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Tech N9ne Fan Comes Back 25% Faster [Video]

Published: June 14, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

You might remember him, “NightCovers,” from his cover of “Worldwide Choppers”, which he and his friend posted on YouTube a month ago. Well, the emcee is back again, solo, rapping “Worldwide Choppers” 25% faster than it was recorded.

The Tech N9ne fan is a machine of an emcee, spitting so fast making it hard to keep up. It takes extreme talent to rap at a pace like he does, but he still manages to crack a few smiles in between verses.

Viewers left positive comments on NightCovers’s YouTube video in hopes to get another “Worldwide Choppers” cover, better and faster. Only time will tell if the young rapper will come back to fulfill the request of his fans.



  • hittemhardallday

    Tech Nine would be stupid not to atleast contact you…

  • Harvey_Dent

    Get real. He missed half the lyrics, and he couldn’t properly enunciate the real lyrics either. Chopping is a LOT more then just reading someone elses raps fast. This is a fucking joke. When the REAL choppers spit you can hear, and understand EVERY lyric out of their mouth. This is garbage, most of what he says sounds like “jerbederugugggta”. Learn to rap before you’re going to try some REAL MC shit like this. I can’t believe would put this up here.

  • There is such a thing as “Too Fast” can’t understand shit. Just sounds like “plplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplplpl”

  • BUCK009

    im pretty sure i can do that.   CUZ I KNOW EVER OTHER  WORD TOO!  jussssss sayin!

  • Anonymous.

    I agree, but the parts he doesn’t do are parts in other languages.

  • Vastspace91

    Tech. Sign him.

  • Psycho Maestro

    Seriously? This gets posted on here? Him reading off the lyrics fast? I can fucking do that too. And he fucked up more times than I can count. How about he writes his own 24 bars to the beat, that has MORE syllables than Tech, and has a rhyme scheme to match, and post THAT video.

  • Horris P. Mctitties

    Could you not do twisted insane’s verse? also its no where near as good as the original.. speed is only amazing when you can still understand it.


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