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Lebowski Talks ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ And New Collabos Album [SM Exclusive]

Published: July 7, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Exploding out of the Northwest, Lebowski is beginning to shape quite the impressive career for himself. Young and hungry, the tongue twisting MC possesses the hustle of a veteran in the rap game, and has built a reputation as a chopper in his own right. An appearance on “Beat You Up” from Tech N9ne’s Killer gave Lebowski his first break at national fame, and ever since then, he has taken advantage of every outlet available.

His recent appearance on “Give It Up” from Best Buy’s Deluxe Edition of All 6’s And 7’s marks his second round with the Kansas City King, but as the world is finding out, Lebowski is far from finished with his goal of becoming the next independent giant.

Having missed out on Bad Season, “Give It Up” was a chance at redemption for Lebowski, who also felt the pressure coming into the collaborative effort:

“I was supposed to be on the Bad Season mixtape, but Tech N9ne had to hurry up and rush it for Christmas. I was supposed to be on that, it was right around then. He had actually spoken to me and my mom, and told me that he wanted me to get on one or two tracks on Bad Season. Unfortunately due to time and everything, I wasn’t able to do it. From there, I talked to Tech and he was like, ‘Yeah man, my bad. I wasn’t able to get you on the Bad Season mixtape and everything, I had to pump it out for Christmas. But I’m definitely going to get you on All 6’s And 7’s.’ I was like, ‘Alright, fo sho.’ I was 19 back when I did the ‘Beat You Up’ track. It was definitely more pressure just because the fact that Lil Wayne is on there, you know, and it’s Tech’s biggest album. It’s highly anticipated, there was a lot of pressure. I was like, ‘Man, you want me on this album?’ You know, I was like, ‘I’ma do the track and I’ma give some fire,’ but I was like man I gotta really go hard because a lot of big names is going to be on this album.”

Watching All 6’s And 7’s reach the top 5 on Billboard, Lebowski expressed:

“I didn’t even know what the first week sales was going to be like. When I found out, like man…I was trippin out, I’m not even going to lie, I was wigging out. Just for the simple fact that , man beating Lady Gaga in less than 24, man that’s crazy. I was keeping up to date with iTunes and stuff like that, so I would watch on iTunes. Like when it dropped at twelve o clock, and he was immediately #9, you know. Then the next morning when I woke up, it was #3. I was like, ‘What?!’ Then right down the line, it started being the #1 independent rap selling album. I feel like I’m blessed to be a part of it. It’s actually motivational. In the future of course, where Tech’s at, is where I would love to be. For me to be the only artist from Washington state that is on two albums with the #1 independent selling artist in the world, and the #1 selling rap album in the U.S. right now, It’s a hella accomplishment to come from where I came from. I’m so humble, I’m not arrogant.”

Trading bars with Ces Cru and Tech N9ne on “Give It Up” was everything Lebowski thought it would be. Even so, he reflects on on another track that he wishes he could have been a part of:

‘Delusional’, that’s my favorite song off the album. You know what, I would have loved to be on ‘Worldwide Choppers’, my best friend Twisted Insane is on there, you know what I’m saying. I would have loved to have been on ‘Worldwide Choppers’. I think I would have served it on that song. ‘Delusional’, that song is just, it talks about pretty much everything that has to do with Tech and his music career. It’s just so real, it’s 100% feelings in that song. It’s something that everybody can relate to. I can relate to it because I go through a lot of problems, so that’s why that’s my favorite track off the album.

The success of All 6’s And 7’s has placed Lebowski in a position that most MCs could only hope for. Thanks to the stellar performance, he now looks to the future with confidence:

“Actually, when I did this record, when I did ‘Give It Up’ for Tech N9ne, they actually played my verse for one of the executives or XXL staff, and MTV staff just happened to be in the studio with Tech N9ne, along with Travis O’Guin and Korey Lloyd when they heard my voice. Immediately Tech N9ne called my phone and he was bragging to everybody, hes’ like, ‘Man, I’ma get you on the next Collabos.’ He said he’s putting out another collabos, called Strangeland, and he wants me to do two tracks off there. It’s real big.”

Fans can expect to hear more from Lebowski as he prepares to release a brand new solo album, No Lies Needed, with a pending release date. For now, Lebowski can be heard on “Give It Up”, an exclusive bonus track only available on the Best Buy Deluxe Edition of All 6’s And 7’s.

Follow Lebowski on Twitter: @LEBOWSKI253

Have you heard “Give It Up” from Best Buy’s Deluxe Edition of All 6’s And 7’s? What did you think of Lebowski’s appearance?

  • Realism

    Great, Now Lebowski’s already monstrous ego will only get bigger…now he’s gonna refer to himself as “LEBOWSKI FROM TECH N9NE’S BLOG POST”


  • Illnesssss

     hahahahah true that ! 

  • Kaotictoons

    fuck yea man i love how much love tech gives the northwest theres so much talent here an lebowski can spit 

  • Fuckyou

    lol humble? for real? check out his facebook page. nigga is always whining and shit sayin’ “why hate on me, im the shit i get so much money and u niggas aint doin shit and blah blah blah im the shit im the shit but i dont have one fuckin single for myself” dude is arrogant as fuck lol. if you’re so fuckin good you dont gotta brag about it on everybodys facebook page who dont give a fuck. he just wants attention, when he makes at least a couple good singles il respect em. and if he was so fuckin sick like he thinks he is he wouldnt have to refer to himself as “Lebowski from Tech N9ne’s killer and all 6s and 7s albums” more like Lebowski from tech n9nes nut sack.

  • its alwys the ones who are not in ur shoes that wana speak on what your doing!! now who’s nutt sac are you on now ??? abd its still strange music .. your for gettin tech found me …busters

  • Jerr04

    I would guess, since its what I would do, that when putting together an album, you’d pick the people you felt could do quality work to collab with.  If I were an artist, in any genre of music, I’m not going to have people on the tracks that aren’t talented, otherwise what good am I doing myself?  Lebowski can be a little over the top at the times, but he’s good people.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Tech wasn’t a big hit right off the bat.  I’m sure at times he had a huge ego as well, hell, most young guys get big ego’s.  Who fucking cares, the point is, Lebowski is doing something, he’s been on two albums with tech and I can’t wait to see what else he does and where he can go with it.  Make Tacoma and all the rest of Washington proud man, and fuck the haters!

  • Illnesssss

    one thing lebowski will never understand is that FANS that try to give him advice aren’t haters but just annoyed of the amount of OVERPOSTING you do…  you are a dope rapper but only promoting 2 songs is not gonna last long… oh and how do you want to be remembered? as LEBOWSKI or lebowski from TECH N9NE’s albums?

  • GREAT JOB!!! i wish you success and all the luck in the world! keep doing what you gotta do and brush these haters off!! promote promote romote!! thats how u gotta do it  even if your spammin   hey  i didnt listen to the track untill i finally got tired of seeing it everwhere and i loved it!  good job 🙂

  • successdab

    Lebowski is a lame, sure he can talk the talk but the nigga just got whooped by a white girl @ chicago city limits friday. way to take an ass whooping birthday boy!

  • J akins

    Hi I’m lebowski from tech n9nes nut sack and 2 albums where my songs are either B side or only available in limited Box sets because they weren’t good enough for the regular album! But don’t let that stop me from spamming the living shit out if the Internet about it or about how much of a fucking huge star I am!

  • Lebowski is a douche bag. ANYONE that gives him criticism he blocks then talks shit about em. Bitch try blockin me here hoecake. least i aint KoS’ed in my home town. And show them messages you say you have, and i’ll show the messages i got of all the people sayin Fuck Lebowski’s bitch ass. And quit payin for plays on youtube. aint no one searching your mark ass.

  • And you STILL aint signed. Rittz got a deal. wheres yours? aaahahahahaha.

  • He got ATOMIC bitch slapped. I heard about that.

  • Careful he might block you then talk shit about you. aahahahaha

  • hoova gtwin

    fucc lebowski real talk cuz dis ni74a claim crip from tha tac n he aint. dis ni74a on sum gay shit locc on da set. ni74as watin foe ya ass ta touch bacc down in da tac cuz. RT… you aint shit out here ni74a. hoover criminal all day 7×4 Cz up bitches down cuz.

  • DJ Grand Theft

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAH! BUSTED! Can’t even get respect in your own town! ROFL.

  • DJ Grand Theft


  • Tacoma is ashamed of dude. We dont tolerate douchebaggery. He isnt welcomed here. Ask around pimpin


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