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Worldwide Choppers: Where the Choppers Live Around The World [Map]

Published: May 2, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

As fans await the highly anticipated release of Tech N9ne’s upcoming release, All 6’s And 7’s, we want to get you familiar with some of the choppers from the song “Worldwide Choppers”. Below is a map of where the choppers live around the globe. Can you find all of the 8 features on the song, “Worldwide Choppers”?

Which verse are you looking forward to the most?

Be sure to tune-in to XXL Magazine UStream Broadcast to watch the world premiere of “Worldwide Choppers”! Click here for more info!

  • Morten

    USO is NOT from Morocco, but from Denmark. Yes his Mother and father is from Morocco and Yemen, but USO himself is born and raised in Aarhus, Denmark. He also raps in danish. I’m from Denmark too, and I take some pride in the fact that a Dane is featured on a Tech N9ne-track 😉

  • Martin

    I am a Dane too, and I think that U$O is a great Danish rapper. I can’t wait to hear the song, not just because it features U$O but also because it features so many different styles of rappers. It ‘s gonna be dope!

  • CJ

    Thanks for the info Morten and Martin. It is now changed on the Google Map.


    Twisted Insane photo credit: Jeremiah Deasey for UPHEAVAL

  • Anthonycappuccio

    I dunno if I’d say it’s a wide variety of rappers, but definitely a track to remember for 2011.  If anyone turned some heads on this track it was Twisted Insane. 


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