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POLL: Should Tech N9ne Bring Back Nnutthowze?

Published: April 6, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne stunned fans last year when he released “What’s Yo Psycho” with Brotha Lynch Hung and Sundae, as part of a Nnutthowze reincarnation. The killer track brought back a vintage feel to Tech’s music, and fans began to wonder if this was the start of something new. Almost a year later, nothing has come to fruition. The Nnutthowze name sparks a lot of emotions with Tech fans everywhere. The question is, should he bring it back? We would like to know how you feel about a new Nnutthowze project.

Vote below if you would like to see Tech N9ne bring back the Nnutthowze.


  • Kyle

    NEEDS to be some form of the original line up, include Icy Rock, etc.

  • Idk if I’d want this…Unless it had all the original members. I didn’t like the idea of Brotha Lynch & Sundae being in the group. To me it’s kinda like if Dre & Cube brought back NWA without Eazy-E & throwin’ in The Game or somethin’ lol.

  • Chrisncool

    Oh come on, The Game would fit PERFECTLY in NWA!

  • Chrisncool

    I voted YES, but I want the SICCKEST mothafuckas on it. Not just anybody on Strange. Like i dont think Kutt will fit in. Sundae, DEFINITELY NOT!!! But Brotha Lynch Hung, HELL YEAH! Honestly, I thought NNUTTHOWZE was the mix of Icy Roc on the beat & Tech N9ne on the vocals… I didn’t realize there were more members… Can someone tell me the other members?

  • MassterVX

    The Warning of the oNe who is coming claiming define auuthority……

  • Tech N9ne, Icy Roc, Zkeircrow, Brian, Troy, Againy, Phlaque, Dynomack, LaCoya, & Will The Weirdo

  • DwnFrmDay1

    Don’t bring back something that 90% of your Fans now have no clue about!! I’ve been listening to Tech since 97, I have all the albums, bought when they were actually released out of a mom and pop shop. I have numerous doubles of all the RDV stuff. I also work within the biz, I say that, for this. . .out of most of the people I come across that listen to Tech, most of them had never bought an album of his until after Everready was out for quite some time, in fact most of the people’s first new tech album was K.O.D. That is great from one perspective and Extremely sad from another. So, don’t bring back something none of these fools REALLY know anything about!! Keep evolving, if anything re-release some of the older albums so that people can actually buy them and stop ripping them off online. A greatest hits Double album would be awesome too. . . don’t do it if your just gonna do a single one, there’s wayyyy too much good for that. . .you could do At Least 35 songs. .

  • Talamalopilis

    Brian dennis wouldn’t create nnutthowze if he didn’t think some day it would become huge. It would be really nice for tech to trace back to his roots now that he’s been around for so long. This or kabosh should be your next album because anything else would look shy following all 6s and 7s.


    yea i agree with you….. cause NNUTTHOWZE wouldn’t be the same, and plus the new fans don’t know shit…. im with you i’ve been listening to tech since 98… an plus NOBODY has really heard any of he NNUTTHOWZE shit cause IcyRoc still got all them tracks….

  • Snuff

    I would REALLY like if the old nnutthowze shit was released!

  • MassterVX

    lovin this shit man … thanx again…

  • I would love to have some of the old stuff released, but im torn on bringing it back, if you did it would have to be the sickest of sick to get on it. obviously majority of production by icyroc would be a must.

  • Bug121291

    id wanna hear OG fools from the group. dont even think of putting out some nnutthowze shit if it is original cats… or your gunna piss some poeple the fuck off.

  • Bug121291

    easy E couldnt rap for shit….. but same principle your right

  • Bug121291


  • Bug121291

    divine* sorry

  • NutthouzeDave

    NuTtHoUzE in this BiZzNiSh!!! bring it Tech plz…

  • Acruce Mortem

    Tech, Icy Rock, and Lynch = NNUTTHOWZE!!!!


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