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‘Doin My Thang’ [Song]

Published: May 27, 2011 in Big Scoob by

Shut up bitch” is how “Doin My Thang” opens. “Doin My Thang” is Damn Fools closer song. Scoob pretty much blueprints out to you how this album got put together. Everything from his return to music, to his signing with Strange Music gets a mention. How does Scoob do his thing lately? He has been out on the road most days on the stage or in a plane. “Instead of rock, now it’s rap and roll.” Just who do you ask is he rolling out and rapping with? Well, up and coming star Glasses Malone, and legends like E-40 and Fat Joe. One of the most important things he is doing is still repping 57 RDV (Rogue Dog Villans). He is going to take all of this “world wide lord willin.”

I can’t forget you, I’m just tryin to get my issue, I’m just doing my thang!” sings Irv Da Phenom. This song also features TXX Will, who is native to KC. Production is done by Mike “EM80” Dupree. Just like the chorus, Scoob promises, “Man I could never forget where I come from” , giving a shout out to all his people at the end of the song. No matter where he is in the world, Scoob does his thang!

“Doin My Thang” was produced by Mike “EM80” Dupree.


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