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Tech N9ne Spits Like A Tec 9 [Video]

Published: September 27, 2011 in Tech N9ne by

Tech N9ne Spits On StageThe muzzle velocity of a Tec-9 is one-thousand-eighty-one feet per second – way too fast for the human eye to see. The ear, however, can pick up this insane speed in BobbysDubStep’s fourteen minute ultimate compilation of Tech’s fastest raps spanning across his entire career.

What separates this video from the amateur fan’s video is that of the whopping 48 tracks sampled, half of them are not featured on Tech’s albums – your eardrums will be vibrating rapidly to the sounds of Tech with Strange Music family members like Brotha Lynch Hung all the way to Twista and Psychopathic Record’s DJ Clay – a well-listened fan made this. Now, upon viewing this fourteen minute opus of lyrics delivered on full-automatic, one may notice that the video clips don’t match up with the audio in most spots – something that may turn off the casual viewer, but look closely – watch the hand gestures or the body movement, it’s all rather fluid, even if the mouths don’t match. All-in-all, this video will take care of your rapid-Tech hunger – that is, until you have to reload.

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

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  • Thanks infinitely for posting my video, It means a lot to me! This is my first time ever touching a video editing software and I did my best to teach myself. I had just upgraded my DSLR camera to one that shoots video, so I figured that it’d be a great time to learn how to use video editing software; that’s where I got the inspiration to create this video.


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