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Kutt Calhoun Gets Sloppy On 'No Filter'

Published: September 19, 2011 in Big Scoob, Strange Music by

Kutt Calhoun Appears On Big Scoob's No FilterAs one of the most recognizable names on Strange Music, Kutt Calhoun has paved his own way with three solo albums and several solo outings on national tours.

Kutt Calhoun would unexpectedly become one of Strange Music’s early stars as Tech N9ne brought him on to the label with the intentions of building him as a solo artist. His first release, B.L.E.V.E., became an instant hit and proved that Kutt could hang on his own. The album produced hits like “Nationality (Parlaa Remix)” and “Keep It Keeblur”. Wasting no time, Kutt followed up his debut with Feature Presentation, his second full-length. With a little more star power, Kutt’s Feature Presentation was even more successful as it gave fans smash hits like “Bunk Rock Bitch”, “I See It”, and “Colors”. Praised for his diverse delivery, Kutt Calhoun continued to improve and hone his skills as one of the strongest guest feature artists on Strange Music. In 2010, Kutt returned with Raw and Un-Kutt. Like those before it, the album stepped up Kutt’s presence and pushed him closer to the spotlight as a solo act.

Coming off the release of his own EP, Red-Headed Stepchild, Kutt Calhoun stops in for a liquor fueled appearance on Big Scoob’s No Filter. “Sloppy” is Scoob’s latest drinking anthem and puts a reckless twist on a night out on the town. Kutt Calhoun’s penchant for murdering guest spots once again shows up to put a memorable stamp on the party single. Big Scoob and Kutt Calhoun can’t help but get sloppy, and listeners are sure to pick up on the fun blasting out of No Filter.

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  • mrbrown3709

    still kinda annoyed that Kutt wasn on DAMU.. but this song was bad ass.


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