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Fans Cover Entire ‘Worldwide Choppers’ Song [Poll]

Published: July 25, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Fan covers Tech N9ne's "Worldwide Choppers"On arguably one of the hardest songs to cover put out by Tech N9ne, many Technicians have stepped up to the challenge.

Not only is one verse on “Worldwide Choppers” difficult to recite, the whole song takes a lot of preparation and fast-rapping ability. These fans took a leap of faith to cover the song in its entirety and did a pretty good job at doing so.

Here are three attempts to full cover “Worldwide Choppers” and we want to know who you think takes the cake on this competition.

Here are the contestants:

1. “TECH N9NE – Worldwide Choppers (Full SongCOVER)” by jerrit2004

2. “Worldwide choppers rookie cover” by AfterLyfeXAGG

3. “Worldwide Choppers (cover)” by DC16100

Now that you’ve seen all three of these Technicians cover “Worldwide Choppers”, it’s time to vote!


Think you can do better? Take a video of your dance, upload it to YouTube and you could be featured on the Tech N9ne blog.

Be sure to follow Tech N9ne on his official Twitter page and if you haven’t picked up his new album, All 6′s and 7′s, be sure to do so by clicking here.

What did you think of these videos?

  • Rgibbs5

    the third dude coverin sucks lol i can rap this sped up

  • Harvey Dent

    That first dude wins for sure. But the rest of the guys did it in ONE take. That has to say something too. Also Hook a ninja up with some views!

    Hey everyone do me a favor and check out my boy J-Fly. Like it, and rate it please and thanks!

  • I think im going to cover this. I just wish I had a mic. I’m going to give it to the first guy.

  • DFlo

    Lol, the third guy said ‘I got it laid down’ yeah right mate

  • The0x8

    How did tech not put this kid up, better than all 3 of these guys put together!!!! :/

  • jerrit2004

    Nah, It was one take. I can do it again with a stop watch beside my head if you want me too. haha

  • jerrit2004

    Crazy to see my video on Tech’s Blag Page. ‘Preciate the love.

  • jerrit2004

    Whoops. Blog Page*… I can spit Worldwide Choppers but can’t type fast?. haha

  • Neokain_2040

    They were all pretty much terrible…. the 3rd guy made me laugh though so i voted for him. i couldnt understand half the shit coming out of his mouth.
    What i really want to see is people tackle the most “difficult” verses which imo is U$O and ceza, i’ve tried to do them but i have more diginity then to make an ass of myself of the internets. i can do half of techs verse and most of bustas but thats about it hahaha.

  • Techn9ques

    yeah agreed this one is the best ive seen so far aswell, tech shud put this up!

  • Miss Anna

    Ahahaha.  First guy did it the best, but the third guy really got into it.  Gave me a good laugh, so props on that.

  • Ohio Usa Com

    Why did they choose these horrible covers blah, this is the best one by far!!!!!!! 

  • WES

    Umm why cant i vote that they all are wannabe fucks and suck mcnuggets.

  • OneNight

    Kuz only fat fucks like mcdonalds you idiot!


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