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POLL: Tracks Kutt Calhoun SHOULD Have Been On?

Published: May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized by

If there’s one thing Kutt Calhoun is known for, it’s his stunning guest features. From Tech N9ne’s albums to Krizz Kaliko’s albums, Kutt has been a part of the hottest songs on Strange Music. Still, there have been some tracks that managed to escape a feature from Kutt Calhoun for one reason or another. We have compiled a list of some tracks that we believe could have benefited from a Kutt Calhoun verse. We would like to know which one you think would have sounded the best with an added boost from Kutt.

Vote below for your pick.


Have any more suggestions? Leave your thoughts below!

  • His Verse for “Welcome To the Midwest” Needs to be released! NOW!

  • Ohio Usa Com

    Every single song Tech has Krizz on should have Kutt on as well, I feel as if they cut Kutt out alot. Kutt spits straight fire! He’s the Kansas City Chief mofos And every artists from strange should have every artists from strange on there cds at least on one song or more with all of them.!!!! Strange artists together is amazing! Big Scoob didn’t have Kutt on either one of his albums, neither did Lynch, fuckin pisses me off, he had both of them on his albums. ASSHOLES, they don’t want him to be featured on there songs cuz he’ll steal the song cuz in every song he’s featured in he brings it. I’m telling you Kutt is the best artists from strange!!!!! Bloody Kutty Cal!!!!! For the win!


    I won’t go to the extreme that you are saying but I do agree Kutt should be on more songs. I know his touring this year cut away from him not bing on Scoobs album. I would like to hear a lynch collabo with him soon though.


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