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POLL: Do You Prefer ‘Psycho Bitch’ Or ‘Psycho Bitch II’ ?

Published: April 27, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne released one of his most popular tracks ever on 2001’s Anghellic. “Psycho Bitch” became an instant classic among Tech N9ne fans, with its high energy production and unique sampling of John Carpenter’s Halloween theme. The track served as an anthem for those of us who have had to deal with the less than stable females of the world. Tech returned to his roots on Killer when he dropped “Psycho Bitch II”, only this time he brought along Liquid Assassin. The long awaited sequel track combined all of the elements from the original along with another sample, this time from Phantom Of The Opera. Both tracks have become huge hits at live shows all over the world. We would like to know which of the two tracks you prefer.

Vote below for your pick.



    Psycho Bitch II goes harder

  • Chrisncool

    how the fuck is Psycho Bitch even close to part 2? Part 2 is the BEST! The production, his flow, his voice, EVERYTHING on Psycho Bitch II was better than the first. Come to your senses people… Just because Anghellic was first and classic doesn’t mean that Killer wasn’t classic either. I personally like Killer better, but i wont argue that. But i WILL argue that the 2nd part of PB is on a whole other level compared to the 1st.

  • That’s a tough one, both great sampled beats & hard verses from Tech but I didn’t like Liquid Assassin’s verse really so I’m gonna have to say the first Psycho Bitch.

  • Tech definitely came way harder on that track. I just can’t stand Liquid Assassin’s verse, I could barely even understand him, if he slowed down or if he was able to rap fast then I would’ve chosen PB2

  • Anonymous

    Psycho Bitch II. That track is one of my all time favorite musical pieces! So hard, in fact I’mma listen to it now.

  • Smoke-a-latta`

    we want some backwords tech !!!!

  • I think the original was way better honestly i really like Tech in  part 2 but liquid assassins verse dosent seem to do it for me seems like he’s trying to hard and he didn’t bring anything new to the table lyrically ive heard so many people use psycho like Michael  from krayzie bone to Hitchcock and la’s harmonies were garbage in my opinion I could of killed it yo check me out everyone if you support underground independent music that’s worth listening 2 like Techa nina


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