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Tech Talks Jay-Z And Rick Ross On KABOSH, Plus Inspiration For ‘The Boogieman’ [Interview]

Published: July 23, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

As controversial as it may seem, Tech N9ne’s desire to work with bigger and bigger stars is growing with every successful album.

The collection of names on All 6’s And 7’s is a strong indication of Tech’s ability to bring other artists into Strangeland. Speaking with HipHopDX.com from Strange Music HQ, Tech revealed that he was still hoping for a collaboration with Rick Ross and Jay-Z for his KABOSH project. On the promising collaboration, Tech said:

“I’m gonna go after Rick Ross and Jay [for features] on my Rock album Kabosh. I sent out for them on that, and Ross said he’s ready whenever. I dig Ross, and I’ve always dug Jay. I did a tour with Jay years ago, and when I would see him, I’d nod and he’d nod back. He always had a bunch of people around him, and I didn’t want to crowd him. That was way back when Dame Dash was with him, and I’d be talking to Dame backstage near the food. And Dame would just say, “I always knew he was hot…always knew he was hot.”

Thinking back to his visit with Lil Wayne in prison, Tech also explained the inspiration for “The Boogieman”, and how Lil Wayne played a role in that. He expresses how “The Boogieman” is a real representation of who he is, and hopes that people can identify with it:

“A lot of people really don’t know my face because it was covered up. So now you’re seeing a different me. What I mean by a different me, is it’s always been the king, the clown and the G. So now you’re seeing the G without no face paint. And then you see the face paint and ask, ‘Is that the same Tech N9ne from the ‘Wake Up Show?’ “

No doubt, Tech N9ne is ready to lead the entire world into Strangeland with KABOSH. As more news continues to leak out, fans are growing excited to finally hear the long awaited project first mentioned in 2006. Living in the music industry as the boogieman, Tech N9ne is finally making the myth a reality.

Click here to read the full interview.

Click here to purchase All 6’s And 7’s.

“The Boogieman” was produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

What do you think about Jay-Z and Rick Ross on KABOSH? Are they right for the project? Leave your thoughts below!

  • Etan

    I personally dont like Jay, But what ever Tech N9NE makes i’ll listen !

  • Weird Al of the Wicked

    I wanna hear Tech do a song with Slipknot &  Serj Tankian

  • Jdjhg87

    i like it i think its going to hit pretty good

  • Neokain_2040

    Slipknot def! but if he works with serj imo he needs to really control the kind of thing serj is doing cos serj is terrible with full creative control haha

  • rj15

    give em’ a shot

  • chronic_use

    you people cannot really be that stupid…

  • Swa

    tech needs to a song with too short and Eminem

  • Gtpsupercharged5

    Jay-z is garbage. Ross and tech would be b.o.m.b

  • Panthersfan8586

    Fuck ROSS man!  For the love of God Tech please forget that dude!  A former CO turned hiphop artist pisses so many people off.  Screw that dude.  Sooo many other artists that should be honored to colab with you out there you dont need to seek out Ross of all people for a record.  

  • sullen

    Method man and tech would b dope.. screw that fat fuck ross for sure, jays maybe

  • joker

    Personally… I don’t think Jay or Ross Are ready for the KABOSH. But my comment don’t mean shit. If the outsiders are not prepared in the strangeland, there voice boxes will be ripped out leaving a scare to remember.

  • Trent Chapin

    tech get away from them big times they dont know how to fucking spit rymes they rap about the same shit over and over fuck them your REAL do your thing thats what made you big, keep doin your thing with your people and fuck the rest bro.

  • kevin253

    I think rick ross and jay z suck.
    You should be thinking about eminem, kotonmouth kings, kurupt, daz, dj quik, mr. cheeks, dead prez, sevin of hog mob muzik,
    etc… There are way better rappers out there than than those 2

  • Jason_visker

    Universal choppers start the list with machine gun kelly

  • Adam

    im personally going to say i would love to hear tech do a song with mystikal. i think the intensity of that colab would be legendary

  • Rogea86

    In my opinion Jay and Rick not my fave rappers at all because materialism rules in both of those pawns kingdoms.  Jay at the beginning of his career had more creativity and Rick is just lyrically disabled but if Tech wants that on his Kabosh album,i’m not gonna hate him for that.  Lord Infamous and Tech should collab on a track!

  • Everett

    rick ross and jay z are not rock type of rappers

  • king_el9

    What is wrong with you people your saying don’t do a song with Jay z do u even like music if you had any respect for the rap world you’d know that young hova is arguably the best of all time I’m techs biggest fan and a song with Jay and Ross would be huge for him why would u not want to see that yo tech get on one with jadakiss


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