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‘Cult Leader’ [Song]

Published: June 23, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Are you ready to fight hatred with love? Join us!”

Tech N9ne’s “Cult Leader” off the new album All 6’s and 7’s is a call to arms if there ever was one. Anyone who knows of Tech N9ne also knows of his extremely loyal fan base, the Technicians, who are the core of Tech’s unbelievable success over the years. On this song, however, Tech takes that loyalty to an entirely different level. With the conception of this song we see the full realization by Tech of his mental and spiritual powers. Tech N9ne is the ultimate intellectual and spiritual warrior for the greater good, and he’s been raising an army to fight the forces of evil that seem to grow stronger by the day.

Tech issues preparatory verses over haunting synths and a hype-instilling cadence of bass and snare, encouraging us Technicians to recognize evil and destroy it…with love. The most awe-inspiring moments undoubtedly come from the two breakdowns in which Tech’s choppy, arpeggiated flow gives rise to feelings of urgent purpose and importance. The line “I know this comes off violent but this fight’s for love/ It should not be this way but evil drew first blood” is the perfect embodiment of Tech’s milieu and one of the most simple yet poetic ways in which he has described his stance on life and the battle versus evil. From start to finish this song comes through as a rallying of troops, a lovingly militant statement to all those haters both literal and metaphorical that we will not bow to evil, we will overcome. What do we do to evil? O.W.H.H.! Off with his head!

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  • Joshwa81984

    yeah. word. the only thing i didn’t like was when he said the 
    “white is for the clouds in witch we came flyin into this jam with man and began dying.”
    he kinda implies that he is a fallen angel. which  are the fathers of demons/nephilim. 
    he should have said some thing like the white is for the light, and the clouds in which shall bring back christ.

    the Nortes, have been trying to do what tech talking about since 1976. we use the red, black, and white colors 
    and they represent, the blood of sacrifice that we and our fathers are willing to shed. the black is for the nights and sin in our life.
    and the white is for the light. alota people think that norte is a “mexican gang” but on the contrary. it was created to stop the mexican mafia from runnin things with there evil “gang”. founded by one white guy one black guy and two Hispanics. with the main priority, to take care of the family and propel the community into a more positive environment. 
    Northern.Organized.Resistance.Toward the. Enemy
     :: =live love life laughing 

    1 cause to live four,
    one cause to die 4.


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