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Fan’s Rapid ‘Breathe’ Flow [Video]

Published: June 2, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

It’s no secret that one of Tech N9ne’s biggest hits is “Breathe” from Anghellic. The menacing track features Tech’s signature speedy flow, and is absolutely one of his best. Tech N9ne fans are constantly trying to match Tech’s verses on “Breathe”, so much so that it’s almost like a rite of passage. Giving us an impressive take on “Breathe”, this female fan manages to run through the entire song. Her quick delivery would give a lot of other fans a run for their money. Be sure to check out the video, but remember to take a moment to breathe.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

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What did you think of this fans attempt at “Breathe”? Leave your thoughts below!

  • jonathanmayer0214

    seen worse, def. seen better………….seeing this makes me want to make a vid….cuz if she can be on here….so can I

  • MArk

    fucking terrible

  • Kyebye420

    tech nine kix y’all the songs help me express how i feel bout stupid shit lmao

  • she sucks donkey balls

  • Jacob

    Hearing her stutter, miss words, get words wrong, and run out of breath got annoying. I liked hearing her say “suckin a dick” though.

  • Fnbc

    nice marketing 

  • get in the kitchen !

  • Dismukesryan

    That shit was pretty tight. She kept up perfectly. Fuck yall haters and hating comments. You wish you could do that.

  • Ron_whit45601

    shes sexy as fuck and shes doing better at that track then me so i give her props shit girl you read this hit me up lol

  • rachp

    she was making up words half the time

  • fuck u hatters you just mad cuz she can rap better than u can

  • fuck u hatters you just mad cuz she can rap better than u can

  • Barryspeed

    Yea girl was great, sexy too 🙂

  • Gsaga

    fucking terrible but none the less sexy haha

  • nice try… i can do it faster, and on point tho lol….

  • syndrum

    dam vbl had to be here, check out vbl breathe on youtube

  • Leirae

    Sooo, I’ve been waiting on a chick to attempt to do this and do it HORRIBLY. She did just that. I would DEFINITELY put her and any other female who’d try to do a Tech song to shame. Especially, “Breathe”… that’s my FAVORITE song by him. I’m uploading a vid… Lol. Find me on youtube- Bored-A-Rific #LehhhhhGO

  • Kb042010

    If u wern’t so damn fine i would of been turned this off, sorry was horrible. Techn9cian 4 life!!!

  • damn. Lady go get em! And I was excited to get his flow from thug pit, and the whole slacker down….:”>

  • p.s. to the naysayers….it’s not about how she sounds….cause girl ain’t no rapper thats for sure BUT She is hittin every syllable of every work on time withouth lag (vocally) or tounge twisting or b-boping in the things she missed…CAUSE SHE DIDINT

  • DannyG

    I’d hit

  • Guest

    She could probably rap good, but her timing is off as hell.

  • DREW

    its all about the music fuk how she sounds if she down wit strange music then i give her mad fukin props

  • dope as shit……sexy too


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