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‘I Don’t Even Know Why I Bought This CD’ [Video]

Published: July 18, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

“He’s too weird for me..”

The now infamous video of TheNikbagtvZone refusing to review Tech N9ne’s All 6’s And 7’s caused such an uproar among Technicians that they flooded his YouTube page with comments about his close mindedness. In response to the overwhelming reaction from Tech fans, he uploaded a video of himself heading into Best Buy and actually purchasing a copy of the Best Buy Deluxe Edition of All 6’s And 7’s. Things haven’t changed much though, as he goes on to state that he is still refusing to review the album, and in fact doesn’t really know why he bought it in the first place other than he was moved by the emotional outburst from Tech fans. He also awkwardly reveals that his new nickname “Mitch Blade” was given to him by Tech fans, and that he proudly accepts the moniker. Perhaps if he took the time to review some Tech music, he might actually understand where “Mitch Bade” comes from.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

TheNikbagtvZone may not enjoy his Best Buy Deluxe Edition of All 6’s And 7’s, but you still can. Limited copies still remain at select Best Buys, don’t miss out!

What do you think about his refusal to review Tech N9ne’s music? Does it matter if he bought the CD? Let us know in the comments below.

  • SamuelSon


    Fuckin groupies.

  • Mac Theezy

    Proud to be Mitch Bade?! LMA(())

  • Connor

    fuck this man tech n9ne is the best rapper and people got him and us his fans on some fucked up shit man we just love tha truth in his lyrics and his beats and if ya dont like it then fuck off and dont complain

  • Liljngamedrefan

    HHaha he’s bitch made

  • this guy is a looser. how are u gunna openly say u dont like someome who youve never even givin a chance. n i love what he said in the check out line “Man don’t point the camera at her, point it at me” what a looser…..

  • Wow so hes proud to be named Mitch Blade #SMH Ah well heres what I think he bought that shit and cant return it..100% he listening to it, 100% he’s liking it, 100% he isnt keeping it 100 still. I dont understand how you can review shit or have an opinion and be as closed minded as he is….keep it strange fam!

  • Svpalm

    His opinion will change once he opens it and presses play.  Then you will see another video of him buying “The Calm Before the Storm”.  Watch.

  • SinairEyO

    This nigga..he F’d up. Lol.

  • Cracker74

    Your a fuckin bitch ass faggot, I’m a tech fan & that’s my name for you, embrace that you dick suckin, cum swollowin, pillow talkin, bitch hearted Punk motherfuckin pussy! You still supported him by buying his cd, that’ll prbly pay for the condoms he’ll buy to fuck your mom. I hope you get your fuckin face cut off just for takin the time to make a video of you dissin the most talented artist who you just supported. Fuckin dick slobbin cunt lipped piece of shit

  • Brasco206

    Your to ignorant to understand the album… let alone I just seen or heard this for the first time and I can tell why they call you bitch made I mean mitch blade! Dumb ass! Hey kids this prooves haters are real and are out there!!!

  • Patsjoker881

    Proud to be a mitch blade that’s funny. But sadly enough there are too many people like this cat who won’t give tech a chance. Idk why but all I gotta say there missing out. #day one fan

  • B Costello827

    since when is someone not allowed to not like a certain kind of music? 

  • mitch bade dumb ass!!!!!

  • Nbononcini

    theres a lot slinky niggas where i come from his name is mitchell bade

  • Lurac

    Mitch Bade!!!!! Love it!!!! If he would just remove his head from his ASS, and listen to it, he would understand why us Tech fans are so loyal!!!

  • CiNo

    He’s a Tech fan in denial LOL

  • Rolo

    dudee tech has to make a video responding to this guy str8 up lol

  • In this thread, illiterate morons who are dissing on someone for having their own opinion. Irony: calling someone close minded because you cant respect their opinion. Seriously.  It is dumb that he bought a deluxe edition though when there’s true fans out there wanting one.

  • Nelyth Faria

    It is going to start with him buying the cd and the next thing uou know, he trips, falls and plays the cd.

  • Koryd1234

    Lmfao wait til he finds out its Mitch bade / bitch made. Either way the hate i had for the dude disappeared after this, it was fuckin hilarious and showed his dedication to the real hip hop culture. Made my day lmao

  • Salayandianicolasj

    Wat up mitch? is it a every day thing 4 u ta act jus like a bitch? how does it feel ta have a nigga come kill ya 4 the fowl shit u spit? ha ha ha TECH TECH 99

  • acidicqueif

    man im not gonna lie… people commenting on videos  like cracker74  make tech fans look like children…. who cares if he doesnt like tech, i know alot of people who hate tech n9ne but im still friends with em, not everyone in the world is a die hard tech fan like most of us on this website who cares! tech still has our support and thats all that matters

  • Acidicqueif69

    man im thinkin the same thing…. half the people on here make tech n9ne fans look like children…

  • Watchyobacc

    Tech is fake, phedophial ,bitchass Juffalo, i hate his fans more than I hate him. NYC stand up

  • His loss… I think he was just looking for some attention… why would you buy the cd and then say your not gonna listen to it… hes just trying to get people to listen to him…   He dont have to like tech…. techs got alot of people that support him… this dude aint nobody

  • wow… too much

  • Sheiba90

    I dont think it really matters. This guy claims to have respect but is so closed minded he wont even listen to the music. My response is fuck him. The fact that he’s too ignorant to look up what “Mitch Bade” before adopting that as his new name is even more idiotic. Then again I guess that just fall under the category “Ignorance is Bliss.”

  • Sheiba90

    Honey if you got hate thats fine, but trollings just ignorant. People are.allowed to have different opinions but dont be an ass about it.

  • Sheiba90

    Thats what I was thinking. I mean i really want one and cant get it cause they dobt sell it at the NEX here in Japa. It made me sad to see it wasted.

  • Da_Krayzieone

    Hey Mitch Blade JR! U dont even know wut ur talkin bout for one he not a juggalo! I dont know how many times I have to say to people that he has nothing to do wit psychopathic! and I myself am a juggalo! hes not a pedophile he has children and iz a family man, Fuck NYC he dont need dat city he has been gaining fame worldwide and only needs his true fans da technicians and datz real! get da fuck outta here u trolling bitch azz h8ter, go hate on someone else like ICP cuz we juggalos feed on ur hate and reflect it right on ur mainstream candy ass all u h8terz fucking trollz need to be banned from the internet, ppl dont listen to him he iz ignorant he didnt even spell pedophile correctly! he dont know wutz he talkin bout.


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