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POLL: Favorite Tech N9ne Drink?

Published: July 21, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Responsible for creating some of the biggest drinking anthems in hip hop, Tech N9ne knows a thing or two about mixing up a potent drink.
The phenomenon began with “Caribou Lou”, which combines 151 Bacardi Rum, Malibu, and pineapple juice into what could only be described as an alcoholic bulldozer.

Fast forward a bit, and Tech N9ne introduced “KC Tea” to the masses. The smoother alternative mixes Hennessy, Sprite, and a lemon to top it off.

Of course, both drinks went on to spawn their own hit songs, which only further fueled fans’ appetite for them. Now that both drinks have entered the Strange Music world, we would like to know which is the better mix. Is Caribou Lou’s strength a match for KC Tea’s smooth taste?

Vote below for your favorite Tech N9ne drink.

Favorite Tech N9ne Drink?


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Which drink did you pick? Why? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Lou has that party feel to it. 

  • Smokeout0215

    Caribou Lou sounds tastier and a song about a drink that loosens the ladies up sounds tight!

  • caribou is the original….. KC tea is pretty dank though and they both loosen the ladies up depends on how you want the morning to feel haha

  • the Yack_ Mastah

    KC Tea.  It’s a little cheaper and doesnt make me immediately black the fuck out like caribou lou does.  Either way both drinks are the shit and I’ve had some ridiculous nights drinking either one.

  • Dwarfmonkey15

    Wheres superdew!!! i fukin love that shit

  • Duane

    caribou lou… that DEFINATELY gets the parties jumpin =)

  • Hatchetwieldingninja

    dont forget about the recently created “ghettossa” – grey goose, sprite and orange juice . tech, krizz, and the sexy little chick with them were drinking on them one night on the video cast when they were in the warehouse.

  • Shaggy4205

    Wat about super dew!!!

  • I really thought the KC Tea would win just because the Long Island Iced Tea is my favorite.   It sounds silly but Teas r better the Lou’s.

  • Who is Jay Rock?  hris Rock is grat but neve heard of this Jay


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