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‘Damu’ [Song]

Published: May 5, 2011 in Big Scoob by

If Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” is “A Milli” on steroids, then Scoob’s “Damu” was hit by Gamma rays. Smashing through with enough bass to carry the weight of the MCs on the track, “Damu” is a classic hood banger. Built like a typical posse cut, Scoob is joined by Messy Marv, Bumpy Knuckles, Skatterman, and Jay Rock. Putting it down for their sets, “Damu” finds each MC pledging to their crew and the streets they came from. Featuring a repetitive hook, this track incites listeners to move and knock like the sick drums pounding throughout. Everything from the production to the lyrics kicks like a gangsta rap throwback. Scoob brings his hood with him as he flows:

Killa city on some Blood shit
brimstone, stand strong, nigga five-six

If fans wanted more hardcore tracks out of Scoob, they got it in the form of “Damu”.

Click here to purchase Damn Fool from iTunes.

"Damu" was produced by Michael "Seven" Summers.


    This is one of my favorite songs on the cd. I listened to all of the cd on Monday when I got it a day early and when that came on I had to hit repeat a couple times. Awesome!


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