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Big Scoob 'Sloppy' Featuring Kutt Calhoun [Song]

Published: September 25, 2011 in Big Scoob by

Big Scoob - No FilterKutt Calhoun is on one for this drinker’s anthem on Big Scoob’s No Filter. Joining Big Scoob and BG Bulletwound, Kutt Calhoun kicks off the chaotic track full of booze, women, and bar brawls.

Produced by Boogie Man, the playful and yet menacing piano drops in to set the scene for a night of mayhem. The collaboration brings the three MCs together for a bit of storytelling with an alcoholic twist. The party starts on “Sloppy”, but doesn’t last too long. As always, Kutt’s charismatic flows take over as he describes a night out:

“I’m turnt up, and I ain’t got no patience
with the bartender, I’m trying to get white boy wasted”

With cocky attitude and memorable verse to match, Kutt Calhoun takes the lead on “Sloppy” for what’s sure to be a favorite feature with listeners.

Click here to purchase No Filter on iTunes.


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