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To the people who think Imma drop lynch!

Published: April 11, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Me & lynch had a serious falling out that most could not come back from due to the threatening nature of the situation. We had a sit down at strange the Monday after the gathering in which all accusations were denied and we agreed to move forward from the bullshit! At 1st I took the stance of never rapping on anymore of the material because the severity of this thing but I had to step outside my personal shit and realize this is a business and the nigga is way too talented to just cease all things dealing with lynch no matter how insane the situation! So he hit me and left a message of some verse that was murder! So murder that I called back and said you way too talented nigga Fuck that shit we gonna get this money Fuck the bullshit and after that I did the two songs for his album! The only way I’m gonna drop a nigga is when they have no more dope within them. Even me! So I’m lookin forward to seeing how far this nigga goes and I will always champion for the nigga just like I did to get him over here at strange! Congrats to lynch on his new release and I hope for many more if this god forsaking place holds up! So I hope this answers any every inquiry you guys might have bout the situation. K.O.D.

  • fail

    So what happened

  • never knew there was a situation in the first place. Glad it’s over though.

  • I’m curious about what happened as well.

  • Ivbeats

    i heard the tension in daam but i think its all jus publicity, even this

  • Now I’m more confused than ever lol. Why were they even beefing in the first place?

  • Publicity for what? Lynch’s album is already out and this certainly would not sway listeners one way or another. The issue arises from separate interviews in which both Lynch and Tech stated that they were not on the best of terms. This was some time ago. There isn’t some master publicity plan behind this.

  • midwest myles

    good to see there on good terms now. lynch and tech murder shit. tech still wont go into detail about what happened so im still wonderin exactly what happened.

  • Chrisncool

    Did Brotha Lynch threaten to kill you or something? WTF HAPPENED!?

  • damn what the fuck happened?

  • its a really long story.
    it happened around bad season

  • Wasn’t there something Lynch posted on his twitter awhile back hatin on Nicki Minaj…around the same time Tech was starting to talk about getting her on his album? That’s the only thing I can think of that may have had them “beefin.”

  • JasonDavidFrank

    Tech N9ne you are a real dude. Showin it ain’t always sunny at Strange Music, but you guys came together for two of the hardest collabs. So hard the fans are debating in the TRTN forums about which one is better. Way to go Lynch and Tech on being grown ass men.

  • mrbrown3709

    what happened?

  • proof?

  • mast3rmind1

    Cut Lynch? LOL This is the only talent on Strange anymore. Tech N9ne just wants money and his new music is bad. Very bad season. Lynch is the best. Cut him I dare you, he’s well above your level anyways.

  • Rickdallas18

    ignorance…BLH is dope..but look at the mateial hes rapping on..why i cant support a whole album..moron

  • if anyone finds out, lemme know…i could tell in lynch’s new album that something was up, from the songs, but dwamn i didnt know they made it public like this. but yea it would be dumb to drop him over some personal drama, he is my fav on Strange!!


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