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POLL: What Do You Anticipate Most From Lynch’s ‘Holloween Night’ EP?

Published: May 4, 2011 in Brotha Lynch Hung by

With the announcement of Lynch’s Holloween Night EP, fans are already buzzing over what the Coathanga Strangla has in store. Known for his sadistic and bloodthirsty lyrics, Lynch weaves together the most terrifying tales in hip hop today. Just what exactly does he have in store for Halloween? Fans will find out on October 31, but before then, we would like know what you anticipate most from Lynch’s Holloween Night EP.

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    I think it’d be cool is he had a video for the ep’s songs too. if there are only a few, he might be able to make on for each. I am most excited about the new music though. I wasn’t sure I would like Lynch when I first started listening to him, but it reminds me of a show like SVU, just pure entertainment!


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