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Tech N9ne Fans Produce Worldwide Choppers Cover [VIDEO]

Published: May 29, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

As the release of “Worldwide Choppers” produced by Seven from Tech N9ne’s upcoming album, All 6’s and 7’s, spreads around the world, fans everywhere have been voicing their opinions about the fast-rapping track. Covering music is becoming more popular by the day, but until now, no one had dared to cover the almost the entire song.

These fans from Midnight Covers produced a cover of “Worldwide Choppers” spitting the verses of Tech N9ne, Yelawold, Twista and Busta Rhymes.

Click here or scroll down below to watch this video.

Be sure to follow Tech N9ne on his official Twitter page and check out the most anticipated hip hop tour of the summer, All 6’s and 7’s Tour, to see when Tech is coming to a city near you!

What did you think of this video? How well did Midnight Covers perform on their attempt to cover “Worldwide Choppers”? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

  • CKscribbles

    i can rap the song better than that guy, i mean, he did good, but he needs to pernounce the syllables more.
    i need a web cam to show yall how its done!

  • T-RO

    Thats pretty tight!

    LOL @ CKscribbles -you’re a dork. Stop gloating

  • lol, it sucks he had the wrong lyrics in the beginning.

    its “gobble the track up like im grabbin at mama nackas, i pop at you proper cause im partners wit waka flacka.
    gimme the top of hi hop, watch em make em rock with a show stoppa chakras poppin off the world wide choppers!

  • K Kerr

    I thought it was good. Creative! Good job dudes!

  • krayzie702

    GRUBBIN at mama nakas

  • learnhowtorap1243

    wow dude u suck. did u even listen to world wide choppers once before u tryed rapping it? or did u just hear about it, go on the internet, and look the lyrics up cause obvously you have no idea how the songs flow speccialy on busta’s part. way to go dude u pretty much single handedly ruined one of the best songs

  • Sibs

    I like the idea that a couple guys could do a cover. Dude sounds like Yelawolf for every part though, and he should’ve had a tall glass of water cuz it sounds like his mouth is dry. Good job for both people overall.

  • Wolfdeblackman10

    id like to see all of you try to do this, post in on youtube and send me the link. this was legit, this boy rapped fast as hell. so y’all can all stfu cause obvious “learnhowtorap” “CKscrubbles” and “Cody Rowan” can’t rap this shit. when u can, how about u get it posted on this blog like they did. Tech N9nes editor liked it, but y’all don’t have the balls to do that shit. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE

  • did i say it was bad? no. 
    i said he had the lyrics wrong.

  • TheN9ne

    fukkn suk id be able ta rip it more than these fools, that guy singn fukkn sukz and the rapper cant even rap clear


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