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Young Bleed ‘Boot Up’ Featuring Juvenile [Song]

Published: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized by

Young Bleed - PreservedYoung Bleed hits fans once again with this Southern banger that is sure to have trunks rattling and gansgters getting their lean on.

“Boot Up” is the third single released from Young Bleed’s Preserved and features some aggressive bass that growls like the mean swagger from Louisiana. Juvenile kicks off the street anthem with a rejuvenated sound in his voice and a hungry delivery that finds the veteran shining bright as ever. Stacked with catchy melodies and strong synths, “Boot Up” slams like a 90’s throwback. Young Bleed comes in for some impressive verses that signal the return of his unique Baton Rouge style. Both MCs carry the weight of the track and give one clear message to any and all opposition: boot up. Just like the posse anthems of the No Limit and Cash Money days, “Boot Up” is straight rugged and unforgiving.

Click here to listen to “Boot Up”.

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Young Bleed-Preserved


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