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If You Could Meet Tech N9ne… [Discussion]

Published: May 23, 2011 in Tech N9ne by
I know that a lot of people out there are probably thinking to themselves, “I already met Tech N9ne!”, and that’s awesome, of course, because Tech is such an amazing an inspirational man! But for those of you who haven’t met Tech yet, or even for those of you who just met him in passing and didn’t really have a chance to talk to him, what would you say to Tech if you could just sit down and kick it? If you had a couple of hours to just rattle his brain, what would you ask him?

I was fortunate to meet Tech N9ne in August of 2008 when he and the rest of the Strange Music crew were touring with Kottonmouth Kings and Hed PE. The Strange Noize Tour came to The Agora in Cleveland on the 23rd, and you had better believe that I was there! I scored some V.I.P. passes from a friend and got to chill backstage with the bands all night. Everyone was really great and down to earth. After the initial shock of meeting him, I pretty much just asked Tech about his life, and made small talk with him. Looking back I wish I had put a few moments into thinking about what I was going to ask him instead of just jabbering on about whatever. I would have loved to ask him about what the favorite part of touring is. Or what he does to just relax when he isn’t bangin’ out lyrics. What’s his favorite flavor Pop Tart? Things of that nature. So, I come to you, Techn9cians, wondering what would YOU ask Tech?

-Rachel K, Strange Music Blogs Contributor

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If you had the opportunity to meet Tech N9ne, what would you ask him? Would you be nervous? Leave your thoughts below!

  • Carlilolita

     DUDEEEE if i met tech n9ne…. i’d like die. and then say want some hennnesssyyyyyy?! lol, but actualllly, it would be so awesome

  • Cnj9586

    I would tell him thank you for music thats worth listening too and thank you for putting you life and soul out for us to see and be inspired by. I would ask about his life in entertainment if it was worth the struggle. I would ask for advice I would bring p anything i could i would definatley take advantage of the time to talk about anything I could. It would be awesome to sit and talk to tech see whats on his mind and what he has to say about everything in the world. thats what i would if i had the chance. 

  • Nick Harley

    spend all time Begging him to come to the UK for a show

  • MissMelanie

     Being a very busy parent, I can only imagine how he misses his kids while he’s out on tour.  I would love to ask him what helps him cope with missing out on all the special events while he is out.

  •  if i had the chance to be gloried by his presence i would ask him how his day has been. granted i have thousands of questions that i would love to bombard him with. But I would also love to thank him for the music that helped save my life, his music is inspiring to those who need it,  and I know I’ll probly never get the chance to thank him in person so this is to you Tech… Thank you for chance to listen to music the way it should be and thanks to you millions can share the same miricale that we call music in your name. MMFWCL!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  • For me it’s pretty simple, I wouldn’t bombard him with questions on how to further my music career. I would let him know he gets a lot of love from Halifax, Nova Scotia and then we’d talk about whatever came to mind. I would thank him for keepin it one hunit. I would just treat him like a normal everyday person. Tech N9tian for life!


    If I had the chance to meet Tech N9ne, I’d shake his hand tell him that Come Gangsta is my favorite song of his, and then I’d ask him when the next time he’s coming to Nashville to party.  

  • Gavino Rodriguez

    If I gotta chance to talk to Tech N9ne I wouldn’t know wat to say. I would probably ask him about his earlyer life  and wen he first started rapping. About his beliefs in God and such. I would ask him about the event that happened on the Everready album. And just wat ever I could think of. I really want to meet Tech N9ne even if its just a hand shake and picture.

  • Chris

    Never Met tech, but I met Kutt Kalhoun, I bought his album that first night i saw him perform, than saw him at a table chillen by himself after the I walked up to him, asked for his autograph..and I awkwardly stood there trying to rip open the damn plastic off the case so he could sign it, so he took it from my hands put the case in his mouth and used his teeth to open it, he scratched up the case too lol it’s cool though got it signed and drank a beer with him…good times…man I really want to meet Tech though.. I met Immortal Technique! does that count?! lol


    I’d be interested to know more about the process of songwriting. Since his parts often lead perfectly into the hook, does he  come up with he hook first? Does he have some kind of method or does it totally depend on the beat itself, how to write to it?

    I’d ask Tech about how he works with his producers on songs. I’m sure his producers know him quite well and feel what kind of beat they wanna hear him on, but does Tech come up with themes and ideas and feels which producer would be the perfect match for the song?
    For example on KOD, quite at the beginning, there are these 4 tracks with beats from YoungFyre, those songs even are all the same pitch. Did Tech know that YoungFyre would be the right producer for those explosive, hard (ANGER) beats while for example Matic Lee & Seven are more producing the crazy (MADNESS) and sad (THE HOLE) beats.

  • Psycho Maestro

    I wouldn’t ask him anything. I’d tell him he’s been one of my biggest inspirations in my life. His music uplifted me when I needed it too. He taught me what good rap was AND how to rap. Now, I’m doing my own thing with my best friend at my side. Been writing for years, now we’re recording, next we’re gonna learn how to master volumes and mix our tracks. I look at Tech like hes my dojo master and I’m his deciple. We were just picked as a song of the week on and we haven’t even had our music on the web for a month yet. *Shameless self promotion**.

    But thank you Tech. You’ve shown me what TRUE artistry and passion is in Hip Hop. You never stop getting better. You invent rhyme formats that are untouchable. And you still have the greatest flow ever.

    TECH N9NE: The Greatest Rapper Of All Time.

  • Psycho Maestro

     Pretty positive he DOES come up with the hook first. If I remember correctly he picks a beat, develops a chorus and theme, then writes his verses.

  • Psycho Maestro

     Oh, and I picked my artist name from one of his lyrics as a tribute to him. It describes me pretty good as well though.

  • Louie

     YES that would be amazing. I travelled to Amsterdam especially to see him, I would beg him to hit up London.

  • Louie

    I totally F**ked it up when i met him. I travelled to Amsterdam especially to watch Tech and Kaliko. 3 hours before the show started I went to check out the venue . As I jumped off my bike this huge shiny car with tinted windows pulled up and i was like “no this can’t be them right” but yeah right before my eyes they both stepped out, all swagged out. I was so star struck, and literally lost for words. It’s weird because I felt like I knew Tech. I really respected him because he just walked up straight to me and shook my hand. Gave me 5 minutes of his time. I have no clue what i said to him, my head was swimming. I even forgot to ask for a photo. Then the next day, while I was chilling by the canal, smoking with a friend, I saw him walking by. Man, he was such a cool dude. He had no problem with me just stopping him on the street. As soon as he recognised me he smiled and was just so damn friendly. I managed to actually speak this time and got a wicked picture. What a couple of days.

  • R-Bow

     I would go nuts dude,i would say where i’m from,how much he is an inspiration to me,and how he has helped me to better get over the death of my uncle R.I.P.,and i would say to him that he has been the greatest inspiration to me,and since i rap to, i would say if he saw me somewhere on a show,with great songs,i would tell him that he is the creator of all that,and that he is the greatest rapper alive, and to finish this chit chat i would ask him to come to Serbia on a show and i’d take a picture with him.

  • Max

    HE NEEDS TO GET TO LONDON. But I talked to Wrekonize (from MAYDAY) and they said they’re hopefully coming here with the rest of SM after the A6&7 tour !

  • Rabzius

    if i had the chance to meet him id be so fuckin happy lol hes my fuckin idol i love that guy i wish the day would come and we could smoke a blunt together and hed hook me up with some fine ass bitches haha TEch n9ne baby all night all day

  • I doubt I’ll ever meet Tech N9ne because I don’t see me buying V.I.P.  It would be cool to meet him though, I guess I’d just talk to him about music.

  •  It would be surreal, for a minute and I would realize there only may be one opportunity in my life time to do so. I wouldn’t waste time telling him what he already knows. I would ask questions, about real things, in life. Some advice.  I would try to do everything in my power to get him to listen to my music. I think he’d dig it. Wish him luck and love. 

  • Juggalette978

    If i was to meet the infamous Tech N9ne it  would be the greatest day of my life. Tech is an amazing artist. I would give him a hug and thank him for all the incredible music hes made over the years. i would get to talking to him about his life and everythings influenced him. I would ask him how he is still able to produce all this amazing music throughout the years even with the haters he has. i would tell him that he is a major influence to me and that i listen to him everyday. id tell him im getting a tech n9ne tattoo because i love him that much and i want him to be with me forever. I would tell him to keep producing his music for so many more years. He’ll never be a sell out no matter what the fuck other people say. They are all jealouse that they can’t accomplish what he has.The day that i meet Tech N9ne will be a day that would never be forgotten. I am a technician <3

  • stonerson

    id be like u wanna smoke this with me man

  • i met tech. I said I thought he was a vary talented artist and he said thanks.  
    It was awesome.  Security told me I would be escorted out of the line if I blazed up again but I was the guy who had that stanky stank AK47 in the autograph line at the GOTJ 2009. I had my best friend and my wife with me and I will never forget it!  GOt his autograph and Krizz’s and Kutt’s (along with some favorites from Psychopathic Whoop Whoop) on my GOTJ tshirt.  Fucking killer show that night.  Techn99999ne


  • Say what’s up and tell him all his music has done for me when I was at rock bottom. And probably get a picture with him.

  • Swan

    Get drunk and go to the strip club.

  • JJ

    I would just kick it with him and talk about what ever topic came up. but most importantly we would be outside grillin up some BBQ ribs, chicken and what ever else was around to be thrown in the grill cause thats how I do it up here in MN

  • I wouldn’t ask him anything. Everyone’s gotta ask him questions all the time. I just thank him for doin’ what he does and stayin’ real to himself. Then keep it movin’ to whatever came up

  • James J.

    I’d tell him to “leave me alone” haha jk, I’d have to ask him how he’s doin, and tell him how I wish I could feel as good as him sometimes.  Tech N9ne is hmm let’s see, well he’s Tech N9ne!   shoutout from James in Michigan


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