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My tongue!

Published: May 18, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

So since I’ve been over here in Canada, the right side of the tip of my tongue spasms a lil bit in the same spot every day! It feels like a tiny person is inside my tongue pulling a tiny rope thats connected to that section of my tongue. It feels like a little pressure going back and forth in that tiny area and if I stick my tongue out and look in the mirror I can see the tiny rope tongue tugger at work! It’s weird! Ofcoarse I’ve had muscle spasms in the eye, my temples and parts of the leg but never my tongue! I hope its nothing and does not get worse with time cause my chopper skills are better than ever these days and I can’t afford a lazy tongue! Dr. D’angelo, help me out and tell me if this indicates anything detrimental. TECH N9NE!

  • let me fix ur tongue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  •  It is cancer.

  • ahh!!! man wish u the best man. get well soon. we still need 2 hear alot more from u.

  • Anonymous

    Your tongue can’t keep up with the flow. No worries here , I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  • when i get a spasm in my eye, i rub it and it really helps

  • Carmona-rc

    Sounds like you’re tounge is trying to break free and go out on its own

  • Zakk

     Your tongues trying to go solo brother!


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