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Published: April 21, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Here I am sitting on my video set, in a room, by myself, doing the biggest video of my career called HE’S A MENTAL GIANT, & the casting person said they needed a sexy ethnic girl to be on my arm and another type of chick on my other! Well, they found the another type but asked me if I could find the ethnic one! So I said gimme a minute! As I go thru my phones pics numbers videos etc, I noticed I ain’t got enough ethinc, Fuck that, black chicks in my phone! So the black or other chicks I got a hold of wasn’t really feeling our sexy wizard of oz wicked theme and declined! And I got ta thinkin, my black chicks ain’t comin to my shows but when they see me out they scream the loudest and jump up and down the most so the shit ain’t adding up when I see the most love when I’m at Americas pub or expressions or macs or phase ll etc. So while I’m sitting here shooting this HUMONGUS MTV BET MONSTROSITY of a video, I can’t find my black girls that show me sooooo much love when they see me out partying and I’m Fuckin sad Yaw ain’t wit me! All other creeds frequent STRANGELAND and I love them for it but when it comes to my sistas, I gets NADA! Where Yaw at baby? TECH N9NE!

  • idk who in their right mind would deny u forreal..its an insult to me as a young black female..fuck that..

  • JasonDavidFrank

    Damn and black females are some of the world’s best.

  • janet

    tech dont judge the few black girls that wont show up on the whole freaking race i know i would!your just looking wrong!i know alot of black girls listen to you!your just looking in all the wrong places tech!anyways quit worryin bout what color a chick or dude be and just do you

  • Stay strange and they will come ! Naw but seriously, that’s really too bad , you really have been a very big part of my life and I feel so connected to what you say in your songs , without your music , I wouldn’t have been so open minded to the rap community! You’ve opened my eyes and my mind !!!

  • Stay strange and they will come ! Naw but seriously, that’s really too bad , you really have been a very big part of my life and I feel so connected to what you say in your songs , without your music , I wouldn’t have been so open minded to the rap community! You’ve opened my eyes and my mind !!!

  • Cold Heat

    I’ve always supported your music since I ran across it in 2006, and been a fan ever since. I’ma mixed breed female, and love your music and came to one of your concerts and you are right. There was not alot of blacks period that was there for you it was the Fire and Ice Tour in Dallas, TX. Don’t worry about the females that are missing out, if you would have called me for the video shoot, I would have came to show my support and have some time with you. Peace…

  • Don’t let the light skin fool ya…Ok, I do go to your shows…can’t wait for Hollywood show (I have yet to meet you, so thats why I am 1 of few that don’t have a pic of u on your site-under this same name)….I went to the 1 last year, and went to one @ the Key Club b4. @ the Key Club, I felt like a fuckin’ oddity. Hollywood the diversity was apparent, didn’t see a whole lot of
    “us”, but was happy to some dudes. I did notice;however, that we don’t like to b in the pit…they be jumpin’ around to much, and black people, we don’t like that shit as much, So I was off to the side, I learned my lesson from the Key Club…shit I just went 2 Roscoe’ s on Sunset & Gower, and it made me think of you and that verse. LoL, so I guess eventhough there was progress in the movement, blk folk still hangin’ in the back baby…ha! Futhermore, if you extended a hand to ethnic woman who turned you down, where in the hell is the loyalty in that? Well Keep on keepin’ on…I’m always listening to some cut of yours EVERYday, and that ain’t no jive! I know some of your songs were supposedly made for women, like in KILLER, but I like the raw emotion in others…I’m the atypical woman.
    I also have and love most of the horror movies you mentioned.

  • Thank You for noticing!

  • This would be a great time to make a “Message to the black woman” track!

  • trixie

    i know this has nothing todo with your post tech But WE WANT MORE PROZAK GODDAMNIT! LOL its been to damn long Prozak is one of my favs on Strange MUSIC! also your ass needs to get on ustream again! lol luv ya!

  • itsyaniggarick

    what do you mean blacks dont do mosh pits?blacks stay in the back? girl you acting like if your black you act the same and move talk walk the same if you black! lol wtf im black and you can catch me in the mosh pits i have white and mexican asian friends who wont go to the mosh pits so i guess they acting black! lol i also am in the front everytime i go to a show!
    i always hated that stereotype if your black you act the same if your white you act the same etc etc
    no hate though sista peace

  • I agree with Nunya, there is more of “them” and less of “us”. When I was at the meet and greet last year in Santa Cruz I think there like 10 or 15 of us out of maybe 50 or 60 people. Even though our people in the past fought for the right for the future generation to be in the front we still tend to group toward the back anyway. I listen to his music pretty faithfully, I mean like out of maybe 150 songs on my phone 100 of them are tech n9ne songs or strange music related. When I go to concerts I try to be just close enough to where I can see but not to close because I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the moshpit, I don’t like being pushed around. The venue that he normally does his concerts here in cali has balconies so I always end up there.

  • Everyone has there own opinions about things. Even though I agree with what nunya is saying im not saying that all black people are the same. Everyone is different no matter what race you are but alot of black tend not to like being in the mosh pit. just because your one of the few doesnt mean were stereotyping, its obvious when you go to the concert.

  • I’m uh hit up Hollywood, and I am thinkin’ bout sashayin’ up 2 the balcony at HOB this time around. Thanks for the validation Bayarea chick…I am a faithful follower as well.

  • Yeah dawg, I appreciate the no hate….cause u can’t take my words as B&W, I said “we” don’t like that shit as much….Cause really man, I don’t like to be misconstrued…thats why before I responded I red what u had to say twice. Also I stayed in the pit, because I like to be in the thick of things…no one held me there…so there you go, I HIT UP THE MOSH PIT…so as I said before not as much, and I did come w/someone else, and they didn’t like the shit either…I’m tryin’ to take things in…inhale my surroundings, I don’t want any doc visits, and I want to take in the entire experience, and for me that means watching any and everything hence, PeepingTomETTE2, my name on T9’s site. I don’t stay in a category either…sterotypes r there for a reason, does everyone fit?…NO….I’m one of em’ I don’t stay in 1 lane.

  • very nice

  • Sincityvs300

    you should use sasha grey in your video


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