosophies, or vagrant convictions, or single-serving ideas. They’re movements, revolutions, coups against a standard and a status quo that are inherently and eternally flawed, that represent the “mainstream” subjugation of honest art, just poetry and the pursuit of that which motivates, enervates and enlivens the spirit to create beauty, in whatever form it happens to express itself: watercolor, photography, origami, atheist death metal or hip-hop.
    Whatever it is people have against Tech or Strange, however they feel he’s “sold out” or “given in” is laughably idiotic and said merely for the sake of instigating and perpetuating drama, a way of feeling their voices of ignorant dissent carry weight and incite emotions they don’t even comprehend.

    Independent music production exists in 2011 because of Tech N9ne’s tireless and ardent promotion of it and its artists. KC owes its acceptance into the grander world of media and music because of the efforts of Strange Music and all those who’ve dedicated their careers and rested their “mainstream” dreams of corporate fame and big business fortune for something more real, more potent and more fulfilling. Strange Music is an Industrial Revolution. It is the metamorphosing of mediocrity into excellence, banality into hysteria and resignation into the belief that greater things can and simply have yet to be achieved.

    Pardon the early morning diatribe. It’s been a helluva decade, aint it?

  • well said and put, tech is awsome and deserves real fans that will back him up on what he wants to do with his career and where he wants to take it. EVEN if that means he goes mainstream!! gotta give him credit for his drive and willingness to make it to the top on his own and thats how it should be, NOT this bull shit shows like american idol and crap! you want it you make happen and not be fuckin’ lazy and let others decide. everyone has to work hard these days to get what they want. tech is that person that knew what he wanted and went for it and i give him props for that will to get what he wanted with hard work and dedication to bring us his awsome music!!!!

  • Lash

    Great piece Victor!!! Mainstream gonna go Tech not visaversa!!! And I don’t care if Tech has chosen these artists coz he really really likes them from back in the day or it’s a retirement plan. Either way I know it’s still gonna be hardcore on his behalf and is gonna bring out the darker grimier side of all the other artists coz dude is a beast. Look forward to seeing the future video’s when he really can stick a finger up at the industry live on mtv!!!!

  • We would’ve interviewed Frankie no matter how the cover was received. We opened up the lines for him to respond to positive and negative feedback. It had nothing to do with damage control.

  • Promethearx

    Is that the angst of a genuine nobody we are reading?
    Jesus, kids, you sound like a bunch of Bourgeois Queens pissed off that the cake wasn’t as good as the bread.
    Grow up, son. Get a life, maybe a job, a girlfriend and a couple of original ideas of your own instead of wasting away your mornings proving to those of deeper thought processes that you are, in fact, as ignorant and intellectually-deficient as we assumed you to be.
    I hear McDonald’s supports outreach programs for weak-willed illiterates with nothing better to do than berate successful and talented artists.
    Apply within.

    Once again, pardon the diatribe.

  • Tempest_211

    I agree with the article but my god why does it have to be lil wayne I hate that faggot he is truely talentless and now that’s techs collabing with him were all gonna see it more how bad wayne sucks.

  • *Q*

    People get shit so damn twisted. Fuck The INDUSTRY …. simply means he’s not willing to PAY radio stations or MTV or anyone else to play his music. His music speaks for itself and if the INDUSTRY wants to give the people what they want, then they’d play Tech without getting paid, but the INDUSTRY has all these major record labels that PAY to have their ONE HIT WONDERS put on the radio so the record company can exploit them and make as much money off them as fast as possible, before the next big ONE HIT WONDER emerges. So the cycle continues over & over. Tech never said he doesn’t wanna blow up, have his infection spread worldwide, he just said he’s gonna do it on his own and without paying the fatcats to do it. ANY ARTIST who has a chance to do a collabo with another artist they respect will be a fool not to do it, so now some haters bitch cuz he can get these big name rappers on a track with him? Who the hell wouldn’t do a song with them if you like their music and respect them as an artist? He’s not out doing a collabo with people he hates or doesn’t respect, he’s not out pushing to get a song called FUCK FOOD on the radio just to be heard and to make money… he does the music he wants to do and does it for his fans. Pantera did the same thing back in the day in the heavy metal world … they didn’t get played on MTV or the radio, but they kept doing what they wanted to do and playing their music. They made it without all the INDUSTRY bullshit. Just because someone makes it big, becomes popular and isn’t just an area or underground act anymore doesn’t make them a sellout … it makes them successful. You have to grow an an artist and not just keep putting out the same thing over and over. Who doesn’t want to advance in their career in whatever they do? If you a janitor, is that what you wanna do all your life or do you wanna work up to something different, bigger, better, better pay and something you want to do? Who ranks in the top spots of concert sales year after year … some INDEPENDENT rapper from KC, that’s who. Anyone who says Tech doesn’t put his all in day in and day out, doesn’t go out and tour more then anyone else in the game … obviously don’t know shit. He’s put in the time no one else does to get where he’s at.

  • If you don’t understand the F.T.I thing you can’t call yourself a tech n9ne or strange music fan for real. I don’t like Lil Wayne soo what..I bet the Fuck Food song is still dope. It is still a tech n9ne song and it is interesting big time mainstream artists are going to be on a strange music album. I’m looking forward to Worldwide choppers more though. As for me as a fan I just to hope somewhere down the line we hear a nas or a finished/complete bone thugs collabo. We all know sixes and sevens is going to be a good album.

  • Fuckin well said! I never did understand how people got mad at Tech for growing! The bigger he gets, the more eyes that will be on him, and the big cats up in office are scratching their heads in bewilderment. Tech proved that even when the economy is down, hard work and dedication can definitely pay off. Fuck The Industry, Fuck The Individuals who think they know what people wanna hear!

    The industry pushes artists to do simple, self-boasting lyrics. Tech proved that complex, self-expressing lyrics are what people wanna hear. I don’t wanna hear about your chain, I wanna hear WHY you wear that chain. In short, I wanna know the artist, not the image.

    Tech, we love the fact that you stuck your finger up and said, take me as I am.

  • OfficialPsycho

    @ the Guest 43 minutes ago Who said this crap.

    “Fuck Lil Wayne. And Tech collaborating with him is gay. ”

    Mutha fucka you can’t say fuck Tech N9ne. I can understand you being disappointed by him doing a collab with “Lil Gay” haha! buit Tech is Tech he gonna do whatever he can to show up the industry which means even doing collabs with the industries gayest top rappers and musicians. So just sit back and let shit run it’s course. I am just hoping wayne atleast stays off the auto-tune this track and does some of his old style and let pain do his thing then we might actually heard a hit coming along.


    If you dont like lil wayne-fine. that doesent make tech a sellout though so stop bitchin about that shit. You’re entitled to your personal opinion ofcourse. and u may even write it on here that you dont like lil wayne. fine who cares! I think its awesome that tech has this success on his OWN. its empowering! FTI!

  • Kristenfullmer

    FINALLY!!! An intelligent articulation of the issue. Thank you, Victor. Now let’s just hope everyone who has been talking shit actually reads it and understands!

  • Strange69seepage

    I got mad respect for you dude. Finally someone s standing up for a reall ass mother fucker . If all these people were reall tech fans , just like any other band, why would you judge your favorite rapper? or artist? Seriously why cant these people have respect for ALL music and have an OPEN MIND to new things. Nobody will ever stick to there old. people change dude. And yall want tech to go back to doing drugs and do some KOD shit to? thats just disrespectful . Dont you poeple care about techs mental state and stresss put upon him? In my opinion. TECH YOU JUST KEEP DOING YO SHIT AND KEEP YO MUTHA FUCKIN HEAD OUT THE DARKNESS. Who cares what anybody thinks. Your already at the top. I am a loyal tech n9ne fan and i am happy to see tech gettin big money for the music he makes no mattter who its with. I would never ask tech to go back to doin anghellic shit and all that KODstuff. T%Hats pain poushed out through a mic. Ive heard that for years. Im ready to hear about the other side. Im ready to her what tech got in store for us.

  • Officialpsycho

    Are you fucking serious dude. This cover is dope. Obviously you’ve never fully understood Tech. I messed him and told him not to explain it to you poser ass wannabe Tech fans. There are different things you could take from this photo and many explainations he could have used but the album cover isn’t even important. Either you like it or you don’t but the music is always gonna be there and that’s whats important. Man I really wish I seen a few on the idiots in a most pitt in Tempe Az someone would be airvac’d wit a quickness.

  • Jonathan Kahnke

    hell yeah! strange music for life!

  • Mrpaulmag

    YYea , its a shame ppl don’t really get Tech , especially ppl that call themselves fans . Personally I had the chance to be around the man in the early 90 s , when him and Yukmouth layed down Bumbells so I got a sneak peek into his greatness ,(I was the dude rolling blunts ) not only is he a true artist , he ain’t afraid to put himself out there . He still takes time to meet the ppl responsible for his rise …. the fans . That there is what will forever separate Tech from all others before and after him . Now I am sad that he is doing a song with Wayne only for one reason I don’t think Wayne is on Techs level . That’s it not hating on Tech for doin it because Tech will kill it Nomatter what .And last but not least Tech is a sellout …… he sellout shows . No other artist before has given up their family for the fans , but Tech gives up his Fam for us .. ima be the first to say it THANK YOU . Thank you for always making music that touches my inner most soul .

  • Ryan Rickett

    Thank you for writting this as an essential bitch slap to some of these cry baby ass, fair weather fans. “he’s goin too main stream waaah, hes making music with artists i dont like waaaaah,” those kind of comments make me lose it, if your a real fan of tech and his music you should be happy for him making these moves and getting bigger and bigger. Most of yall are just emo ass little kids who want to be ‘the cool kid’ who listens to underground music just because it isnt mainstream music, grow the fuck up. IDK if tech reads his myspace/facebook pages and the responses but ive been busting alot of them punks out, to the point its getting tiring. If you do read this tech. YOUR REAL FANS GOT NOTHIN BUT MOTHER FUCKIN LOVE FOR YOU HOMIE AND WE WANT NOTHIN BUT THE BEST FOR YOU AND ALL OF STRANGE, KEEP THE FIRE COMIN CUZ YOUR ONE OF THE LAST ONES LEFT PUTTIN OUT REAL MUSIC. 707+916 GOT LOVE FOR YOU ALL DAMN DAY!


  • Very happy to see such a positive response, thank you all for the love. I just want everyone to know that we all do this for the fans. There are a lot of people working behind the scenes on the blog teams and internet teams to bring you all very cool and interesting features.

  • now thats whats up

  • i remember that F.T.I ad promo thingy. it was funny

  • couldn’t have said it better myself….without using unneccesary profanity LOL! much respect dude!

  • Zshooster

    Holy shit. Thank you for writing this.

  • Matt_the_man

    ya know what would make tech the greatest artist who ever lived…. if he put all 6’s and 7’s up for free download

  • WELL SAID! this made me happy to read! :]

  • The ones that hate are ignorant.

  • I have been a tech fan for a long time, I can also say that I don’t think Tech collabing with Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain is going to produce a great song. But, there have been songs in the past I don’t like and there will be songs in the future I don’t like. Why get all angry and upset about it? I don’t think Tech has ‘sold out’ or is being a hypocrite. I just think that he knows the value of that collaboration and it is what it is. If you don’t like it, Turn that shit off. Tech is the greatest entertainer alive and Strange has been dropping QUALITY music for a long time and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I don’t think Tech, Strange, or anyone in the camp needs to be making these types of blogs. Tech and Strange know what they are doing and if you don’t like it, You have the great option of getting the fuck out.. But then again I guess they also have the option to complain about it on a forum as well.. :-

  • Tech N9ne and Strange Music are going to blow the WORLD away with talent. I’m not sure what you call that. 🙂

  • Larry

    My problem with Tech doing collaborations with big name artists isn’t about selling out. I’m tired of all the collaborations that he does, period. I want to hear Tech N9ne… not Tech N9ne featuring so-and-so all of the time. You say he’s at the height of his career, but I disagree. KILLER was the height of his career, and I for one think he’s now on a downslide… due to his numerous collaborations. That and also due to the instability of Strange Music. It seems like every month someone new is signed, and another artist or group leaves. I love Stevie Stone, don’t get me wrong. He sounds ALOT like Magic, and that’s a good thing, cuz Magic & C-Murder were the only 2 artists that made No Limit any good. And speaking of No Limit, that’s what Strange Music is to me nowadays. Kutt, Krizz, & Stevie are good, but beyond that, Strange sucks. Grave Plott was bad-ass… they’re gone. Prozac was sick… he’s gone. And Cognito was the best on the label for the minute-and-a-half that he was there. Tech doing a callobo with Weezy’s cool, but he doesn’t NEED to. And the other callobo’s I’ve heard about are SO unnecessary. Personally, I could care less about them, I mean really, E-40 is crap, as is T-Pain. If Tech can’t come out with anything on his own anymore, than I for one, don’t care about him anymore. So, my problem with Tech is that he ain’t Tech any more… he’s Master P from 1999… the year No Limit died…

  • Mattgargus

    I disagree with a few points but you aren’t being haterish so I respect your opinion. One correction though, Prozak is in fact still on Strange. He was interviewed like 2 weeks ago on the Strange blogs and has said he’s not going anywhere, and is working on several albums to be released as soon as he gets the clearance and also wants to direct videos for Krizz and Lynch. Grave Plott, Skatterman & Snug Brim, and Cognito are the only ones to date to leave.

  • Mattgargus

    Amen. And as far as crappy collabos go, I’m more interested to hear Lil’ Wayne on a track than another debacle with Messy Marv. Tech likes who he likes and his verses are always fire. If I don’t like the song, I’ll skip it, but I won’t stop listening to Tech like a punk.

  • afan,NOTatechnician

    good article.

    and seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the cover? it looks perfectly fine, tech lookin badass. what the hell are yall complaining about. could YOU do better? i think not.

  • Chrisncool

    Hell yeah!!! TECH N9NE & LUPE FIASCO!

  • Chrisncool

    Naw man, look at Def Jam… How many artists are signed under Def Jam? LIKE A MILLION! lol It’s a RECORD LABEL, they’re supposed to sign people! And I understand and respect your point on Tech doing too many collabos, I honestly wanna hear Tech more than anyone but, you gotta let Tech do Tech. And this IS the height of his career, not Killer, because of all the websites and TV mentions that are going on now that never went on back then. Tech is getting thousands and thousands of new fans by the hour (with Bad Season, and now with the Wayne collabo). Plus, the song’s will be hot fire regardless. You know Tech N9ne chose the right beats and these artists HAD to step it up for him. At the end of the day, the music is still there. So stop ya bitchin. lol

  • Chrisncool

    Naw, AMEN TO YOU! Finally someone said it! Messy Marv was SHIT on “Nothin”. Tha Popper sucked on “Get the Fuck Outta Here”. There were more collabos on MLK that sucked. Lil Wayne is, at least, better than all these guys. Imagine we get a verse from Weezy like “6’7”! You’re a straight up hater if you don’t think that track was raw! I’m very sure Wayne will deliver, Tech N9ne will undoubtedly kill it, and if T-Pain does what he did on “Welcome To My Hood REMIX” then he will be decently good.

  • Chrisncool

    That ship is sailed, buddy. Nice try though. Put your money out and buy the album without asking for a free copy.

  • Chrisncool

    Hey, I like your comment but watch what u say now… “No other artist before has given up their family for the fans” is one of the most false statements I’ve heard in a long time. I understand what you’re trying to say, but I still feel bad for Tech, that he doesn’t get to see his fam as much as he really wants to. I have mixed feelings about that subject, because I love the fact that Tech loves his fans enough to stop and talk to us, but why should we rejoice when he’s dying inside? I love him not only as just a rapper, but as a person, for I have connected on a personal level with him (NO HOMO). He should be able to see his kids as much as he wants to. Don’t get me wrong though, I still fully appreciate it!

  • Chrisncool


  • pootr

    Great article that speaks for a lot of us technicians who still stand strong behind strange music. Let haters hate. They will only create a bigger buzz and an even more successful year.

  • Swanee

     Promoters control ticket prices

  • tech n9ne will demolish everything. thats why hes my favorite rapper.

  • AzStranger

    This is what I’ve been trying to tell people., thank you.

  • AzStranger

    This is what I’ve been trying to tell people., thank you.

  • AzStranger

    This is what I’ve been trying to tell people., thank you.

  • True fans love to see their favorite artists succeed.  So let the haters hate.  Wreck said it best, “You need hate to know
    that you’re reaching enough people.”

  • Digiorno88

    “I aint switchin’ to mainstream, only what is happening is you watching the mainstream go me”-Tech N9ne

  • Anon E. Mouse

    The people who call Tech a sellout are among the many who don’t understand the word.

    They think that simply because an underdog has risen to the top means they’re a sellout, which is not the case.

    Tech isn’t being embraced by more and more mainstream mediums because he’s changed. He is being accepted because the voices of those who want to hear Tech’s music have become so loud that the industry can no longer ignore him.

    The music industry is run by people who don’t understand the product they are selling. They understand numbers, they can see what is selling, but they couldn’t honestly tell you why.

    So when an up-and-comer who only needs a little exposure shows up, these guys don’t know what to do. They don’t know a good artist when they see one so they don’t take the risk.

    Now that Tech has done all the hard work and proven that people want to hear his music the big businesses accept him so they can profit from his success as well.

  • Weinerbobjohnson

    I hope Tech Does songs with all those mainstream losers, so that people can see how a real rapper operates next to overrated tools like lil wayne and all those fuckers!!! Maybe if drake lovers see how tech spits they will realize that they wasted lots of money and time on artists who shouldn’t even be considered artists!


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