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POLL: Should Jay-Z And Rick Ross Appear On KABOSH?

Published: August 1, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

For years now, Tech N9ne fans have been eagerly anticipating the official KABOSH album release. Said to be the perfect rock project from Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko, expectations for KABOSH have grown to nearly legendary proportions. Most fans have already formed their own vision of KABOSH, and they won’t have it any other way.

In a recent interview with, Tech made headlines when he confirmed that he would like to have Rick Ross and Jay-Z both appear on KABOSH. Tech mentioned that he had in fact reached out to both MCs, and hoped the collaborations would come to fruition on his rock project. Almost immediately, the news sparked a large debate among Tech N9ne fans. Not everyone was happy about mainstream artists appearing on KABOSH, while others defended Tech for his choices and stuck by his decision to have both artists on KABOSH. Having Jay-Z and Rick Ross appear on the album could benefit Tech N9ne in so many ways, much in the same regard as the features on All 6’s And 7’s. On the other hand, many fans are now claiming to feel alienated by the mainstream collaborations. With such a heated debate at hand, we would like to know where you stand on the matter. Should Jay-Z and Rick Ross appear on KABOSH?

Vote below for your choice.


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What do you think about Jay-Z and Rick Ross appearing on KABOSH? Is Tech N9ne making the right choice? Leave your thoughts below!

  • C CORN4

    Not thrilled by this at all!  Not at all for what Rick Ross and Jay-Z stand for. But he has said the mainstream will come to Tech.

  • i like rick ross but if hes gonna let mainstream artists in, DONT FEATURE JAY-Z! thats the last mother fucker he should let on there!

  • Guest

    If you say no, you’re closed-minded and delusional.

  • Billca8

    50 said yes, 58 said no. fml i was the vote that tied it

  • Risky Bidness

    I don’t particularly like these two guys but I don’t mind if they show up on Kabosh or any other Tech album.  I am a little worried about the dirty wormz guys though.  

  • Noneofyourdamnbusiness

    i understand mainstream goin tech but rick ross? fuck that ex cop bitch, go with young jeezy

  • Not necessarily close-minded or delusional. My opinion is I don’t like either of those artists, but it has nothing to do with them being on the radio. I just simply do not enjoy their music. And furthermore, Tech has been speaking of this being his most rock album to date and it’s something he has wanted for a very long time. Now having said that, would it not make more sense to bring in people who would fit with this idea better? People like Twiztid or Prozak. Not because they’re underground but because look at the frequency in which they have rock like beats.

  • I hope that they don’t make the cut. The fans stating that it has “alienated” them is accurate. With exception of Am I a Psycho and Worldwide Choppers I didn’t enjoy one track off of All 6’s and 7’s that had mainstream artists on it. Most prime example (Also, I understand it’s the most extreme one.) being Fuck Food.

  • Mattgargus

    I’d rather hear these features on a rap album than a rock album, but Tech probably has a vision for the tracks already. I’ll wait to hear it to judge, as always.

  • KillingAmericasBeliefs

    Jay z would be sick as fuck. I think it would be cooler on a rap album rather than kabosh.

  • T-lok

    how i see it erry1 should stop talkin bout wut tech’z gonna do cuz itz
    his fuckin music not urz n on top of that like tech said his a recent
    interview he’z make’n these mainstream artist step in2 his world by
    have’n’em on his shit so let music be music n if u dont like it dont
    listen 2 it but dont be closed minded n think just cuz theyre mainstream
    that tech cant bring tha wikkid outta’em

  • Cole

    Someone dropped the ball on this poll. What if someone likes Jay-Z, but not Rick Ross? The only voting options are “both” or “neither”. It should have been “Just Jay-Z”, “Just Rick Ross”, “Both”, or “Neither”. The results are going to be very skewed.

  • Cole

    Someone dropped the ball on this poll. What if someone likes Jay-Z, but not Rick Ross? The only voting options are “both” or “neither”. It should have been “Just Jay-Z”, “Just Rick Ross”, “Both”, or “Neither”. The results are going to be very skewed.

  • Kevin

    Personally, I like Jay-Z. He’s one of the few good mainstream rappers out there. As for Rick Ross, I don’t listen to him, but as far as his features go, he’s great. Take both his features on Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” for example. They’re both great. I VOTE YES!

  • GraffiK

    Just Jay-Z i say.

  • GraffiK

    Just Jay-Z i say.

  • Grim

    Go for Cypress Hill, Travis Braker, Eminem, and Royce da 5′ 9″.

  • Anonymous

    Get Kokayi on that shit!

    More Hopsin, too.

  • Anthony Longo

    yea  i voted no cuz as much as id love to have jay z on it, its not worth having that talentless fucking blob on as well. jay z at least has some rock credentials. rick ross is nothing.

  • Iam_3B

    theres nothing to worry when it comes to the dirty wormz, they bring it. you’ll see.

  • Neokain_2040

    haters will hate. Just let tech do his thing. he’s not going to build up to somehing so big and fuck it with shitty songs. as for the big collabs on all 6 and 7s, i hate lil wayne and t pain but tech had a vision and i can handle that.
    Just have faith that tech knows what hes doing. if you dont like it you dont like it. techs not going to give up a die hard fan base for a few big names.
    i will be interested to see rick ross and jay z on kabosh. i dont like either of them and if it sucks i just wont listen to the songs as much as i do with the songs i like.
    This is just more proof of mainstream coming to strangeland.

  • Siikez

    FUCK! NO!

  • CiNo

    Jay-Z? – Sure, why not?
    But Rick Ross? – Hell nah…

  • Technician9ne

    i wish there was a “FUCK NO!” button

  • matt

    the fact that anyone wants to hear rick ross on fuckin kabosh blows me away.

  • Je2RiT

     Very true! I voted yes. But ONLY Jay-Z. Im not really into Rick Ross.

  • B Mills666

    just to say i will.As far as tech n9ne collaborating with anyone its up to him entirely and opinions are more than somewhat necessary but to feel alienated because tech is reaching out to mainstream artists is just foolish.As an artist reaching out to other artists makes him a true artist and not just another lyricist who has mastered his craft.As far as collabing with wayne it was damn good and hope to hear more.As far as jay z or rick ross or eminem for that matter would be dope its like bridging the gap or elevation of rap itself and if some fans feel crossed by techs veiws on collabs then they arent true fans at all i dont care if you bought 10 copies of each of his cds regardless of what one choses to do its up to us to stand by it disagree or not he’s still your favorite artist and its up to us to spreade the word from under the rocks to across the sea about him and his legacy i cant say i like every song but respect the thought time and effort into the tracks made i have been a fan since i was 13 and i am 26 now and i dug anghellic and every album before and after and so on he’s my favorite rapper and would love to see him collab with outkast nelly raw reese eminem lupe fiasco nas 50cent more nesto more craig smith gorilla zoe lil scrappy ludacris even though i met him and he was unkind to my folk he’s for himself forgot where he came from but anyways alot of collabos r in store and im down to hear them maybe even be one of the artists he works with there’s so much positve to say about working with cross genre artists and oh yea jedi mind tricks for sure collabo ROCKWELL KNUCKLES PLEASEEEEE HE’S DOPE fsfwdzzzzz tech is the artists that can sure shine no matter the day no matter the time no matter with who so ya pull yours heads outta ya ya knows an embrace the new changes not complain on sum bull ish gooday ps STL talent needs a bigger spotlight

  • B Mills666

    am i a psycho was fire so idk what ur sayin

  • Donny2phat

    im a lil delusional cause i dont like jay z at all and rick ross is a fake bitch who stole his name from and acctual person so yea call me what u will but in the end the blue print was never a good cd 

  • TheD

    Just Jay-Z. Not Rick Ross. Jay-Z is real. Rick Ross was a prison guard for a few years and took his name from a famous drug dealer[Ricky Ross(and he got sued for it)]. Ross is annoying. Jay-Z makes tracks worth listening to.

  • Simon2807

    Voting yes because i want jay z. him on another DOA type track would be dope. fuck rick ross though

  • Reck456

    NO jay-z or rick ross!

    Cypress Hill would be a GREAT collabo.


  • yames

    fans are so selfish lol, let tech do his thing, he’s reaching out and tappin into bigger fan bases

  • dakota smith

    jay-z should…..not rick ross
    rick ross took his rap name from a famous drug dealer and this dude used to be a security guard on top of that he cant rap worth a damn


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