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6-Year-Old Fan Spazzes Out To ‘Worldwide Choppers’ [Video]

Published: July 3, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Judging from the wide array of videos on YouTube, “Worldwide Choppers” can incite all different kinds of reactions from fans. The rapid fire hit single has even driven some fans to react in the only way they can: by letting loose. In this video, a six year old fan breaks into a strange and erratic dance while “Worldwide Choppers” plays in the background. With no real rhyme or reason, the young boy does what he can to keep up with the track. Sometimes, you just have to give in and let your body do the choppin’.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

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  • BabyBalla

    Haha.  Cute.

    I would love to see the moves he could do with more room!

  • aprils

    the fact he looked distracted and asked “to be done now” says the parents made the kid do it. lol thats cool though. i should video my kids……they get mad into and my 8 yo has some hella liquid moves. my 1 yo jumps and waves her hand…. and she says tech tech n9ne n9ne in a whisper voice. kids are great!

  • Pretty_mama141

    Haha I didnt think that was spazzing… I have a 4 yr old that just goes nuts so that was pretty calm haha… maybe I should Youtube a video haha


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