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‘He’s Too Weird For Me…Tech N9ne Is Like A Gateway Drug’ [Video]

Published: July 12, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne may be the #1 independent rapper in the game right now, and he may have one of the largest and most dedicated fanbases in music, but even so, there are still people out there who just can’t appreciate anything about him. YouTube user TheNikbagtvZone seems to not only dislike Tech N9ne’s music, but also dislike everything about his image and personality. Refusing to review All 6’s And 7’s as request by a viewer, he goes on to explain that he believes Tech N9ne is “too weird” and “too dangerous” for him. While some Tech fans may take offense, the video is actually pretty hilarious, and it’s entertaining to watch his reaction to Tech N9ne’s music. As Strange Music and Tech N9ne continue to spread, people who don’t get it are actually becoming the minority.

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Is he too close minded or does he have a good reason to avoid Tech N9ne?

  • Cman178

    Dude needs to hear tech n9ne thats what he needs to do

  • MikeTChops

    I proudly dance around naked in the coocoo shack.

  • Eckmalorver

    absolutley histerical! haha im not even mad at this video, wish he would try a tech song haha but hilarious nonetheless

  • dude is crazy i love tech n9ne i couldnt go a day with out some tech i struggled every day just getting by till like angelic came out and i been on that shit since cant go with out it

  • Mann this is some stupid as shit. People like this is what the world does not need right now. NINA!

  • dont knock it til you try it boi! thats all i gotz tah say. if you listen and you still dont like, then more power to ya. but thats a straight definition of close minded! TECH N9NE!

  • hahahahaahahah

  • 3d_Graphiti

    This dude says he’s never even listened to a Tech song and he sits there n spouts off? I can dig not bein’ into it, but if you’re gonna talk on it, know whatcher talkin’ bout, bro. Not gonna lie, im a white dude from the ghetto in the south eastern US n im in the burbs now, but Tech is applicable everywhere. Sure, they ain’t a whole buncha dudes who even approach Tech subject matter, but then again, maybe it’s beyond this dude. Me thinks this the case. My name is 3d Graphiti and i’m a Tech N9ne fan. 

  • sean motha fuckin robinson

    That nigga is just another bitch that cant handle the strangeland

  • dude needs to shut the fuck up and go listen to that mainstream bullshit on the radio like all the other (regular cats)

  • dip shit

  • How the fuck can you not like someone’s music if you have
    never listened to it? Dude is a joke. Fuck him and who needs his opinion
    anyway. The old school saying “Can’t judge a book by its cover” fits
    perfect in this situation

  • Haha wow. He is a funny character but he’s being way to close minded.

  • oh my god!  this guy is hilarious!  but its soo true!  tech n9ne is totally like a gateway drug!  once I started listening to tech I worked my way through everyone on the label!  for the most part its the only rappers I listen to as well!  funny ass dude afraid of listening to the greatest rap music ever created!

  • Tech fan

    what is he talking about regular. if everyone looked and sounded the same there would be no innovation. there would be no hip hop there would be no jay z or kanye west. so to throw out tech 9 with out even hearing it completely discredits you. next time think before you speak

  • J.Phatts

    How does he not like Tech N9ne if he’s never listened to Tech N9ne???? I could give a fuck less if he wants to listen to Tech or not but, dude sounds like a bitch.

  • Nanders82

    Dude just said he has never listened to any of Tech N9NE’s songs so.. he’s judging him and his music based on what he sees? Well I don’t like that dude cuz he talks like an idiot and wears glasses from the 80’s… how does that feel?? And as for “Dangerous” …. I’m stumped on where he came up with that one, if its because of his name then he needs to read up. He is named Tech N9NE because he can rap as fast as a Tech N9NE gun… jeez people, don’t judge people before you know anything about them. Don’t judge at all. That’s God’s job.

  • Genie

    How the fuck can you judge something when youve never even listened to a single song in your like so how could you know what he says, your a fuckin moron.

  • Tommy_chavez2001

    That shits staged!! R else the fools really slow in the head!!! Ima keep it normal?? wAT  the fuck kinda shit is that!!!!!

  • Crazdmomma

    wtf is he talkin about?

  • Technician9ne

    This guy is a complete douche. Its not his hair or face paint that write the music. Its the man himself. He’s a mental giant!!!!! Go listen to your drake or Rihanna and STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF. So he thinks he’s too cool? Douche.

  • mama mia

    i like how he says Tech is too weird for him but has a pic of ODB behind him! WTF???!! lol

  • Booty


  • Mac Theezy

    Pure douchebaggishness was portrayed within this video. It’s a shame to judge a book by it’s cover. This dude is truly missing out on the most talented MC to probably ever grace the Hip-Hop center stage and microphone. I’ll continue to support Strange Music who shows true passion for music while this guy can sit back and enjoy his normality. Nuff said.

  • Jellynutz500

    And this coming from a guy with a pic of ODB on his wall.   LOL

  • Guest

    Sounds like regular fake ass hater mitchbade cat to me. How the fuck you gonna look at someone and judge them like that.

  • Masterjason013

    Homeboy don’t even look regular to say he is regular cat more like a regular idiot. Whatever, I guess tards have a right to express themselves to. Tech n9ne still one of the best period.

  • I’m kinda pissed this got a blog. I’m gonna say the same thing I said in the TRTN forums when this got posted. It’s fake. He says Tech is weird, but has a ODB poster. Also who says, ” I ran like a bum thinkin a piece of popcorn was crack in grass.”

  • Derrickwashburn9

    EXACTLY!!! ODB (RIP) Was the weirdest lookin rappinest mf in the history of hip hop….gtfoh

  • With ODB on his wall….The irony is hilarious…Obviously he listens to Wu, which wern’t exactly accepted as the “norm” when they first came out…Talking about torture and they’re weird ass obsessions with old ninja karate movies..When they came out they were like the grittiest hip hop to come out, the NY version of NWA type shit..So thats crazy..Dude is a human oxymoron.

  • Guest girl

    Too close-minded.  So sad.  How can this dude go on about how much he doesn’t like Tech if he’s never given him a chance?!  Maybe his parents should have read him “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss when he was a kid.

  • Shannon Dione

    I think I clearly know what this guy needs.  Send this bitch to Strange School and sign him up for Sickology 101 asap! 

  • Drkylelambert

    I love Tech. But the man has his right to his opinion.

  • this dude needs to be choked

  • Reck


  • Wingshep

    Shitting on people that you have never listened to.Thats intelligent shit right there.Come to a tech show an i’ll show you how we handle “regular cats”.This fuckin guy is the reason tech n9ne exists.let him go home and jam out to ice ice baby,i’ll stay with WWC.

  • lol this was fucking funny every ones getting way to upset for no reason. lol

  • Bryancruz23


  • Skater_62

    Dont knock it till u rock it open that small little dome of urs up he is a lyrical genius get over the look

  • i think he had way to much dick screw him 

  • theGREENE

    the man can’t put two thoughts and one argument or a fraction of criticism together.
    like or don’t like the tech but, if you want to judge at least come proper.

  • Dudes Gay as fuccccckk!!!! He needs to get smacked with his “Regular”

  • Jnc7602319

    LMFAO…..dood looks more gay then KANYE

  • damn… then ya better take that ODB poster off ya wall and listen to some regular

  • damn… then ya better take that ODB poster off ya wall and start listen to some regular

  • MilwaukeeTechnician

     He is right about one thing, Tech is a gateway drug for real, lol. Starts with Nina, then Krizz and Kutty, BLH, Scoob, Jay Rock, Stevie Stone, Scatterman and Snug, all them cats. Tech is a muthafuckin gateway drug! Only problem with that analogy is, Tech is the most addicting. I listen to other shit, and all I think is, “Dwam, these muthafuckas ain’t shit compared to Strange!” Thank you for being the gateway drug to the STRANGE LIFE, Tech. TECHNICIANS!!!!!!

  • how can you say you dont like something you aint neva tried hiss loss straight up!!

  • he doesnt deserve to wear a Detroit hat

  • Wicked Spirirt

    Was he ironic?

  • Petey_26

    Correct me if I’m wrong but he’s been independent since the 90’s, has his own crew, over 3000 live shows in the past ten years, wayne even teamed up w him plus they WIN GRAMMYS SON……..respect..nuff said

  • Emiller33

    “Regular cat” ..What’s that even mean? ..And “I’m comfortable in the suburbs right now”??? Who is dude fooling? Do he even listen to any rap or hip hop? Dude sounding like a “Beatrice” right now. The only thing i’ma agree with is the same as you all will. “gateway” had it not been for N9ne I wouldn’t know any of the all other good artist on the label. Ain’t one member of Strange who’s music I don’t beat. … least they learning his name.

  • Kimi Kitchen

    You dont need to listen to tech n9ne right now? Well we dont need to listen to your faggot ass mouth mutha fucka!! NEWSFLASH-TECH IS THE SHIT.KNOW BOUT IT!!!!!!!!

  • noneya

    actually no his name is spelled tecH as in technician/specialist not teC as in the gun he actually explained this in a interview about how he came up with his name

  • Drunknpublic

    I might respect this guys opinion if he actually were to give it a chance. LOSER!!! Tech doesn’t need whack fans like this guy anyway. If only people would realize that you have to actually listen to the music, then they might feel differently about the shit thats on the radio now days. Wanna hear some tight shit…check this video out, trust me it’s worth the 3  minutes!!!

  • Xfirepong

    well we dont need ya’ll anyways!

  • Scrilla C

    That dude is weak. First of all, how can you say you do’t like somebody and then say I’ve never listened to him before? It’s just bullshit. He can take that Detroit hat off… he doesn’t belong here.

  • Scrilla C

    That dude is weak. First of all, how can you say you do’t like somebody and then say I’ve never listened to him before? It’s just bullshit. He can take that Detroit hat off… he doesn’t belong here.

  • man i think this fool is dancing around in the cooko shake like smokey but hes been smoking that whit girl a littel to hard with his regular!!! do talk down on tech n9ne or strange dum ass people Technicians are here and ready to put a dum ass down 
    Together we are a powerful force,
    As one mind, body and soul.
    Let no evil enter nor attempt
    To reduce us because of the beliefs we hold.
    And with this love combined with our strength,
    We ward off pain and stress.
    Technician I am wholeheartedly in life and in death!

  • wow…throw him in the trunk!

  • UtahnTechnician

    Tech Tech N9ne N9ne Ahoo ahooo ahoooo I’m speaking  for every Technician out there this video just made us all smile : ) StrangeLand for life baby Tech you made it and we right here with you! Gettin paid was the game plan but the lane transformed to untame fans enhanced into StrangeLand!Sure did playa keep at it keep making that great ass music for us to vibe to party to beat guts to and get high to 
    we love you tech keep at it man and ps no true technician thinks you sold out by doin your thang with mainstream artists we see it as you stated it mainstream is turnin tech and we love it! your finally gettin recognition you deserve

  • koaL

    lol what a fucken idiot.

  • koaL

    lol what a fucken idiot.

  • Anthony Story

    this makes me just want to go listening to more tech n9ne

  • Anthony Encinas

    this nigga is stupid,tech is the mother fuckin king
    he hasnt even listened to his music, but i gotta admit saying its a gateway drug was pretty funny haha
    i did start listening to his peeps after i started listening to him

  • Eliza

    Hypocrytical much? I say, blare some Tech N9ne!!! Haters keep hating, I keep laughing… bahahahaha

  • Jmontgomery5

    this guys is a fuckin fool. he dont know shit from steak. he says he has never listened to a tech song so he is basin his opinion on wat. your a stupid fuck

  • Check his other video out.. dude actually went & bought the album and gave Tech fans alot of props.

  • Stephiroth

    haha what a puss. 

  • Lynk97

    effin faggoy needs o be slapped in the face wit some 151 mailbu rum and some pineapple juice and if that dont bring him to keeping it Strange ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT then he might need some HARD DICK AND BUBBLE GUM FOR HIS FAGGOT NON TECHNICIAN ARSE lol dumb mofo

  • Fuck you. << this is the answer to all yo questions. hes too dangerous for you lil wayne birdman rick ross they talk about killing all the fucking time keep it regular bitch mother fucker.

  • Ok time the fuck out…First off hes just regular??  Since when is ODB (Old Dirty Bastard the pick behind him if you dont know) regular???  Second how dose he have any idea about how dark or not Tech is if he has NEVER listened to a Tech song??? Third hes also talking about how if he listened to Tech he would listen to his now this dude is judging Lynch , Stevie, Kriz, Kutt, Jay, Mayday on the fact he dont like Tech??? Hey Nikbagtvzone or whatever your name its heres some words of advice Dont be a buster and you know you aint keeping it 100…oh and one more thing SM/Tech N9ne is taking over everything on a very deep level and if you aint with us Technicians then your against us and thats a bad spot to be in. TECH N9NE BABY ALL FUCKING DAY STRANGE MUSIC ALL FUCKING DAY   STRAAAAAANGE

  • Mrscropion

    you dont listen to weird looking cats yet theres a poster of O.D.B. on your wall get real!!! fukin idiot….

  • Hatin – aint ever tried it? How you gonna criticize . Keep it regular LOL – I suppose twista , busta , and 3-6 are too much for ya ear pussy too huh homie

  • Kasterhavik_unk

    I dont like lookin at this goofy nerd ass MF nor listin to this garbage!!! T9 all HAIL!!!

  • Strange

    What the fuck is this shit? This guy is stupid. TECH TECH NINE NINE! TECHNICIANS! Keep suckin on that Jellysickle man. If you dont like his flow its because you dont get it!  Just cause Tech is different dont mean you gotta hate. Listen to his shit and listen for meaning behind his lyrics some of his shit has got some messages behind em. Others are just straight up BANGERS! Real talk. Strange music baby no other rapper has stuck in my mind as well as Tech has.

  • If u got something to to say to Kansas City, Missouri or Tech N9ne than say it. Don’t be a bitch about it. And if you dissing on KC.. GO FUCK YOURSELFS AND YA MOMMA, DADDY, AND ANYBODY U THINK OF… You don’t know nothing bitch!


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